Why Are Razors So Expensive Nowadays

Like everything else, razors too have had their price go up by quite a margin. For something as essential as a razor though, it might be frustrating to see. But it is definitely an issue nowadays.

But why though? Well, it can be due to a lot of reasons, which we’ll talk about later on.

Furthermore, we’ll explore why razors are abominably expensive these days and see whether you can cut down your expenses for the monthly razor supply.

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​Why Are Razor Prices Inflated?

Expensive Razors

According to Jeff Raider, the co-founder of Harry’s, the main reason for the abominably high prices is the difficult manufacturing process. Jeff went on to say that: “Razor blades are really, really difficult to make”.

However, there have been quite a lot of advancements in manufacturing technologies for razors in the last couple of years. BUT for new companies it is still hard to hit the ground running in the razor industry, and the manufacturing process is quite challenging.

Even if start ups outsource blade manufacturers, their pricing for the razor or individually the razor blades themselves has to be very high to compensate for the additional expenses for outsourcing blade manufacturing.

And the way the prices are sky-rocketing these days for the majority of products, it has had an effect on razor pricing as well.

Anyways, the more important thing is the fact that there are things that can be done that can cut down your own razor cost, and potentially save a few bucks here and there.

​How To Save Money On Your Razors

How can you save some money on Razors

There are very simple methods to save a few bucks on razors ranging from basic razor maintenance to choosing a more conventional razor or a razor subscription.

So, let’s kick it off with what you can do to keep your razor in good health and increase its longevity.

Keep Your Razors In Perfect Condition

Razors depreciate and you can’t keep them forever or use them for long. Or can you?

Well, forever, no definitely not. But a good cost saving measure is to treat your razor accordingly, so that it lasts more time, and you don’t have to go out and buy new blades or razor. This has the added benefit of keeping your razor- razor sharp, pun intended.

Here is how to increase the longevity of your razor and keep it in perfect condition:

  • Make sure your blades are completely dry once you finish shaving. Try a blowdryer or use a towel to wipe the blades to prevent any rust from building up.
  • Store your razor in a dry and cool area instead of the shower. Like liquid, humidity can also cause rust.
  • Soak the blades in olive oil for lubrication and to heal the metal itself. Wipe off the oil after.
  • Got some jeans? Sharpen the blades by running the razor across the denim, up and down about fifteen times.

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​Ordinary VS Innovative Razors

You’re bound to come across a lot of razors that have unprecedented claims. “The razor that causes no razor burns” or “The five-blade technology ensures the smoothest shaving experience”, and other things like the “innovative” tilt of the razor, or the “unique” handle, yada yada.

Thing is, those things, are they really that important? What I can tell you from experience is, that often the cheapest razor at your local store will do the same job as the most expensive one.

Not one razor can ever change the fact that razor burns will occur no matter what, or that cuts can happen unfortunately, no matter the technology of the razor.

SO, what I’m saying is, consider a more cheap or affordable razor. You might even get a better experience honestly. ​

Consider An Online Service

Athena Club Razors

There are services nowadays, which are of the subscription model, and you often save a couple of bucks on blades. You opt-in for the subscription, get a razor, and then get a refill of blades every one, two, six, or whatever the case may be, months.

Some services are very affordable and you will save a buck, compared to getting razors from your local store. One prime example is Athena Club.

Others aren’t really great for saving a few bucks, but often times, they have other perks like other skin care essentials included, and so on.

Overall, I think blade care is of utmost importance, and can save you the most. But the other two things are very important as well.

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