What Is The Perfect Temperature For A Pizza Oven?

Every human being longs for that PERFECT pizza crust. But it can be very difficult to get the pizza, just right. The oven temperature I would say is probably the most important thing that needs to be on point.

There are other factors at play here, like the consistency of the dough, but in general, the pizza oven temperature is the most important factor. In addition, many chefs state that no matter the type of pizza, the perfect temperature doesn’t vary much.

So, what is the quote on quote “perfect temperature” for a pizza?

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The Perfect Oven Temperature For Pizza

Ooni Pizza oven

I need to break some bad news…A typical home oven won’t have the ability to reach the perfect temperature, some will though. But if you truly want the most perfect temperature, you might need to look into dedicated pizza ovens.

The perfect oven temperature for pizza is around 644°F to 752°F or 340°C to 400°C. According to most pizza chefs, this is the widely accepted practice for the oven.

IMPORTANT: It is important to mention one thing though. This constitutes the ambient temperature of the oven, and not the set temperature. Meaning, the ambient temperature of the oven needs to be between 644°F to 752°F.

If that’s not the case, you might run into inconsistencies when cooking the pizza.

So, set it to a temperature between those values, and your pizza should get cooked in 100 seconds or less. This is a pretty high temperature, so make sure you keep checking the pizza for burns. If you see any, immediately take it out.

Will My Home Oven Cook The Perfect Pizza?

Now, not all of us find the idea of investing into a proper pizza oven worthy. But it may be.

Considering the fact that most domestic ovens will cap out at 500°F, it may be a good idea to invest into the proper gear. There are some ovens that will surpass that number, but on average, ovens cap out around that.

It’s not like home ovens cannot reach a higher temperature, but they’re limited due to safety reasons.

ANYWAYS, to answer the question of whether your home oven can cook a good pizza, the answer is YES. While it may never be as good as a proper pizza oven from the likes of Ooni, Roccbox, or even Bertello, it can get pretty damn close.

It will take longer and it does tend to overcook it a little, but it is feasible. It is just one of those things of whether you can settle for something not as good.

For how much time you should keep the pizza in the oven for conventional ovens, it varies. If you know your oven to be efficient, you can expect to bake the pizza for about 10-15 minutes on 500°F or 260°C.

But make sure that the ambient temperature is actually that high. Just leave your oven to get to that temperature closed, in about 30 minutes.

Should You Invest In A Pizza Oven?

If you’re into pizzas and you’re planning to use the pizza oven often, it is definitely worth it. It isn’t even in the same league as conventional ovens. However, this is only if you want to step up your pizza game.

They’re far more efficient, have greater max temperatures, and the heat source placement is ideal for pizzas. Plus, on average, they tend to be even cheaper than conventional ovens.

If you do happen to get one, keep it in the green area for temperature. Green area is: 644°F to 752°F.That is the ‘perfect’ pizza temperature, period.

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