What Hotels Use Saatva Mattresses? Find Out Here!

When you’re abroad or on holiday sleeping can be very hard, because most of us can’t get the proper mattress which will give you the chance to have a good nap.

That’s not an issue with the Saatva Mattresses because they offer incredible high comfort, peaceful sleep and body support.

The question is where you can expect to see these mattresses? What Hotels Use Saatva Mattresses? Find out here and book your stay there.

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Saatva Mattress Sustainability And Design

What are these incredibly soft and good-looking mattresses made of?

Despite the great design shown on the outside, Saatva Mattresses contain two layers of coils, a thin layer of memory foam and two layers of play foam, which for sure will give you a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

You can as well choose different types of softness on a scale of 10 and get the mattress that will match your needs to have good dreams.

You can choose between a soft, luxury firm, or firm and there are all different mattresses that will answer to your needs and body type.

There aren’t any complaints about this mattress quality and there are only positive feedbacks and pleased customers that are thanking Saatva for their product and investments to make this good mattress.

What Hotels Use Saatva Mattresses?

Now what type of hotels use the Saatva Mattresses?

As far as I’ve learned from my research because of the mattress price and quality these kinds of mattresses are available in 4 and 5 stars rated hotels.

This should be expected because when you look up the prices of the 4 and 5-star Hotels you should for sure expect the best mattresses.

Don’t even think about it, because these mattresses will help you rest and you can easily prepare yourself to go to your business meeting and a great day on the beach by your resort.

Which Hotels Are Using Saatva Mattresses?

 Here are some Hotels that are using Saatva Mattresses:

The Blue Boar Inn

This Hotel can be found in Midway, UT just 15 minutes from Salt Lake City. This hotel is built in European Style and Saatva mattresses are as well part of their environment.

Great Camp Sagamore

In the heart of NY near Raquette Lake, you can find the Great Camp Sagamore Hotel which can take care and help you have a great family holiday and the Saatva Mattresses inside the rooms will help you get the rest you need!

Maj Hotel

Modern Hotel in the middle of Philadelphia has high-quality and well-designed rooms. Saatva mattresses can be found here too.

The Cornell Inn

An old hotel that can be found in Lenox, MA can offer you great and peaceful rest in the green hills of the Berkshires nature. Peaceful room colors and comfortable beds will make you feel better than ever!

Desoto Beach Hotel

Desoto Beach hotel can be found in Tybee Island, GA will allow you to see the best ocean views and sunsets.

Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel

In Bolinas California, you can now visit the new and reconstructed Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel with the highest quality Saatva Mattresses on their beds.

Camel’s Garden Hotel

Italian design, great views and a place to rest. All f this can be found in the Camel’s Garden Hotel placed in Telluride, CO.

Venture Inn

Want to rise your adventure spirit? Then the Venture Inn is the right place for your holiday stay and you can find this hotel in Libby, MT.

Chatwal Lodge

One more hotel in NY where Saatva Mattresses are used in all of the beds. Despite the fact, that you’ll get the chance to sleep on a high-quality mattress you’ll be a part of a real luxurious environment and furniture.

The Bissel House Bed & Breakfast

And the last one on this list will be The Bissel House Bed & Breakfast placed in Pasadena, CA which will allow you to be near the beautiful and quiet oasis.

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