Weber VS Char-Broil: Which Premium Grill Is For You?

Weber and Char-Broil are names that often pop up in the grill industry. Many are comparing the solutions from both companies to find out, which has the better solutions for their backyard.

It can be challenging to pick one brand over the other, and it is definitely overwhelming if you haven’t delved into grills and grill technology before. But at least, the shopping experience at both is very straightforward and easy-going, since both of them have a direct-to-consumer model.

Either way, it’s not as easy as saying: “This one is better, period.”. Personal preference, personal needs, budget, and other aspects play a role as well, so, join us as we take both grill companies head-to-head!

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Are Weber & Char-Broil As Good As They Look Online?

Pulse Hero – Weber

It’s not like you can’t find Weber or Char-Broil grills at local retailers though. But I imagine that most people will completely skip that, and order a grill directly from the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, to keep it short, yeah, a lot of the models are as good as they’re represented online. In addition, both companies are very well known by now, and that’s especially the case with Weber. There is a high likelihood that you have came across a Weber grill in the past, especially if you’ve attended a few backyard get-togethers.

All of this is to say that the demand for this grills is pretty high, and by looking at the craftsmanship of the grills of Char-Broil and Weber, it’s easily distinguishable that both have a lot of experience with metal work, due to the impeccable quality.

So, yeah, Weber and Char-Broil will perform as good as many expect them to. There are some models that are better than others though, so it is hard to say for sure. But generally, you shouldn’t expect anything less in real-life performance from both grills, than what is presented online.

Side-By-Side Grill Comparison

To put things in perspective, we wanted to compare the two brands side-by-side, and compare some of the solutions that both offer to get a clearer picture of two of the most famous grill brands in the world.

What follows is an in-depth comparison of Weber and Char-Broil:

Weber VS Char-Broil: Best Grills
Grill TypesGas Grills
Charcoal Grills
Wood Pellet Grills
Electric Grills
Portable Grills
Gas Grills
Charcoal Grills
Electric Grills
Portable Grills
Hybrid Grills
Outdoor Kitchens
Do They Have Smokers?Yes – Smokey Mountain LineupYes – Bullet Smoker Lineup, Analog Electric Smokers, Vertical Gas Smokers, Digital Electric Smokers
ShippingFree on orders above $50Shipping varies from $4.95 – $49.95
Return PolicyReturns can be processed within 30 days of purchase.Returns can be processed within 30 days of purchase.
Price PointExpensiveBudget-Friendly
Fit & FinishAmazing 5/5Great 4/5
Price-To-Performance RatioGood 4/5Best Value 5/5

What surprised me most about the two brands is the difference in types of grills and smoker options. For some reason, Char-Broil has much more grill and smoker solutions, despite popular belief.

In addition, overall, they’re completely different animals. For example, from Char-Broil you might be getting the best deal and the best value, but Weber is one which most go to for more higher-end grills and other solutions.

SO, you might be faced with a difficult choice here, between enthusiast-grade grills or the most budget-friendly option and the best value overall.

Weber Review

Genesis II – Weber

Weber has become somewhat of an icon in the grilling industry. I mean, technically, they’ve been around for more than 100 years by now, but when Weber got truly the attention it deserves is when they went online.

Chances are, even if you aren’t interested in grilling or you aren’t following the latest grilling trends, you still have heard about Weber at some point.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with this brand. Almost all of their models are amazing, but the most amazing thing about the grills themselves is the unrelentless durability and impeccable quality.

Weber specializes in a few different types of grills: Gas grills, charcoal, wood pellet, electric, and portable grills. As far as we’ve gathered, there isn’t a particular grill or a model lineup which has received poor reviews.

However, all that experience, and all that quality does come at a price. Weber grills have some hefty price tags these days, and they don’t always fit in everyone’s budget.

As a reference a typical high-end grill from Weber, the Genesis II SX-335 Smart Grill is $1,349.00- not what many would consider cheap, especially when compared to Char-Broil.

In fact, that’s the biggest dilemma most have in regards to choosing between these two. Do you go all out, or you go the budget-friendly route. We’ll talk about that later.

As for now, let’s lay out the pros and cons of Weber:


  • Amazing Quality
  • Unbelievable Durability
  • Very premium look and design
  • Well-tested grills
  • Free Ground Shipping on all grills over $50.


  • Not a lot of customization options
  • Somewhat limited portable grill models

Char-Broil Review


Char-Broil isn’t as icon as a Weber grill, nor is it any flamboyant. But it is amazing just how much performance customers can get for so much less. Char-Broil has the following grill types: Gas grills, griddles, charcoal grills, electric grills, portable grills, hybrid grills, and outdoor kitchen grills.

What I love about Char-Broil’s grills is that any beginner that likes to get into grilling can do so, at a relatively affordable price, and yet, not compromise performance at all.

So, Char-Broil grills have always had a good price-to-performance ratio, and it definitely shows. Like I said before, the grills from Char-Broil won’t have the nice finish that Weber grills have, but damn, you can definitely fall in love with that rugged steel look.

While the design might be alright in its own way but fall short when compared to Weber, the technology that these puppies have is pretty amazing given the price point.

One example of the innovative technology from Char-Broil is the TRU-Infrared, which spreads out the heat evenly which eliminates hot and cold spots. This is only one out of a hundred interesting features that the Char-Broil grills have. Again, pretty impressive for the price.

To sum up, let’s see what the pros and cons of Char-Broil are:


  • Great Value
  • Innovative technology given the price point
  • Hybrid (charcoal & gas) grills available
  • A huge variety of options


  • Not as fine a finish as Weber
  • Less ultra-high-end options

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Weber VS Char-Broil – Head-To-Head

Char-Broil Commercial

I think we’ve just about wrapped it up in terms of what solutions you can expect from both companies. In this head-to-head, we’ll go over why you might choose Char-Broil over Weber and vice versa.

Firstly, Weber. I think this is the best of the best when it comes to grills. There might be even more high-end grills, but Weber is definitely out there. Because of that, I would say that Weber might be for enthusiasts.

The craftsmanship of the grills is absolutely amazing, and you do get quite a lot of technology for your investment. Also, if you’re grilling regularly, then you should consider Weber thanks to its durability and reliability over long periods of time.

However, if you’re not grilling regularly, and you just want a reliable grill for most weekends, in my opinion Char-Broil makes more sense. Mainly due to the difference in price, as it is much more affordable, and it is hard to see what you might be missing on, except premium looks and feel.

In addition, Char-Broil does have hybrid grills which Weber lacks. I don’t really get why Weber doesn’t have that option, especially because most people settle for hybrid grills these days. Weber might have or have had hybrid grills in the past, which I am not aware of.

Verdict: Best Grill To Have

Weber Connect

Like I said multiple times before, there is no better grills here, except, grills which might be better for you based on personal needs, preference, and budget.

Both companies are very impressive, and Weber definitely offers higher-end grills. Weber is perfect for enthusiasts and those that might have a hefty budget. On the other hand, I would go with Char-Broil which is far more affordable, and you have a great price-to-performance ratio.

Overall, I think the better DEAL is Char-Broil. But if you’re willing to spend a bit extra, Weber is definitely more technologically advanced and higher-end.

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