Warby Parker vs Felix Gray vs Zenni vs Eyebobs: Best Blue Light Glasses

Being someone who spends more than twelve hours a day in front of the computer, blue light filter glasses have always been appealing to me. While some experience more eye strain than others, those who use blue light glasses have noticed a substantial relief on their eyes.

We will get into the science of blue light filter glasses later on, but what sort of options are available if you’re looking to get yourself some protective blue light glasses?

Well, names like Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni, and Eyebobs are particularly well-known for the best blue light-protective glasses.

While there is a substantial number of names that are regularly recommended, it doesn’t make things easier when it comes to choosing the best one for yourself. In light of this fact, we thought it be best to put each of these brands under the microscope.

What follows is an in-depth comparison between Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni, and Eyebobs, as well as a review of each one consecutively.

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Why Blue Light Glasses? – Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni & Eyebobs

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses

There are more and more jobs these days which tie people in front of screens for hours on end. Not to mention the impact that the global pandemic had on jobs. Jobs which were previously ‘in the field’ evolved to jobs which can be done from home.

The adjustment wasn’t easy, but as the world picks up the pieces and improves daily, some people which worked from home, continued to do so.

So, it is very reasonable why so many are concerned about their eyesight, and why these four blue light brands are on a linear rise in this day and age.

Whether your job demands it for you to be exposed for long hours in front of screens or not, nowadays, they are more and more unavoidable. With attention-grabbers like social media platforms, it is easy to find yourself scrolling until the end of the internet.

Bad jokes aside, Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni and Eyebobs, might offer a good deal if you’re one of the cases mentioned above. Later on, we will also get into the science behind it, and see how big of an impact blue light glasses have on eyesight.

In-Depth Comparison – Warby Parker VS Felix Gray VS Zenni VS Eyebobs

With one third of American citizens spending at least eight hours in front of a computer screen daily, it makes it a great ide to opt in for Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni, or Eyebobs.

Without getting carried away about the whole science behind blue light glasses or how blue light affects your eyes, let’s stop for a minute and see firsthand, what are the differences in terms of what you might get from all four brands.

The following is an in-depth comparison between Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni and Eyebobs:

Blue Light Glasses Comparison:
Warby Parker vs Felix Gray vs Zenni vs Eyebobs
Designs More than 50
More than 16 More than 50 More than 50
Prescription or Non-Prescription? Prescription & Non-Prescription Prescription & Non-Prescription Prescription & Non-Prescription Prescription & Non-Prescription
Price Starts at $195 Starts at $95 Starts at $15.95 Starts at $89.99
Lens Tint No No No No
Home Try-On Available No No No
Return Policy Full refund or exchange within 30 days Full refund or exchange within 30 days One-time 100% refund within 60 days of purchase or 50% refund Return & exchanges available within 90 days of purchase

In the end these four brands aren’t that different compared to each other. Yes, prices vary quite a lot, but so does the type of glasses you’re getting the type of materials, fit, and also whether you need prescription glasses or not.

So, in the end they’re pretty much closely related to each other.

However, the styles are quite different, and the shopping experience might differ between them. Colors, designs, and fit also.

Science Behind It – Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni & Eyebobs

Some studies suggest that blue light might be closely related to age-related macular degeneration.

Even though there is overwhelming research that suggests that blue light causes dry eye and directly affect sleep cycles and quality, most of the people are mainly concerned about macular degeneration.

However, the truth is that, while some studies suggest that there is a link between blue light and macular degeneration, there exists an overwhelming study material that suggests that blue light isn’t that harmful to your eyes. In fact, in some cases, and in moderate amounts, it might be healthy.

The general consensus then is, that, age-related macular degenerations is not caused by blue light. Nevertheless, there is a strong coloration between blue light and the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is best described as an internal clock that regulates when you sleep, and how sleepy you are.

Compared to other lights, blue light highly effects when you sleep and the quality of your sleep. So, if you are having issues with getting sleep, and your sleep schedule changes quite frequently, blue light might be a factor in that.

So, while blue light might not affect or cause age-related macular degeneration directly, the blue light glasses from Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni, and Eyebobs might make sense if used as a tool to decrease eye-strain, fatigue, dry eyes, and improve your circadian clock.

Are They Worth It? – Warby Parker, Felix Gray, Zenni & Eyebobs

I would say yes, and here’s why:

While there might be very little evidence that suggest that these blue light filter glasses have any impact on eyesight health, at the moment, there hasn’t been a lot of time to determine the long-term effects of them.

By all means, I’m not even close to a scientist, in fact if there was a scale, I would be close to the bottom of it. But my point is this: We haven’t really been exposed to screens to this degree for that long. Sure, there were screens even back in the 50s or 60s, but people didn’t depend on them like they do nowadays.

Even those who don’t work a computer-heavy job, might be glued to their phone.

In the last decade or two, there was a radical shift, and with the rise of the internet, people became more hooked onto their phones, computers, TVs, and all other similar devices.

So, while the evidence is quite minimal at the moment, that might change in the future, who knows. It doesn’t hurt to try. They might improve your circadian rhytm, or decrease the eye strain you get after long hours of screen time.

It is fair to mention that this has happened to a couple of study participants.

Warby Parker Review

What we love about Warby Parker is the shopping experience, and how easy it is to find the right frame and fit for yourself, something which anyone that has worn glasses can tell you is quite difficult to do.

The way that they manage to find the right size, fit, and frame for you is in three ways:

For the first one, you select five frames from the shop that you like, and they’re shipped to you free-of-charge. Then, after trying on each of the five frames, you can find the most suitable for you. After that, you need to ship the frames back to Warby Parker’s return address, and your chosen frame will be the one that is used on your glasses which take only a couple of days to arrive.

The other method of finding the perfect frame for you is by taking a quiz. There are predetermined questions which help Warby Parker know what your preference is when it comes to frames, and which ones will be the best for your face shape.

We rate Warby Parker’s shopping experience and frame choosing a ten out of ten. Bravo.

However, there might be a few positives and negatives which you might need to take into consideration:


  • Seamless shopping experience
  • Easy to pick out your frames
  • Both prescription and non-prescription glasses
  • Unbelievably lightweight


  • Not many color choices

Felix Gray Review

Felix Gray is impressive in many ways. Call me impractical, but what I love most about it is the branding.

Sure, the glasses are unbelievably good, and we will go into more detail about that shortly, but I just love when a company puts so much effort in branding. The whole process feels very premium when you’re getting Felix Grays.

While there aren’t as comprehensive as Warby Parker when it comes to finding the best frames, they’ve managed to come in at a close second. You can choose fit, material, shape, and color, and it gives you choices based on your filter. It is unbelievably easy to browse around at Felix Gray.

Furthermore, if you’re having trouble finding your perfect fit or frames, they have a highly detailed fit guide, and you can always contact them for assistance on which frames would work on your face shape.

These are close second when it comes to price also, but compared to other brand on the market, they do use a lot of quality materials. They’re made from Italian acetate and German metals, pretty neat.

The lenses aren’t a gimmick also. Instead of having a filter put on the lenses themselves, the protective layer for blue light is incorporated in the lenses themselves.

What are some of the pros and cons with Felix Gray? Well, the following are all the positives and negatives we found:


  • Easy shopping experience
  • A lot of information on choosing the right frames
  • Exquisite branding
  • Durable and high quality


  • No virtual fit checker
  • Not many choices

Zenni Review

Zenni Optical: Hater BLOKrZ (ADL’s No Hate Tour donation)

Zenni’s Blokz lineup is the blue light glasses lineup. For some reason they’re heavily marketed as gaming glasses, but in all honesty, there is nothing different than the other ones in this list, expect maybe the designs which are more playful.

The good: We found that the best things about the Zenni’s blue light glasses is how customizable they’re. When it comes to lenses, frame, and fit, the personalization you get is quite staggering.

The not-so-good: They tend to feel heavier than the other brands. This might make using them for long-periods of times a bit uncomfortable. However, this comes down to how you personalize your glasses.

We found the shopping experience not as good as Warby Parker or Felix Gray, albeit, there is a lot of information and guides on finding the perfect glasses for you, and yes, there is a virtual try-on if you need it.

There is a model called the Hater BLOKrZ, which apparently block out the haters. This is a fun and interesting way of raising awareness for bullying in school and online, and with each pair that is bought, seven dollars go to the ADL’s No Hate Tour. Exceptional work, Zenni.

It is fair to mention that the others have similar campaigns, but we thought that we mustn’t miss to mention the infamous Hater BLOKrZ from Zenni.

Okay, so, what are the positives and negatives if you have chosen Zenni? Here’s a few:


  • Interesting branding
  • Virtual try-on
  • Extensive information on finding the best glasses for you
  • Very customizable


  • Heavier, on-average
  • Shopping experience not as seamless as others

Eyebobs Review

Whew, Eyebobs is experienced. It has been around for almost two decades, and with so much experience under their belt, you can guess how high quality their glasses are.

While the shopping experience wasn’t perfect back in the day, Eyebobs has made a couple of changes. Now, they offer virtual try-on, if you’re having trouble picking out the best frames for yourself, Eyebobs will do that for you.

I also love the boldness that they have, which is quite refreshing in this day and age. Eyebobs come straight out of the gate and states that they have no-apologies style, no B.S. pricing, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The designs and styles are indeed flamboyant and interesting, but for those that want something low-key, they have that too.

On average, they’re quite affordable, but there is no cut-backs on quality and durability. In fact, Eyebobs feel unbelievably sturdy. They use similar materials like others in this list like Italian acetate, and other premium ones. So, quality comes with utmost importance with Eyebobs.

Keep in mind, for acne, it might be very difficult to make a distinction about which one might be the perfect fit for you, or how will each perform on your particular skin type.

Here are the pros and cons of Eyebobs:


  • Very durable
  • Bold designs
  • Virtual try-on


  • No home try-on
  • Only a few ‘low-key’ designs

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Since we already covered most of what is important with each brand, we though it would be best if we put them in a mini heat-to-head, and compare each one between each other.

Also, if you’re thinking of two options from this list, this will help you determine which of the two brands will be more suitable to you, since all of the matchups will be covered below.

Warby Parker VS Felix Gray – Which One?

Both of these are quite premium brands. They’re what you consider the luxury option. Branding and quality with these two are impeccable. They’ve slowly evolved to being the most premium blue light filter glasses on the market.

It is really difficult to pinpoint which of these is better, since they’re relatively close.

The key difference is the shopping experience. For both it is seemless, but those that haven’t used glasses before might be a little inexperienced when it comes to choosing the right ones. This is where Warby Parker shines, since they do a pretty good job of making it easy for choosing frames.

However, if you’re not ready to make a commitment to blue light glasses yet, Felix Gray might sound more reasonable. This is mainly due to the fact, while they’re pretty premium, they are also more affordable than Warby Parker.

Comparison Between Warby Parker & Zenni

It is easy when choosing between these two. If you need premium glasses to appear on a meeting, then go with Warby Parker. Nonetheless, if you’re only concerned about your eyesight from gaming too much, then Zenni is the way to go.

We mentioned that while Zenni is marketing their blue light glasses for gaming, they’re pretty much the same kit you would get for the others, and that is partly true.

What Zenni has is ‘RGB’. This term will be familiar to gamers. While it doesn’t have RGB literarily, they’re made to look and feel like they’re for gamers, which is why they’re such a good idea.

What To Go With? – Warby Parker or Eyebobs

Warby Parker Summer Collection

This comparison is quite straightforward as well. Either go premium or designer glasses, it is that simple.

Again, for those that tend to be in professional and formal setting, Warby Parker makes more sense. This is mainly due to the boldness of Eyebobs. Eyebobs has some pretty unique designs, with only a few models which could be considered formal.

That is not to say that Eyebobs won’t sit well in a professional setting, however, it might be a bit more difficult to do so, since they tend to be more flamboyant.

Felix Gray or Zenni?

When it comes to Felix Gray or Zenni, it is the same case as Warby Parker VS Zenni, they’re two different beasts. Not in the sense that the blue light glasses are different in practicality or effectiveness, but in design.

Felix Grays are premium glasses, the end. As for Zenni, they’re much more colorful, lively, and bold. The Zennis might make a lot of sense if you’re a content creator or a gamer.

Again, it boils down to design, so check both of them out and see which designs you like better.

Which One Is For You? – Felix Gray or Eyebobs

Eyebobs, while it was around since 2001, they really evolved in the last few years.

That included introducing a virtual try-on, and a lot of new designs, and helpful advice when it comes to finding the best glasses for you. So, if you’re not a seasoned glasses user, you might find yourself considering Eyebobs, since the shopping process is a bit more seamless than Felix Gray’s.

However, Felix Gray’s branding is impeccable. So, if you want something that is social-media material, then Felix Gray has got you covered. They tend to feel more premium too.

Zenni VS Eyebobs

These two are the lively glasses’ brands from this list. In designs, they tend to be bold, and both brands encourage you to be different. But how to choose which one fits your criteria better?

Well, on top of the design differences, there are differences in fit. Those that have a lot of issues finding glasses which are comfortable and light-weight might consider Zenni. Why?

While Eyebobs might have that boldness, ‘no-apologies’ style, they tend to lose on comfort because of this. That is mainly due to the fact that the frames are quite different, they tend to be thicker, and shapes might be different to what most people are used to.

Other than that, there is not much else to say between these two, except that Zenni targets the gaming community more.

The Verdict: Best Blue Light Glasses – Warby Parker VS Felix Gray VS Zenni VS Eyebobs

What was before a gimmick you can get at a gas station, turned into quite an industry. These blue light glasses offer quite a lot, and while there is minimal research to support that it prevents macular degeneration, some customers are saying that they feel some sort of relief while using these.

Whatever the case may be, they do seem to be a good idea. But which one is for you?

Well, this is the rarest of times when all four brands are quite good. The only thing that sets them apart is the shopping experience and designs.

So, if you’re a first-time glasses wearer, then you might consider something like Warby Parker or Eyebobs, since they are quite helpful with choosing the right glasses for you.

Eyebobs and Zenni are quite livelier, so if you want something that is eye-catching, pun intended, it doesn’t get any more stylish than these. For those that want something they can use in a formal setting though, Warby Parker and Felix Gray are the most premium in that domain.

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