Viome vs Thryve vs Everlywell: Best Gut Health Test Kit

There is a chance that you might have heard about gut microbiome testing. Whether it be through an acquaintance or your primary doctor, it is safe to say that these gut microbiome tests have been pretty popular over the last few years.

It is easy to see why that would be the case since the impact from bacteria in our gut has a major impact on overall health. So, what’s the best and easiest way to test your gut microbiome?

Well, solutions like Viome, Thryve, and Everlywell are available on the market, with which you can do so. They’re widely available, but the most common issue people have with them is to know which one is the best for them.

We’ll go in-depth into the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and also compare them side-by-side, to give you a general picture and a guide to choosing the right one.

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Microbiome Testing – Does It Work?

Thryve Gut Health Test

Most of these tests, which we say are widely available, are closely similar to those you might find if you go through your primary doctor. The general gist about this whole process is that it is much more convenient than following the usual route you would take normally.

It is sufficient to say that these work. After all, these are what you expect normal gut microbiome tests to provide, and in some cases more. For example, Everlywell will also give you actionable tasks to improve your gut’s health.

Usually, the way it goes is: You receive the test, take some samples, ship them back to Viome, Thryve or Everlywell, and within a week or two, you get digital results of the test. Pretty neat and frictionless.

Which Is The Best Testing Kit? – Viome VS Thryve VS Everlywell

Now, there is no way to gloss over the fact that you might need to send a poo sample. It was better to say this early, just so you know what you’re getting into. However, at the cost of having greater gut health, it’s more than worth it in my book.

Still, sending feces as a sample is not the only way to go about it. There is also the possibility to send in a small sample of blood rather than poo. That’s how Everlywell works in fact. Some argue, just because of that, you might get more accurate data and more comprehensive analysis.

With the Viome test kit, you can choose between poo or blood, depending on your preference, especially if you’re afraid of needles. Although, both Viome and Everlywell do include pain-free methods for extracting blood from a finger, so there’s no need to worry about that.

Thryve on the other hand does analysis only on feces.

Overall, you get the same data with all three, with some being more precise. But mostly, they differ in things that are done after the fact. Actionable steps for further gut health improvement, and so on.

What Are Their Differences? – In-Depth Comparison | Viome VS Thryve VS Everlywell

Generally, there are quite a few differences between the three.

To have a clearer picture of what we’re dealing with, we’ll put these three side-by-side and see what some of the key differences are in terms of the testing, and the overall experience as well.

Here’s an in-depth comparison of Viome, Thryve, and Everlywell:

Viome vs Thryve vs Everlywell
Gut Health Test Kit Comparsion
Test KitGut Intelligence TestGut Health TestFood Sensitivity Test
What’s Included?Testing Guide
Small Bottle for Sample
Safety Bag
Measuring Tool
Collection Tube
Collection Swabs
Baggy for the Tube
Collect & Send Boxes
Alcohol Pad
Collection Card
Bio Hazard Bag
Prepaid Return Shipping Label
Processing Time3-4 weeks2 weeks or lessN/A – Users report 5 days of processing time on average.
SupplementsProbiotics & Prebiotics Probiotics N/A
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Viome Gut Biome Test Review

Viome Gut Microbiome Health Test

So, we’ve already touched on the fact that with Viome, you can either collect feces or a blood sample, depending on your preference. With the Health Intelligence Test- as it is so-called, you get to measure microbial gene expression, human gene expression, and mitochondrial gene expression.

In terms of what results you might receive, it is pretty extensive. After your sample has been analyzed, you get whopping thirty-level scores, which include: biological age, immune health, energy levels, gut microbiome health, cellular function health, and stress response.

It is safe to say then that, not only that you can test your overall gut health, but other really important aspects about your health as well. On top of that, like some of the others, you do get food recommendations that might have a tremendously positive effect on your health.

Of course, after all that, some sort of supplements are recommended as well, especially prebiotics and probiotics, which can also be acquired from Viome.

If you’re unsure about whether Viome is the best choice for you in terms of how extensive the analysis would be, Viome also includes a sample of what the data might look like. Overall, a good choice for a gut test, but whether it has what it takes to beat Everlywell, which is widely accepted as the best one, is the bigger question.

Here are some of the pros and cons that we took note of when looking at Viome:


  • Easy to start with
  • Subscription available
  • Test, supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics available
  • Overall test for multiple health aspects
  • Easy-to-understand data


  • Sample processing times vary, and take anywhere from 3-4 weeks

Thryve Gut Biome Test Review

Thryve App & Gut Health Test

Thryve, by many, is considered to be the better alternative solution to Viome. In terms of the testing, it is done through collecting a feces sample, and the overall data and recommendations you get are pretty similar to the others.

What’s superb with Thryve though, is that there is a two weeks turnaround to the tests. Meaning, you send in your sample, and it gets processed within two weeks, pretty impressive.

The whole thing with Thryve is that always focused on the benefits, rather than how good the testing kit is. It’s refreshing to know that you can improve weight loss, improve overall digestion, immunity, mood, and energy levels.

What I’m trying to say is, that I would much rather see what are some of the positive impacts this might bring forth, rather than being berated on how special the data or the testing kit is, sort of like what Viome, I felt like does.

Thryve also offers probiotics as well, should you need them, and gives you recommendations on the types of food you might need to consume to improve your gut health, and it seems like, other things as well.

The testing is done in a US laboratory that is certified to meet ISO standards, which means everything should be in order in terms of how accurate the data is. As for the probiotics, they’re made in a GMP-certified facility.

Let’s get into the positives and negatives about Thryve. Below, is the full pros and cons list:


  • Personalized probiotics tailor-made to battle bad bacteria based on your results
  • Probiotic & test subscription possible
  • Fully-fledged diet plan
  • Proprietary software to analyze data


  • No blood sample testing is available

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

Everlywell is by far the most well-known brand of all three. Compared to the other two, their tests are performed the traditional way, by taking a blood sample rather than a feces sample, but don’t worry, as the included lancets make the process pain-free.

Now, the collection card might be a little unorthodox to use, but usually, when it comes to blood samples, that’s the main way to do it at home. You have to aim in a few circles and drop a droplet of blood in each one.

I would say, the lab analysis and data you get from Everlywell is not the most detailed analysis under the sun, but what’s cool with it is how easy it is to understand.

While other brands might include unnecessary data and make the whole report hard to take in, that’s not the case with Everlywell.

On top of gut biome tests though, Everlywell has others as well. Tests like metabolism tests, indoor and outdoor allergy tests, FIT colon cancer screening tests, are all available on the official website, and they’re worth looking into.

Of course, like the others, Everlywell provides steps and actions which you can take to improve upon all of the given data you see. Overall, the best and easiest method of checking your gut health is Everlywell.

There are two tests available, either the ordinary test or the Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test, which is way more detailed.

If you’re planning to go the Everlywell route, here are the pros and cons to it:


  • A variety of other tests available as well
  • Very convenient
  • Easy-to-understand, but comprehensive data
  • Easy testing kit
  • Multiple helpful accessories included


  • No probiotics or prebiotics

Microbiome Gut Test VS Food Sensitivity Test

Now, you may have caught up on the fact that Everlywell only offers a Food Sensitivity test, which is quite different than your usual microbiome gut test.

There are scenarios in which the former is better, and there are times which the latter is better. It all depends on what you need to check for. The microbiome gut tests usually show you the balance of nutrients and bacteria in your gut, while the food sensitivity tests will give you exact foods which might be causing negative reactions in your gut.

So, when should you take a food sensitivity test? Well, that’s a reasonable question, and the best one to ask. Usually, food sensitivity tests have to be taken when someone is experiencing diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, bloating, after eating something.

NOTE: Consult with your doctor on what type of test you’re needing, and if you’re having the above-mentioned symptoms for long periods.

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Now that we made a proper distinction between the types of tests involved, it is time to go a bit further and see which is better overall. We’ll put them 1on1 below, and find out, once and for all, the best testing kit for your specific needs.

Viome or Thryve, Which Is Better?

Viome Gut Health Test

Both of these offer microbiome testing kits, and quite frankly, both look very promising. But from the two, we prefer Thryve much more, mainly due to the fact of how easy-to-understand the data is, and the fact that you can get a full diet plan to improve your gut’s health.

That is not all though. Why so many consider Thryve over any other testing service out there, is the fact that they can get personalized probiotics. So, when you complete your test, you might see a certain overpopulation of some bad bacteria and underpopulation of some good bacteria.

That’s where those personalized probiotics excel. It means that they’re specifically made just to improve your gut balance, instead of being mass-produced to be one-size-fits-all.

It is safe to say then, that Thryve is the better overall choice between these two.

Viome & Thryve vs Everlywell – Which Kit Is For You?

Viome Precision Supplements

Since the kits offered by Viome and Thryve are the same, but different when compared to Everlywell, we thought this matchup is the best, to get a general sense of when you need Viome or Thryve’s style kits, and when you need food sensitivity kits.

If you’re experiencing certain symptoms like bloating, headaches, sensitive stomach, or others, it makes sense to try a food sensitivity test first, rather than a microbiome test.

The reason being, it might be a certain food that’s causing all of these unwanted symptoms, rather than an unhealthy gut. Gut tests are usually more comprehensive and precise, but that’s the route I would take.

Again, make sure to consult your doctor and ask about which test should be appropriate to take.

The Verdict: Best DIY Gut Testing Kit – Viome vs Thryve vs Everlywell

After all that, it can still seem overwhelming to choose one of these three. However, firstly, you must decide whether you need a gut health test or a food sensitivity test. Depending on your circumstances, choose one or the other.

Now, let’s talk about which brand offers the best overall gut testing package.

Viome and Thryve are both very unique and accurate, but we do prefer Thryve over Viome. Mainly because the overall infrastructure with the app and the data you get is better, and most of the time, far easier to understand.

The only downside is that there are only probiotics available, but they’re still tailor-made specifically for you, based on your results. It is more affordable, and the most bang-for-the-buck package.

Still, if you need a food sensitivity test, it doesn’t get any better than Everlywell. Everlywell has the most extensive list of foods that their analysis accounts for. You do get some very thought-out recommendations and actions for improving your gut health as well.

And above all, the whole process is straightforward, and customers get their results within just a couple of days!

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