Vessi Shoes Review

These days we are all looking for comfortable and well-designed shoes that can fit us on all occasions.

If you are one of these people then Vessi can be the right choice for you.

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Who Discovered Vessi?

The moto from which they fill their strength and continue their great work is:, To create products that move you forward, get you out there and let you live YOUR best life.’’

Vessi Shoes was founded by Andy, Tony, And Mikaela in 2018, who et-out to create these high-quality and waterproof shoes.

Their first idea was to only create shoes that will keep your soaks dry when going in extra wet areas, but as they continue their work have created incredibly good-looking shoes that can be worn everywhere.

Vessi Shoes Review


It is a popular brand, and its popularity is confirmed with many comments and international orders. Majorly there aren’t any reasons not to love this brand, despite the great commercials they are truly offering you something worth trying.


When it comes to rating the product quality, according to buyers’ experiences and assuming the types of materials used to make the shoes, it is a word for a high-quality brand. Vessi priority is to make you satisfied with its product, and that is visible with the fact that they give you a 1-year warranty to return the shoes if you aren’t pleased.


Comfort comes from how Vessi shoes are designed. They have the Outer Knit which is very comfortable and flexible for the foot and is keeping your foot dry in water areas. The Cushion is also made from comfortable materials and holds onto smell in combination with The Sole with a good grip on the bottom, which won’t allow you to feel discomfort.

Shipping and Return Policy

Their shipping is a well-organized system, and because of the tracking devices, they have positive reviews on this. When it comes to the return policy there are various experiences. Some of the buyers were having trouble with replacing the product, but in the end, because of their customer care site, these minor problems were easily overcome.

Sustainable Materials

Vessi shoes are made from very carefully selected materials, and all of them are eco-friendly and taken only from certified manufacturing partners.

Sustainability to Vessi means producing less waste while creating quality products that last.

They are guided by the taught that animals shouldn’t be harmed to produce fashion materials and for that there are using a 100%Vegan material that is Waterproof.

They use water-based adhesives for glue. Thanks to the Dyma-tex waterproof layer they stop the water from going inside the shoes. Despite that, through all making processes, they are using zero harmful chemicals or coating in our process.

This brand is looking forward to making shoes that will be even more lightweight and make walking feel like stepping on clouds.

Vessi Most Popular Shoes Ratings – Pros And Cons

There are different models and you can find them in different colors. Because of the specific design the Slip-On models, are less selling than the modern designed everyday sneaker.

Vessi Everyday Sneakers

Everyday Sneaker is a Vessi Bestseller product. That shouldn’t be shocking or confusing, because of its both- basic and casual design. These waterproof shoes like all the other Vessie’s, are lightweight, and they won’t sweat your foot like the other heavy isolated waterproof footwear. 

They are available for men and women in different colors. Because of its anti-odor layer, your foot won’t stinky again, and when you remove the layer, they can be easily cleaned.

Day walking, doing sports, or a light evening night out, Vessi’s a perfect match for any of these situations, and despite their fit your clothes, they will also make you feel comfortable.

According to online ratings and comments, this product is a customer’s favorite, and all that is due to the uniqueness and comfort that these sneakers are offering, and on their website, they are rated 4.7/5 out of 4666 ratings.


  • They are 100% waterproof
  • The antimicrobial coating helps with the stink factor and anti-odor
  • Thick padding and sock-like feel make them super comfortable
  • Unisex model and in different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain clean
  • The minimal design makes this sneaker extremely easy to fit into most modern office dress codes


  • The design is closed and the breathing isn’t the same as in other Vessi models
  • It can make your feet feel sweaty, only on the extra hot temperature of +40 degrees
  • Only full sizes are offered

Vessi Everyday Move Sneakers

As an upgrade on the Everyday shoes, Vessi has created the Everyday Move model. The reason for that was only to add a lot more support and cushion to the footwear and for that, they were designed to transfer energy from your step through your foot so you can move properly.

Unlike the Everyday sneakers, The Everyday MOVE has a design of cross-hatch in the toe and a series of lateral ribs designed to wick water down and away from the shoe.

So I like more the simplicity of the Everyday sneakers model, but if I have to walk more than two miles or go for a run, I will definitely choose the Everyday Move because of the improved midsole and sole, it’s even lighter and more supportive.

Out of 973 ratings on their site, they are rated 4.8/5, which tells us the upgrade on them was worth it!


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy taking off
  • More lightweight
  • More breathable – open design
  • Cloud comfort
  • Design upgrade
  • Unisex models and different colors


  • The thinner outer layer can be easily damaged
  • Higher price

Vessie Kids Weekend Sneakers

It’s great that you can now have these amazing waterproof shoes for your little ones. You can especially feel the benefit on the rainy days when they want to jump in the puddles.

On the official website, these shoes have been rated by 243 people with 4.8/5

These are customers’ favorites because you can clean them easily by throwing them in the washing machine and washing them with cold water.

Also because of the return policy they have, you don’t need to worry if the size doesn’t fit your kiddos.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Machine Washable
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Good for running
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable knit


  • Small opening and small struggles with putting them on

Where to Buy Vessi Shoes

I haven’t found any reliable results online, so I highly recommend ordering them on It’s the best thing you can do because ordering from the site will give you a warranty, and if you pint the time discounts can be included.

Warranty, Shipping And Return Policy

Vessi shipping is free for North America, and if they do the shipping in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore or other selected countries is extra charged.

Standard shipping is free and delivery generally takes 2-8 days, for International shipping your order will arrive between 7-30 business days once picked up from our warehouse, depending on your shipping location.

Tracking numbers are available within 72 hours of orders placed for North Americans. International deliveries outside of North America can take between 7 and 14 days. Tracking numbers are also available within 5 business days for International orders.

Vessi offers a flexible exchange and returns policy and you can return the product within 90 days of their delivery date and it’s on them.

All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. You should be aware of the following things before sending back your shoes to us please make sure they’re:

  • Undamaged
  • Unaltered
  • In their original box

To initiate your return or exchange, you’ll just need your order number and zip/postal code to make the request. For Canadian orders: Canada Return/Exchange     For US orders: US Return/Exchange 

Vessels come with a 1-year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

They don’t cover the following issues:

  • Modifying your shoes.
  • Exposing them to harsh chemicals.
  • Defects caused by excessive wear and tear.

Why Are The Vessie Shoes The Right Choice

I assure you there are many reasons why to buy these shoes.

If you want to find comfort, safety and good-looking shoes, and on top of that made with Vegan materials, then you should stop here and go directly to the Vessie site and choose your footwear.

To sum up, all these shoes are worth trying and they will satisfy you, make happy, and prepare you to walk daily with a smile and comfort.

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