The World’s Most Valuable Direct To Consumer Brands

Direct-to-Consumer brands, otherwise known as DTC brands, are especially beneficial due to their way of doing business. Unlike the traditional way of selling, DTC brands sell their products directly to their customers, without having the need for a middle man.

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Why is D2C better?

Casper – Direct To Consumer Brand

It’s actually better for both the brand and the consumer as well. Some of the world’s most valuable Direct-to-Consumer brands are growing faster and faster due to a few highly beneficial factors. Here’s why.

By selling their products directly to their target customers, direct-to-consumer brands can afford lower product costs, a much better quality, and oftentimes a much shorter shipping time as well. So, it pays highly to watch for some of the best direct-to-consumer brands that are doing extremely well in 2021 and are on the way to doing even better in 2022.

Here’s our list of 5 of the most valuable DTC brands to watch in 2021.

1. MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches Elegant & Affordable

MVMT, also known as “Movement” is a watch brand that sells highly unique and premium men’s and women’s watches. They also dabble in sunglasses and a few other accessories but their primary product is high-quality watches.

Why MVMT Watches?

MVMT was founded by two college dropouts who set out on a mission to build a brand that sells high-quality fashion accessories at an affordable price. It’s a multi-million dollar brand that still focuses on quality and improving based on customer feedback. You can’t go wrong with MVMT and their product quality as millions of customers are happy owners of MVMT watches and other accessories.

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2. Warby Parker

Warby Parker – Eyeglasses

Warby Parker is another brand like MVMT that focuses on providing high-quality products for relatively affordable prices. Warby Parker is a highly-valued DTC brand that sells eyeglasses, contacts, and sunglasses. It, too, is a Direct-to-Consumer brand that can invest more in product quality because it eliminates the costs of a middleman.

Why Warby Parker?

The reason why Warby Parker is one of the best DTC brands in 2021 is that they offer a lot of security and freedom for their customers. In other words, people who buy from Warby Parker are free to try their eyeglasses and return them if they don’t like them. In addition, they have a very popular buy-a-pair-give-a-pair program. What this means is that for every pair of glasses that’s bought from Warby Parker another pair is given to someone in need completely free.

Now that’s something you can’t argue with and is what makes Warby Parker one of the most valued DTC brands out there.

3. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix – Personalized Clothing

Stitch Fix is yet another Direct-to-Consumer brand that was founded by a college student. Katrina Lake founded Stitch Fix with a mission to take individual clothing personalization to a whole other level.

It is made for all skin types, and the key ingredients are: honey, hyaluronic acid, and squalene. Made from 99% of natural ingredients.

Most customers noted that you’ll only need one or two pumps, and it’ll have your skin looking and feeling fresh for most of the day. The acid rich moisturizer comes in at $52 for one-time purchases. The bottle is 1.7 oz. or 50ml.

Why Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that takes advantage of both Artificial Intelligence and expert human stylists to create an easy, fast, and effective clothing personalization assistant for every customer. The brand received an initial public offering of $1.6 billion back when it was founded in 2017.

The bottom line is that Stitch Fix is for sure disrupting fashion retail as we speak. They welcome both men and women, as well as customers from all over the world. If you want a perfectly customized clothing style then Stitch Fix is the place to visit and learn from.

4. Harry’s

Harrys – Shaving Products

Harry’s is a popular DTC brand whose co-founder is the guy who founded Warby Parker, Jeff Raider. He certainly knows what works when it comes to Direct-to-Consumer brands. In any case, Harry’s is one of the ultimate brands when it comes to providing shaving products.

Why Harry’s?

There are countless reasons why you should learn from what Harry’s is doing. This brand has found quite innovative solutions to make shaving painless, quick, and affordable. Furthermore, the main reason why Harry’s is so successful is thanks to its subscription service. It allows men from all over the world to receive scheduled Harry’s goodies such as shaving cream, razors, and similar products.

And finally, given that Harry’s is an almost decade-old DTC brand, it certainly pays to learn from them and go use their products.

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5. Casper

Casper Mattresses – One Of First D2C Brands

Casper is one of the first major DTC brands that went public in 2020. It’s a company that initially focused on selling mattresses but has now become so much more. Casper generated over $1 million in their first month of business and went on to generate over $1 billion in the next few years before going public.

Why Casper?

What’s not to like about Casper? They sell innovative mattresses that are comfortable and help you get a good night’s sleep. They also sell various other sleep products that just make you feel comfy thinking about them. In addition, Casper is a Direct-to-Consumer brand that sells both online and in retail locations. There’s so much that you could learn and benefit from following Casper.

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