Tommy John Underwear Review

There is a big chance that you’ve come across Tommy John’s underwear in the last couple of weeks. They’re being marketed as one of the most comfortable and true to size underwear out there.

I must say, they’re pretty impressive, but do they live up to all the hype? Tommy John offers underwear for both men and women. We’ll go through some of the most important details about their underwear and whether it is a good idea to get your next pair from Tommy John.

We also looked at what some of the customers are saying, in order to get a clearer picture about the brand itself, and to see why are there so many ‘mixed’ reviews.

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Is Tommy John Underwear Worth It?

Tommy John’s Women Selection

Depending on what you’re used to Tommy John’s can be either affordable, or expensive for you. We all have different budgets when it comes to essentials like underwear, but one thing is for certain though: Tommy John’s make a lot of sense.

The gist of it is, these are designer pieces, and we should treat them as such. Like any designer piece, you get slightly better underwear designs both for women and men. But it isn’t just the appearance that is unique with this brand. It is also the comfort, which is what Tommy Johns are most famous for.

Just as an example, for me Tommy John is more on the expensive side. Prices vary a lot depending on the model, but on average, they’re more expensive than your usual Urban Outfitters or Target underwear.

Still, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the couple of bucks extra is worth it. We’ll get into why that’s the case later on.

Ratings Breakdown


I would say pretty impressive. Although, it gets four stars only because the size you pick needs to fit you perfectly in order for the underwear to have bigger longevity and to prevent them from forming holes.


This is not the most affordable underwear on the market. But all things considered, for what you get comfort and design-wise, great value.


Like any other direct-to-consumer brand, you’ll have a reasonably good shopping experience in terms of ease-of-use. There is a really helpful help center, and there are a few ways customers can contact customer service, either via email, the website, or by a phone call.


This underwear is designer-worthy, really. The branding is great, especially on the underwear for men, and they do feel very special.

Should You Buy Tommy Johns & Is It For You?

Tommy John Close Up

Look, if you aren’t looking for a particular upgrade for your underwear, and you’re perfectly fine with plain underwear, then Tommy John might not be for you. In any case, I would say it is worth a shot even if you’re used to value underwear, just to see how comfortable these are.

I would recommend these undies to anyone, as I think they’ve completely changed how I look at underwear. Who knew undies could be so comfortable and so soft feeling.

So, yes, you should give Tommy Johns a chance, and even if you’re not into the whole designer-undies, they still might be a good fit for you.

Tommy John Underwear: Pros & Cons

While we already went through most of the positives and negatives with this particular underwear, for clarity’s sake, I chose to do a traditional pros and cons list. In my opinion, these are the pros and cons with Tommy John underwear:


  • Very comfortable
  • Designer-worthy
  • Good value
  • Likable designs
  • Great quality
  • Soft
  • Pleasant shopping experience


  • ‘True-to-size’ doesn’t really work out for some people. To ensure perfect fit, use the size guide that Tommy John has
  • Some models lack size options

I thought about whether I should include that whole ‘disintegrating’ problem to the cons, but I only saw a fraction of customers have these issues. Whereas the other group of customers do praise Tommy John’s quality. So, I think it really has something to do with size, and whether the underwear fits you properly.

Tommy John Underwear In A Nutshell

Bras & Undies by Tommy John


I wanted to go over a brief overview of all the important factors we look into while shopping for underwear, but more importantly, talk about the quality, which in the case of Tommy Johns, it has been heavily criticized.

Most notable thing that some customers might notice is that their Tommy Johns will start to disintegrate and/or form a hole in the crouch area after six to twelve months of usage.

While the people that have had this happen are only a small percentage of the overall consumer base, it is still fair to point out.

I think that part of the reason why this happens is choosing an incorrect size, especially for men’s underwear. Now, I’m not one to blame customers instead of the quality of the actual underwear, but in my case, I hadn’t noticed any quality deficiencies if I’m honest.

All in all, keep this in mind when shopping at Tommy John, and make sure to pick the correct size.


This is the most impressive thing about Tommy John. Compared to other conventional or direct-to-consumer brands, there are not that many that do it quite as good as this company.

From what I’ve heard, and from personal experience, I can vouch for the comfort of both the men’s and women’s underwear.

Tommy John’s fabrics vary from model to model, but most of the time the underwear is made up of non-pilling micro modal, polyester, spandex, cotton, and other materials. It’s really impressive, even though some of the materials can be found in other underwear on the market, the overall composition of materials is perfect, which allows for such comfort.

Sizing & Sizes

Tommy John’s website does say that most of the models are true-to-size, but for me, that doesn’t say much really. Most have mixed experience with finding the correct size, hence why those ‘holes’ in the crouch area I mentioned earlier happen.

However, to make sure that you find the correct size for yourself, use the size guide that Tommy John has on their website. Is detailed, and yet, very simple. Sizes range from XS to XXL for most models.

Some models do lack some sizes, but overall, there is a very good chance that you find something you like with the correct size.

Appearance & Design

It is quite hard to talk about the designs as it boils down to taste. Even though it may be very subjective, I have a couple of things to say about the designs, or lack thereof, especially women’s underwear.

If found most of the designs for the women section being dull and unimpressive. I like the high-rise briefs and thongs or even the boyshorts, but the others aren’t for me. Plus, while some models have more than 6-7 washes or pallets to choose from, others have, at most, one or two.

While I get that some aren’t looking for colorful underwear, I would love to see Tommy John introduce more flamboyant and sexy designs.

On the other hand, the men underwear section’s repertoire of designs is more then impressive. Like really impressive.

Does Tommy John Compete With Some Of The Top Underwear Brands?

Variety In Designs – Tommy John

It mostly depends on the model, since most models have different fabric compositions. Some are very comfortable and soft, while others are more rugged in a sense and versatile.

But some of the best-sellers can be better than some of the best underwear manufacturers out there. And, considering the fact that on average Tommy John is more affordable, the overall package is better and is better value.

The undies from this brand aren’t just a pair which you wear on certain occasions only. These are great for a daily driver as well.

How To Wash & Care For Tommy John Underwear?

Washing these undies depends on the model as well. I would say that it is pretty important to wash them correctly, in order to avoid losing that softness and comfort that Tommy Johns are known for.

Thankfully, with each model, in the product details tab, there is sufficient information on how you should wash them. Most of the time, it is the usual, like any other undies- machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

But do make sure that you’re washing them properly, as these are not your average pair of undies.

The Verdict: Should You Consider Tommy John For Underwear?

Tommy John

From everything that we mentioned and from personal experience, I can’t see why you shouldn’t try them. I would confidently say that Tommy Johns are great bang-for-the-buck as they’re relatively in the middle in terms of pricing and comfort with quality.

Granted, they’re not the best pair of undies on the face of the planet, but they might be the best price-to-performance underwear.

Tommy John’s undies look like designer undies, and yet, they don’t cost as much as your ordinary Calvin Klein undies. We feel as though they’re a great daily driver, but prioritize getting the correct size in order to prevent inconveniences down the line.

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