The M Jewelers Review

The M Jewelers was founded by Mark Shami in 2013 and today, his idea is one of the biggest jewelry brands in North America. He has a family history in jewelry and would often help make custom jewelry as a kid.

But when he and his friends started The M Jewelers, the little money they had, they used for gifting personalized pieces of jewelry such as nameplates to young celebrities. The strategy worked, and today, The M Jewelers is the largest online personalized jewelry company in the world.

The brand was born in the heart of NYC and 10 years later they are expanding the business outside NYC by opening a store in LA.

Mark Shami and his partner realized that traditional marketing wouldn’t do the trick, so they invested all the money in social media and influencer marketing. That’s how Bella Hadid found out about them and she loves The M Jewelers!

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The M Jewelers Review

Best Selling Products

The Nameplate Necklace

Even though nameplate necklaces became insanely popular after airing Sex and the City (the “Carrie Necklace” worn by Carrie Bradshaw) they originated in Black and Latino communities. Afro-Americans and Latinos wore them proudly to display their hard-to-pronounce non-American names.

The M Jewelers nameplates made the brand popular. It’s a lovely, personalized gift and young ladies love a piece of jewelry like that. The Nameplate necklace comes in three different lengths and four different types of metals and colors.

Here are some key facts about The Nameplate Necklace

ProductThe Nameplate Necklace
MaterialGold vermeil Sterling silver Rose vermeil 14KT yellow gold 14KT white gold 14KT rose gold 14KT yellow gold/diamonds 14KT white gold/diamonds 14KT rose gold diamonds
Production timeFor personalized items, it takes 1-3 weeks to prepare and ship. For non-personalized items, it takes 24-48 hours to prepare and ship.

The Iced Out Cuban Link II Ring

Jewelry, especially chains, symbolizes status. They mark your milestones. They give you confidence and add style to whatever outfit you wear. Speaking of the history of the Cuban link chain, no one knows when it started. Probably in the early 70s with the first hip-hop parties in the Bronx.

The Cuban link chain has a thick texture. It’s interlocked in a unique pattern to accentuate the links. This interlocking process makes it stick out more. People on the street are more likely to notice it. However, if you don’t want to look like a rapper with a big thick chain around your neck and still love the unique pattern of the Cuban link chain then The Iced Out Cuban Link II Ring is a perfect piece of jewelry for you.

You can have one made from gold vermeil or sterling silver and you can pick one of six different sizes.

Important facts about The Iced Out Cuban Link II Ring

ProductThe Iced Out Cuban Link II Ring
Material18KT gold vermeil 925 sterling silver Stones: Cubic zirconia
Production timeReady to ship

The Knot Ring

Knot rings are a beautiful and popular style of jewelry. They have been used all over the world to express love and friendship. For example, knot rings were often used in wedding ceremonies, sailors would make knot rings for their loved ones, and in some cultures, knot rings were used to symbolize love, friendship, and eternity.

The Knot Ring comes in four different sizes and you can choose between white and yellow 14KT gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver.

ProductsThe Knot Ring
MaterialGold vermeil Sterling silver 14KT yellow gold 14KT white gold
Production14KT gold items are made to order and can take anywhere up to 20 business days to complete before shipping

The Butterfly Initial Pendant Necklace

This is one of the most beautiful and definitely one of the best-selling pieces of jewelry at The M Jewelers. Your first initial is written in a lovely script, surrounded by a butterfly. The thin chain allows the butterfly to catch attention. It’s a perfect piece of jewelry to sit on your chest bone. This piece of jewelry will definitely augment your natural beauty.

The Butterfly Initial Pendant Necklace comes in one size only – 18” and it’s available in four different options – gold vermeil, sterling silver, 14KT yellow gold/diamonds, and 14KT white gold/diamonds.

ProductThe Butterfly Initial Pendant Necklace
MaterialGold vermeil Sterling silver 14KT yellow gold/diamonds 14KT white gold/diamonds Stones: Cubic Zirconia & Round cut, Si, H, natural colored diamonds (14KT only)
ProductionThis item is available to ship, with the exception of any 10KT or 14KT solid gold options. For 10KT or 14KT solid gold options it takes 1-3 business weeks to produce and prepare to ship.

Who Is The M Jewelers For?

Even though young ladies, (celebrities or not) love The M Jewelers, I’d say that jewelry knows no age or bounds.


  • High-quality-jewelry
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Affordable prices
  • International shipping
  • Personalized items


  • Some Customers complain about tarnishing

The M Jewelers is the largest online personalized jewelry company in the world for a good reason. They offer various personalized and non-personalized pieces of jewelry for anyone at affordable prices.

Customer Reviews

When I’m reviewing a product, one thing a care about the most is customer reviews. The reviews of people who have tried the product and those people help us get the full picture.

Even though I couldn’t find tens of thousands of reviews online, there were more than enough on various websites to see what The M Jewelers are really like.

On Google, The M Jewelers scores 3.5 stars based on 400+ reviews. Customers are impressed with the quality and customer service.

Here’s what Emily says about The M Jewelers:
Truly next level customer service! When I received my necklace the chain had knotted. They promptly offered me several options to make it right! I ended up wanting the larger size charm and they allowed me to make a super quick and easy exchange. They are super kind and accommodating, I would highly recommend shopping with M Jewelers! Not to mention, the jewelry is stunning and amazing quality. I’m already placing my next order.

On Yelp, the brand scores 4.5 stars based on 200+ reviews. Happy customers love the shop in Manhattan and they are thrilled with jewelry and customer service.

Here’s Jazmin’s experience with The M Jewelers:

Emailed the M jewelers yesterday about a missing stone in my ring, I bought the ring last august and wore it once for my wedding.

They responded same day and I see they sent a new one immediately.

On the other hand, some unhappy customers claim that their bracelet broke and that they couldn’t reach out to customer service since the website link didn’t work.

According to hundreds of other reviews, I can conclude that The M Jewelers truly have outstanding customer service and high-quality products. Understandably, the gold vermeil necklace can’t be the same quality as the $800 14KT white gold one.

Shipping and Return Policies

With The M Jewelers you have multiple shipping options:

  1. USPS First Class Mail (3-5 business days). Shipping – $7. For orders over $150, the shipping is free.
  2. USPS Priority (1-5 business days). Shipping – $12.00-$14.00 (This is calculated by location)
  3. FedEx Express (1 day). Shipping fee $40.00 *USA only.
  4. USPS Intl Shipping (1-4 weeks). The shipping fee is calculated in Cart. VAT is not included. For orders over $300, the shipping is free.

Here’s an important note about shipping – selecting expedited shipping does NOT prioritize or rush any personalized, made-to-order items.

Speaking of the company’s return policy, they do not offer returns or exchanges for any personalized items and purchases made with a discount code.

Speaking of non-personalized items, they can be returned for store credit or an even exchange.

To start your return procedure, all you have to do is to reach out to The M Jewelers directly at [email protected] within the first 7 days of delivery.

Is The M Jewelers Worth It?

Even though a few unhappy customers claim that the quality of jewelry isn’t great, the majority are thrilled with The M Jewelers products and customer service.

When founding The M Jewelers, Mark Shama wanted to create high-quality, personalized jewelry at affordable prices. And he did!

The great thing about personalized gifts is that they tend to be cherished for a long time. So whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift, The M Jewelers personalized pieces will make you fall in love, again.

And, to answer your question, YES, The M Jewelers is definitely worth it!