The Adventure Challenge Couples Review | Read Before You Buy

In a world where things can get boring fast, especially if there’s nothing to do, we’re forced to find innovative and creative ways to have fun, make new memories, and enjoy new experiences. One ideal way of achieving all of this for couples is a book called “The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition”.

In this review, we’ll dive inside this book and find out what it has to offer, how it can make the life of any couple much more interesting and filled with fun, and anything else that is important about the book before you decide and buy it for yourself.

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What Is The Adventure Challenge for Couples?

According to more than a few scientific studies, new and unique shared experiences are among the best ways to keep a relationship alive, make it more worthwhile, and keep it exciting for all of the members.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition offers exactly that, a list of scratch-off adventures that can be done almost anywhere, anytime, and will make you easily escape your comfort zone and enjoy life to its fullest. It’s the ideal tool for people who want to step out of their comfort zone and discover more about themselves and their relationship as well.

The Adventure Challenge Rating Breakdown


Feelings and thoughts about this book’s price have been relatively mixed among users. Some say it’s too expensive while others mention that it’s definitely worth much more. However, this is a relative subject as it depends on how much the wonderful experiences it can offer are worth to you and your partner.


BIt’s very difficult to find a dissatisfied customer with this product. Almost every couple who tried the Adventure Challenge Couples book was left satisfied and oftentimes wanting more. The challenges are also very easy to understand, while at the same time offering hours upon hours of fun.


The value this book provides for couples is often described as priceless. It’s the perfect tool to help users escape their comfort zone, become much closer with their partner, try new things, and just have fun above all else.


The majority of customers who bought from this brand described it as being obsessed with their products. There are other Adventure Challenge books dedicated to different occasions, not just for couples. Overall, as we mentioned, there are very few reviews that feature complaints about this brand or its products.

How Many Challenges Are in The Adventure Challenge Couples Book?

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

There are a total of 50 challenges that you can scratch off inside The Adventure Challenge Couples book. All of these challenges and ideas are different from each other and are quite unique. They allow the same amount of fun for both members in the relationship and provide the same amount of difficulty for both of you as well.uld be from a practical standpoint.

Ideally, if you avoid doing several challenges in a row in one day, you can spend 50 days doing these challenges with your partner. They’re considered as the perfect date night ideas, meaning you get to do one on each date that you go. This makes every date much more interesting and something both of you will be looking forward to with much more excitement than usual.

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What Types of Challenges Are Inside the Adventure Challenge Couples Book?

You can rest assured knowing that the challenges inside this book are far from generic, boring, or unoriginal. They’re super unique, creative, and can make you spend hours having fun with your date without even realizing that you’ve already avoided the first couple of awkward hours, especially if it’s your first or second date together.

So, what type of challenges can you expect inside this book?

Well, for example, you can enjoy cooking a meal together with your date. But, before you say that this is too easy, keep in mind that the one with the least cooking experience has to wear a blindfold while the other person gives them directions. What’s even more tricky is that the person giving directions can only say three directive sentences in total. Now let’s see how easy you think this will be.

And, this is just one example, there are 49 more, each with its own exciting and unique tricks and rules. By the look of it, the next 50 dates after buying this book will definitely be the most exciting ones you will ever have.

What’s even more exciting about these challenges is that each one has rules, a guide to help you, a time limit, and a limited budget. This raises the stakes even higher and makes each challenge more worthwhile and exciting.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Pros & Cons


  • Presents couples with 50 different and unique challenges for date nights
  • Helps you avoid planning your next 50 dates
  • Each challenge has dedicated slots where you can stick photos from your experiences
  • The challenges are easy to understand and have clear guidelines
  • The book is for couples of all ages, regardless if the relationship is fresh or decades-old


  • Some challenges may require a bit more time than everyone can afford to complete
  • You will most likely have to cut and crop the images you take to fit the specific slot sizes inside the book

What Are Customers Saying About The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition?

The vast majority of couples who’ve tried all the challenges in the Adventure Challenge for Couples book were pleasantly surprised by how much fun this simple product can offer. Many are saying how it was able to spice things up once more in their relationship and oftentimes bring both partners even closer together.

If not all that, it at least provided 50 wonderful, unforgettable, and very, very fun dates.

The great thing about the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book is that the challenges inside are versatile enough to be ideal for both very new couples, as well as married couples who’ve been together for a great number of years. There’s nothing saying that you can’t have fun with this thoughtful invention.

One slight downside that a very small number of customers have mentioned is that some of the challenges require a fairly long time to accomplish. The problem was that some couples were having trouble finishing them all. However, they are intended to be enjoyed on date nights which have a tendency to last a couple of hours. This may not be the case with you but it’s worth mentioning in our Adventure Challenge Couples review.

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