Tesalate VS Sand Cloud: A Complete Beach Towel Comparison

Everyone wants a beach day to get away from the stress of work and life. A day dedicated to just sitting down under the sun, getting a tan and drinking something nice and cold. That is, until your beach towel is just covered in sand when you lay down.

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Not only is it irritating to the skin, it’s also frustrating having to get up and remove the sand by flapping your towel over and over again. Even then, it’s no guarantee that the sand is even gone. Luckily, there are sand-free beach towels being sold by two brands.

The two brands in question are Tesalate and Sand Cloud. Both companies offer a huge variety of products, but the bell of the ball are their beach towels. Often, they’re compared side-by-side, as they’re the two most well-known brands for beach towels.

So with these two brands in mind, which is better? Let’s find out.

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What Do They Have & Best-Sellers

Tesalate Bohemian Towels

As stated before, both brands started out with selling beach towels, but soon started selling different products to the customers. To keep it simple, we’ll focus on the beach towels, as the beach towels are the most well-known products between the two.

Tesalate’s original sand-free beach towel is none other than its Bohemian Towel. This towel was Tesalate’s first in implementing their AbsorbLite fabric technology, and it works wonders.

The towel features a 160 cm x 80 cm dimensions, rapid drying thanks to the AbsorbLite fabric, is double-sided, a handy hook to hook anywhere, and it comes with a free pouch to store it in.

Sand Cloud features a plethora of towels available to the customer. One of which is their best seller, the Sunrise Towel. Designed with the rising sun in mind, this towel is made with 100% Turkish Organic Cotton, features a sand resistant design, and has a 91.44 cm x 162.56 cm dimension.

Though there’s no free pouch like with Tesalate, Sand Cloud’s towels are designed to be more compact despite its size, allowing the towel to be folded and stored in another bag.

Table Comparison – Tesalate VS Sand Cloud

Comparing towels can be a bit of a hassle, especially when looking at them visually. In order to get a proper comparison between the two, we’ll have to set up a table comparison in order to see the key differences:

Tesalate VS Sand Cloud: Beach Towels
ModelTesalate Bohemian Beach TowelSand Cloud Sunrise Towel
MaterialAbsorbLite Fabric100% Turkish Organic Cotton
Size160 cm x 80 cm91.44 cm x 162.56 cm
Washing Machine FriendlyYesYes
Fast Dry CapabilitiesYesYes
Return Policy30-day return policyUndisclosed, but they offer 100% happiness guaranteed.
ShippingFree withing the US and Australia.Free on orders above $100.
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As you can see, the key differences between the two towels are only between its size and material. But to determine which brand is better than the other, we’ll have to do an in-depth review of each towel individually.

To provide a bit more background into their differences, Tesalate was founded back in 2016 in Australia. This brand offers a variety of beach towel designs with an XL option for those who want more space, as well as selling workout towels for a more athletic purpose.

Tesalate has developed a new fabric called AbsorbLite fabric, allowing their towels to be sand-free, ultra-absorbent, super-compact and rapid-dry for trips to the beach.

Sand Cloud was founded in 2014 in the US, being 2 years older than Tesalate. The brand offers more variety than Tesalate, selling blankets, clothing, shower curtains, bath robes, and of course the beach towels.

Though they do not have any special fabric compared to Tesalate, Sand Cloud is admirable for their mission in protecting the marine life, with all of their products and packaging built with sustainability in mind.

Sand Cloud Sunrise Towel Review

Sand Cloud – A Proper Cloud To Lay On

Sand Cloud’s Sunrise Towel is one of their best-selling products, due to its cute design and Turkish making. If you’re familiar with Turkish towels, you will know that they are the softest and fluffiest towels on the market, thanks to the Turkish Cotton.

Having a Turkish towel with you while out on the beach is the most comfortable thing ever. Sand Cloud made the best decision in having most of their products made with Turkish Cotton, as the people familiar with the material and Turkish towels will be drawn to the smooth and fluffy feeling of the towels.

It also helps that the cotton gets softer and fluffier as you continue to wash the towel, making customers look forward to laundry day.

The Sunrise Towel by Sand Cloud is only a little bigger compared to Tesalate’s, having a 91.44 cm x 162.56 cm dimension. Though customers have reported that the towel itself is still bigger compared to other beach towels.

The towel does feature some negative reviews from customers, despite its positive ratings. Mostly due to the towel not drying fast enough, resulting in a heavy and wet towel being carried home. However, they will dry off quicker than regular towels either way.

With that in mind though, it’s worth picking one up, as the Turkish design and material alone make it worth it.

Even if you have no plans in using it as a beach towel, you can always use it as an ordinary towel, taking advantage of its soft material.


  • Soft material due to Turkish Cotton
  • Gets softer with each wash
  • Bigger than Tesalate’s Bohemian Beach Towel
  • Can be used as a regular bathroom towel


  • Not as quick drying as Tesalate

Tesalate Bohemian Beach Towel Review

Tesalate – Perfect Beach Towel

Tesalate’s Bohemian Beach Towel is the original product that got them on their feet, and for good reason. This towel first implemented their AbsorbLite fabric, a fabric they developed specifically for all of their beach towels.

While developing a fabric for their product is impressive, we still need to look into the product itself. The towel sports a 160 cm x 80 cm dimension, allowing the towel to be bigger than a normal beach towel.

Combined with its AbsorbLite fabric, the towel dries 3 times faster than a regular towel, saving people from having to carry a heavy and wet towel back home.

Tesalate also offers a free 2-day delivery, giving customers more incentive to get their towels. But if you’re not stingy with delivery fees, they offer next day deliver for $25.

There have been some bad reviews here and there, but it mostly comes down to preference. This is not the most comfortable towel on the planet, but it may just be the fastest drying one, and the most sand-free.

But that’s just a small group of people who have bad experiences. Majority love their purchase, even going so far as to purchasing other products from the company’s website. The experience may vary from customer to customer.

But generally, Tesalate boasts positive reviews across the board.


  • AbsorbLite fabric
  • Dries 3 times faster than a regular beach towel
  • Free 2-day shipping


  • Fabric may not be comfortable for some
  • Customers report that sand still sticks to the towel
  • Expensive next day deliver
  • Towel may not be big enough

Head-To-Head Comparison

Having to decide which brand and towel you want is harder than it seems. You want to think about the fabric and the size and how fast it dries, so it’s normal to be conflicted between two products. We’ve all been there.

With that said, if you’re on the fence about which towel you plan to bring, hopefully the next part will help you.

Tesalate VS Sand Cloud – Which Is The Better Beach Towel?

Sand Cloud In Action

When trying to find a towel for your beach day, you always have to go with comfortability above all else, with size second. You’re going to be staying at a beach filled with sand, and you’re bringing a towel that’s not comfortable? That’s on you.

Personally, I would go with the Sunrise Towel solely because of its Turkish design and because Sand Cloud helps the marine life with their business. The material is so soft and fluffy, that you have to be a villain if you don’t own a Turkish towel by now.

But that doesn’t mean Tesalate is bad. It all comes down to personal preference. Some people don’t like the softness of Turkish towels because it’s too soft, and that’s fine.

We all have our own preferences…

No brand is better than the other, because their products cater to different people with different wants and preferences, allowing each brand to cater to their demographic.

The Verdict: Beach Towels & Preferences

Sand Cloud Soft Beach Towel

Towels are a necessity in our daily lives. It helps dry the dishes, dry our bodies after a nice bath or shower, and it helps clean up spills on the floor. It was only a matter of time till people want to expand on the prospect of a towel by making different towels for different purposes, thus the beach towel brands.

Beach towel brands all have different things going for them. Some have soft materials; others have rough materials.

Some have small sizes for small people; others have big sizes for big people. The market is huge and the people who want beach towels will continue to grow.

All in all, there’s no way to determine which is best and which is worst, as having preferences negates that debate. All we can do, however, is stick to what suits us and meets our preference.

Sand Cloud for all those looking for that sweet spot, the most comfortable towel. And Tesalate for all those looking for the best efficient and quick drying towel.

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