Nomad Goods Review: Read This Before You Buy!

Traveling with gadgets can be pretty stressful, especially when you’re carrying your iPhone, chargers, AirPods, iPad etc. That’s a lot of valuable things just sitting in your backpack. So naturally, you need to purchase some cases or durable wires in order to prevent any kind of damage to your belongings. Although there’s a lot of […]

Go-To Skincare Review: Read Before You Buy!

We all know that founding the right skin routine could be sometimes difficult, because we are seeking to try as many products as we can, just to find the one that would fit us perfectly. So why don’t we choose the best of the best? If you are looking for products that are made from […]

Havenly Review: Read This Before You Buy

Designing your dream home is fun. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by yourself, or with your family, friends, your significant other etc. When you eventually live in your own home, you would want your space to look exactly the way you want it to be, or to match the aesthetic you’re trying to […]

Eddi Hand Soap Review: Before You Buy (Pros + Cons)

Having a soap dispenser at home is essential for hygienic purposes. You can’t leave the bathroom without washing your hands with soap and water, it’s just poor hygiene. However, the downside with having soap dispensers at home is that once it’s empty, it gets thrown away. Soap dispensers are primarily plastic, and throwing those away […]

Patagonia VS North Face: Which Brand Has Better Outdoor Clothing & Gear?

When going out into the outdoors, it’s important to be well prepared. You need to bring water bottles for hydration, proper outdoor clothes like jackets, and backpacks to carry all of your essentials. So, when thinking of getting clothing and gear, which brand should you trust? We will be focusing on two brands that are […]

Muck VS Bogs: Which Winter Boots Are Superior?

Most people don’t know that online shopping for hardcore winter boots is a thing and, I have to admit, I didn’t either. But when Muck and Bogs came across my radar, I had to give them a shot. They’re often compared and people try to find out which one is the more superior boot, mainly […]

Motiv VS Oura: The Best Smart Rings On The Market

If you’re not a huge watch person but you want to get daily analytics about all of your activities, what do you do? You get a smart ring. Yes, smart rings are a thing now. It’s pretty impressive how such a technology can be extremely small scale and still outperform many smart watch competitors on […]

Skims VS Spanx: Which Is The Better Shapewear Brand?

Ah shapewear, the invention of the century. This shapewear category of clothing has been on the rise the last couple of years and part of it was that there was a need for a color-matching thongs, undies, bodysuits, etc., but also cause it’s so cool. Maybe trendy is the correct word. Part of the people […]

Prose Hair Care Review: Hair Care Products (Pros & Cons)

Having gorgeous hair that all the other ladies will easily get jealous of takes hard work, a custom routine, and high-quality products. But there are so many hair care brands out there that claim to be the perfect one for you. How can they even know they’re perfect when you haven’t even tried their products […]