Stryx Review – Read Before You Buy

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are any useful products intended to help men cover up acne or touch up their faces to look more presentable, then Stryx is what you’ve been looking for.

Stryx offers various cosmetics products and skincare products designed to help men look better.

Yes, Stryx products are designed and intended for men. Their formulas are specifically catered for men’s skin, which is known to be rougher, oilier, and much thicker.

As a result, we’re going to find out everything there is about the brand in this Stryx review and learn whether it’s worth trying out their products.

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What Is Stryx?

Stryx Daily Moisturizer

Stryx’s products are designed specifically for men and their skin. They have a variety of unique and different products intended for several types of use.

Their mission is to help guys feel more confident when going on their next date, to a wedding, a meeting, and even video calls.

Whatever the occasion is, Stryx aims to provide help for every man in need of a confidence boost.

Stryx Review – Ratings Breakdown


Stryx’s products appear and feel high-quality. Their packaging is amazing, their offers are great, prices are affordable, the ingredients are healthy, and just everything about it says high-quality products.


According to most customers, you’re definitely getting a lot of value for your money. Stryx’s products work wonderfully and solve most of the customers’ needs.


Customer service and support are also a priority at Stryx. You can contact their support regarding any issues with their products, they offer easy returns, free shipping options, and an overall stress-free and enjoyable customer experience.


Almost everything about Stryx is unique and highly branded. Their products are unique and high-quality, making this brand one of the top ones in this specific industry.

Who Is Stryx For?

Stryx Anti-Shine Tool

Stryx is a company that provides products only for men. Even though women are free to use their products it’s just not the same as makeup for women.

Stryx’s skincare products are more discrete and mainly include a concealer and tinted moisturizer for men.

However, there are a few other products and kits that many of their customers prefer getting.

Stryx Products Review

Currently, Stryx offers eight different types of products that you can have a look at. This includes a concealer tool, tinted moisturizer, a gel cleanser, an energizing eye tool, advanced lip balm, a brow and beard gel comb, an anti-shine tool, and a bronzing gel.

Here are some of Stryx’s most popular products that you must have a look at in our Stryx review before buying.

Stryx Gel Cleanser Review

The old-fashioned supermarket soap simply doesn’t do the trick anymore when it comes to washing your face. It strips your face of useful oils and leaves you off with dry skin.

Stryx’s gel cleanser is designed specifically to solve this problem for men. It’s a gel that will hydrate your skin while removing impurities that are harmful and unnecessary.

It leaves your skin with healthy botanical ingredients that protect it and make sure it doesn’t dry out instantly.

Stryx Tinted Moisturizer Review

Skin inflammation is one of the biggest causes of acne and zits. Stryx’s tinted moisturizer significantly decreases skin inflammation and ensures you have a silky smooth face in a surprisingly fast amount of time.

It also helps reduce redness and has a blending skin tone effect that helps show results much faster.

Stryx Concealer Tool Review

Stryx’s Concealer Tool contains natural pigments that blend perfectly and help men cover up unwanted zits.

It’s portable and very easy to use. All you have to do is tap a bit on your face and blend it.

Stryx The Essentials Kit Review

Stryx also provides special kits as a way to buy some of their products at a discounted price.

The Essentials Kit, for example, comes with their Concealer Tool, the Gel Cleanser, the Energizing Eye Tool, and their special Daily Moisturizer | SPF 30.

It’s a subscription plan that you can choose to be delivered every month, and up to every 4 months based on your needs.

Stryx The Complete Kit Review

There are several other kits that include different combinations of their products. You can choose them based on your needs or you can buy Stryx’s Complete Kit, featuring one of every single product they have to offer.

What Do Customers Think of Stryx?

Stryx Concealer Tool

One of the best things about Stryx that all of their customers love is that this brand doesn’t involve animal cruelty to create their products whatsoever.

They are 100% cruelty-free and focus on providing value with each of their products. To be honest, Stryx is one of the best brands in this specific niche, helping men look and feel better without feeling like they’re wearing makeup, which they aren’t.

In addition, Stryx products aren’t expensive at all. They offer lots of ways for customers to save by purchasing their favorite products as kits and by including other special offers and promotions.

And finally, they also offer lots of special branded accessories such as baseball hats, beanies, gift cards, stickers, and more.

Is Stryx Worth It?

From what we’ve seen in this Stryx review, it’s definitely easy to say that this brand is very much worth it.

They have relatively affordable prices, their products are top quality, there are plenty of discounts available, and no animals were harmed at all in the making of their skincare products. As a result, this cosmetics brand for men is truly something not to miss out on.

How can you decide if they’re worth it? Well, if all of the above sounds good, and if you want to feel and look more handsome with little effort, then Stryx will most likely be worth it for you.

Stryx Pros & Cons


  • The majority of their product reviews are positive
  • High-quality products
  • They offer product kits that save you money
  • Stryx offers how-tos and tutorials on how to use their products
  • Healthy and botanical ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free brand


  • Their products are only for men


The bottom line that we can conclude from this Stryx review is that this brand is highly unique and offers all sorts of special offers to help customers save money and get more value.

With Stryx, you can quickly cover up any acne, zits, moisturize your skin, clean your face without dehydrating it, and maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

It’s a brand that allows men to feel and look great.

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