SteamLine Luggage Review: Is It As Good As It Looks?

In the old days, the only benefit most people looked for in luggage was whether it was big enough to fit all of their travel necessities. Today, this is also important but it’s also often about making a fashion statement.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for luggage that’s both sizeable, sturdy, and looks absolutely gorgeous, then hopefully this SteamLine Luggage review will have what you’re looking for.

We’ll have a look around the brand’s shop, their history, and we will also see what many before us who’ve purchased their products have to say. At the end of the day, you will know exactly whether SteamLine is going to be your new favorite luggage brand.

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What Is SteamLine Luggage?

The Industrialist – SteamLine

As the name suggests, SteamLine is a brand that sells luggage. However, these aren’t your average black suitcases that you can’t stop seeing at every airport. Their vast line of different pieces of luggage is both versatile as well as features some of the most stunning designs around.

As I mentioned, even though quality and packing space is important, people often want fashionable items that look amazing and go well with most of their outfits. Well, SteamLine luggage may be a brand that comes pretty close to offering all of this and more.

Ratings Breakdown


Everything SteamLine offers, from small hatboxes to large wheeled carry-ons, is nicely crafted to ensure excellent practicality and durability. You can safely pack your luggage without worrying about any straps or handles breaking. Overall, quality is more than decent and no major complaints have been witnessed regarding that.


When it comes to value for your money, we can’t deny that you’re going to find cheaper, more affordable luggage options out there. Even though SteamLine doesn’t offer many budget options, many users still say that their products are definitely worth it for the money, especially if you’re trying to make a fashion statement.


Customers purchasing from Mainland USA have more perks when it comes to buying from SteamLine. They receive free shipping and very fast delivery. However, even if you’re not from there, you’re still going to have a great customer experience, as the brand has made sure to allow each customer to have a worry-free shopping experience.


The brand itself has been reviewed as an excellent one thanks to often providing discounts for their customers. In addition, SteamLine Luggage also offers a wide variety of different collections for different types of travelers.

SteamLine Luggage Products Review

The Botanist (Pink) – SteamLine

The first thing you see when you go over to SteamLine’s website is a vast and very diverse line of luggage designs and collections. There are plenty of beautiful colors, different sizes, different models, and so on.

Bottom line, there are plenty of products to choose from when it comes to SteamLine luggage.

Let’s have a look at a few of SteamLine’s most popular luggage collections. They choose their names by the type of look and feel each collection represents.

The Entrepreneur Review

The Entrepreneur – SteamLine

This first example represents a collection of SteamLine’s luggage for entrepreneurs on the go. The items in this collection are designed to look both fashionable, simple, and serious, giving off a businessman, and businesswoman, vibe.

The collection also features everything from hatboxes, to wheeled luggage, and more.

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The Editor Review

The Editor – SteamLine

This collection offers elegant and inspiring linen and leather luggage that also features hand-illustrated prints by Louis Barthelemy and Meryl Pardoen.

The Editor SteamLine collection also offers diverse products that are designed to fit many types of people. From large wheeled carry-on luggage for long trips to small luggage hatboxes, there’s plenty to choose from.

Is SteamLine Luggage Worth It?

To answer this question, you have to consider what exactly you’re looking for in luggage.

If you want something poorly-designed, cheap, and extremely unreliable, then SteamLine probably isn’t the right choice for you.

However, if you’re willing to pay a little extra for amazing quality, detailed features, and absolutely stunning designs then SteamLine is definitely worth looking into.

The brand’s products are perfect for all occasions, they are reliable, very well-made, super convenient for taking stunning photos, and overall the ideal choice for both long and short trips.

SteamLine Luggage Customer Reviews

The Industrialist

We can always tell a lot about a certain brand based on what past customers are saying. No one else can describe what a brand’s products are like other than someone who’s already tried and experienced them themselves. As a result, we can make an even more correct verdict about whether SteamLine is worth it based on their customer reviews.

So, what are customers saying about SteamLine luggage?

It’s pretty safe to say that there aren’t many extremely negative reviews that would make the brand off-putting. Even though there are some dissatisfied customers, this is just the reality that comes with most brands. It’s impossible to please everyone.

Overall, the majority of customers aren’t complaining about the quality or reliability of SteamLine’s products. They are definitely well-designed and meant to last for years to come.

The one thing that may present a problem for some customers are the brand’s prices, as it isn’t exactly a cheap option when it comes to buying luggage.

SteamLine Luggage Pros & Cons


  • Stunning designs and collections for all types of customers
  • Durable and quality products
  • Free Shipping for all orders to Mainland USA
  • Their unique designs make it hard to misplace your luggage at airports
  • They’re lightweight, making them perfect for packing more when flying


  • There is no international Free Shipping
  • Their locks have been described to break rather easily


Based on everything we’ve discovered about the brand in this SteamLine Luggage, we can safely say that this is a brand that’s perfect for customers who like to travel in style.

But, it’s not just that, as their products don’t sacrifice quality for design. Instead, their products are both fashionable and feature high-quality and durable builds that can withstand even overpacking.

Overall, SteamLine Luggage is worth a try if you have a little extra cash to spend, as their products aren’t among the cheapest options out there.

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