Sand Cloud Review — All the Pros and Cons

A good beach towel is one of your top priorities if you love going to the beach, lounging, and sunbathing.

In 2014, an online company Sand Cloud hit the market. The product? Soft, attractive, and sand-resistant beach towels.

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About Sand Cloud

The company was founded by three friends who share a passion for the beach and marine conversation.

Brandon Leibel, Bruno Aschidamini, and Steven Ford, founders of Sand Cloud, donate 10% of profits to non-profit partner organizations like the Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Sand Cloud was named Philanthropist of the Year by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and it has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc Magazine.

The interesting fact is that they started out making towel pillows. And then in 2015, at a trade show, customers were much more interested in mandala-style towels that didn’t have a pillow attached.

Then, in 2017, the company made a big breakthrough thanks to the TV series Shark Tank where they scored a deal with one of the investors – Robert Herjavec.

Today, Sand Cloud sells eco-friendly and beautifully-designed towels, clothing, and accessories.

Now, let’s have a look at their best-selling towels, bundles, and accessories.

Sand Cloud Review

Sand Cloud Beach Towels are light, sand resistant, soft, and dry 3x faster than normal towels. The more you wash them, they become softer and more absorbent.

Sand Cloud features towels made of 100% Turkish cotton, as well as towels made of 45% recycled cotton, 25% recycled polyester, and 30% Turkish cotton fabric blend.

Even though the price of these towels is a bit higher than normal towels, consider that 10% of the Sand Cloud profits go to preserving marine life.


  • Sand-Resistant
  • Dries 3x Times Quicker
  • High-Quality Sustainable Materials
  • 10% of the Profits go to Non=Profit Partner Charity Organizations
  • Afterpay Options Available


  • Some Tie-Dyed Towels can Bleed in the First few Washes

Best-Selling Sand Cloud Beach Towel

Flower Mandala Navy

This is how everything started so it’s no wonder this beach towel is the best-selling one. Made of 100% Turkish Organic Cotton and a single jacquard weave making it super soft, ultra-absorbent, and sand-resistant.

The half floral mandala design is now available in navy on the front with a golden yellow back!

Like most Sand Cloud towels, wash on delicate or gentle using cold water with like colors.

Best practice hang to dry. Tumble dry low is also acceptable.


Wanderlust is a hand-dyed towel and it can be used as a blanket, throw, or shower towel. Here’s an interesting fact – due to the unique nature of the tie-dye process, each product may vary slightly in color and design.

It’s made of 100% Turkish cotton and it comes in one size – 38″ × 64″.

In terms of care, bear in mind that this towel is tie-dyed and it can bleed in the first few washes. It would be best to wash it separately until any excess dye has been removed.

Tumble dry low is acceptable.

Crush Turtle XL

Crush Turtle XL is a double-sided towel made of 100% Turkish cotton. The amazing thing is that it fits in your bag even though it’s an XL one.

Like the other towels, Crush Turtle XL is sand-resistant and it dries 3x faster than a normal towel.

In terms of care, just machine wash it on delicate or gentle, using cold water with like colors.

Sand Cloud Bundles

If you’ve fallen in love with Sand Cloud products, the bundles are for you. It’s way easier to get a bundle instead of purchasing each product individually, and you’ll save money as well.

Sand Cloud aims to provide much more than beach towels. With bundles, you can get bath towels, apparel, water bottles, and even bedroom linens.

Since this review is all about beach towels I’m going to mention a couple of best-selling beach towel bundles.

Pearl Bundle

This four-pack bundle is made from 100% Turkish cotton for a softer hand feel, Dobby weave, twisted tassels, and it’s sand-resistant.

Colors – Navy, Aqua, Mustard, & Fuchsia.

Wanderlust Bundle

Best-selling Wanderlust hand-dye towels can be purchased in a bundle as well.

You will get 1 Wanderlust XL towel, 1 Luna XL towel, 1 Wanderlust towel, and 1 Luna towel.

It doesn’t hurt to mention again that Wanderlust towels are tie-dyed therefore they can bleed in the first few washes. It would be best to wash them separately until any excess dye has been removed.

Sand Cloud Pros

Here are the positives and negatives I stumbled upon online throughout my analysis of Sand Cloud.

Quick-Dry Feature

One of the main pros that sets Sand Cloud apart is the quick-dry feature. All Sand Cloud towels dry 3x times faster than normal towels and they are also sand-resistant. Combine that with the fact that 10% of the company’s profits go to marine life conservation charities and you’ll see why people love Sand Cloud.

The time has come when consumers love to see a brand that gives back, and that’s exactly what Sand Cloud does – protecting the environment so we can enjoy lounging at sandy beaches and swimming in crystal blue seas.

Easy Storage

This is one of the features I personally love! Sand Cloud beach towels are extra large yet you can fold them and put them in your bag. It may seem a bit weird how thin they are, but this is where the quick-dry secret lies. We’ve used to those bulky, thick beach towels that stay wet and full of sand after a day at the beach.

Patterns and Colors

Sand Cloud has made an amazing collection of truly artistic towels. Each one of them is a piece of art. Wanderlust towels are so unique that there aren’t two EXACTLY the same ones due to the unique hand-dying process.

Sand Cloud has divided all the towels into several categories:

  • Extra Large
  • Marine Life
  • Boho
  • Tie Dye
  • Bath towels
  • New releases


Forget about leaving sand traces from the beach to your home (oh, and in your car). Sand Cloud towels are made of 100% Turkish Cotton and it’s quite easy to keep them in shape.

It’s recommended to wash them by hand and hang them to dry, but it’s okay if you toss them into the washer on a delicate or gentle setting with cold water.

Just make sure not to use any fabric softeners or bleach.

Sand Cloud Cons

I did my best to find some juicy cons but there simply weren’t any. Okay, it’s a premium brand so is the price tag, but that’s not a con.

The only thing I could find is that consumers don’t like the fact that some towels (mostly the tie-dyed ones) bleed in the first couple of washes. Again, that’s due to the dying technique and that’s what makes Wanderlust so amazing.

Is Sand Cloud Worth It?

Sand Cloud towels are unique. They are amazingly designed with so many different themes, styles, and techniques.

They are made of high-quality materials such as Turkish organic cotton. They are soft and durable. Not to mention the sand-resistant and quick-dry feature.

Based on the consumer reviews, they love the fact that the towels are huge, yet they fit in their beach bag. They dry 3x faster than normal towels, and they’re not filling your car seats with sand.

It’s definitely worth it if you ask me.

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