Rimowa Vs Away — Which Luggage Is Better?

Luggage has definitely become a status symbol. One of those are Rimova & Away and if you’re a frequent traveler it doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re on Southwest Airlines or private jet, the thing you’re strolling by your side is what matters.

However, there are brands that simply don’t match the phrase “best value for money.”

Thankfully, there aren’t many of those, but if you’re planning to spend a significant amount of money on a high-quality suitcase, you’d want to know absolutely everything about it.

Today, I’m going to compare two, perhaps most in-demand, luggage brands – Rimowa and Away.

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Rimowa vs Away – About

Both Rimowa and Away are premium brands, and you can often see celebrities carrying one of those suitcases. It’s not marketing or promotion, it just tells us how amazing the suitcases are.

Rimowa has a long history and they’ve always done their best to stay ahead of the competition. They’ve made a groundbreaking invention by making polycarbonate suitcases.

Even though Away is a newcomer in the luggage industry it rose to the top at the speed of light. Consumers are thrilled with the lightweight yet modern-looking suitcases and attractive price tags.

Rimowa vs Away Table Comparison

Rimowa vs Away: Which Luggage
Meets Your Needs
SampleEssential Lite Cabin SThe Carry On
Weight4.6 lbs7.1 lbs
Dimensions 21.7″ x 15.8″ x 7.9″ 21.7″ x 13.7″ x 9″
Capacity33.3 L39.8 L
FeaturesExtremely lightweight   Leather luggage tag and sticker set.

Zipped mesh divider   Scratch and scuff-resistant   TSA-approved lock   Multiwheel System   T-bar telescoping handle    
Durable polycarbonate hard shell.

Leather details, including a black leather luggage tag.

TSA-approved combination lock for extra safety.

360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride.

Interior compression system to help pack more in.

Hidden laundry bag to keep dirty clothing separate.
SecurityTSA-approved lockTSA-approved lock
Colors Black Gloss, Green Gloss
Black, Navy, Coast, Green, Asphalt, Petal, White, Sand, Lavender
ShippingFree UPS Ground for all orders over $300 to everywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.   There is also UPS Next Day Air for a flat fee of $50.FREE UPS Ground on all orders shipping to the contiguous US.
But there are a few faster options too:  

Suitcases and Bags (per unit)   UPS Ground to the contiguous

US: free!

UPS Ground to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico: $25 Faster: $35 Fastest: $50   Accessories (per order, if purchased without a suitcase or bag)  

UPS Ground to the contiguous

US: free! UPS Ground to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico: $15 Faster: $15 Fastest: $20  
Return policyFree returns within 30 days on most products and 14 days on limited-edition productsFree returns within 100 days of purchase
Warranty5-year manufacturer’s guarantee when registering online.A limited LIFETIME warranty that covers any damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers etc.

Based on the table you realize that both Rimowa and Away have outstanding products that are quite similar yet different.

Let’s analyze each of their carry-on suitcases in detail to find out more about the ideal carry-on luggage for you.

Rimowa Essential Lite Cabin S Review

Essential Lite Cabin S is Rimowa’s lightest suitcase ever, weighing 30% less than the Rimowa Essential suitcases.

It will fit into any overhead compartment including international flights and jumper planes.

As I’ve mentioned, Rimowa has made a breakthrough discovery with its polycarbonate suitcases. Cabin S is an example of how amazing polycarbonate is – ultra-lightweight and durable.

But, don’t worry, Rimowa doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability for the sake of being lightweight.

Cabin S suitcase features a high-end system of ball-bearing wheels with cushioned axles for stable and effortless steering.

There’s also a T-bar telescopic handle, a TSA-approved lock, and KK metal zippers.

Speaking of the design, I think that Essential Lite’s elegant lines and shiny finish are much better compared to famous aluminum-designed suitcases.

On the other hand, you may notice that Cabin S has no premium features, such as a USB power bank and a laundry bag, and some details are made of plastic instead of leather (that is to be expected when the main goal is to be as light as possible).


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • A TSA-Approved Lock
  • Scratch – and Scuff – Resistant


  • No Additional Features Such as a USB Pocket or Laundry Bag
  • Details are Made of Plastic Instead of Leather

Away The Carry-On Review

Away has decided to implement Rimowa’s invention – The Carry-On is a suitcase made of polycarbonate. It’s durable and lightweight, able to withstand any journey. Also, it perfectly fits the overhead bin of most airline carriers and it’s great for train and car trips.

Besides its durable hard-shell case, The Carry-On 360-degree spinner wheels for maximum maneuverability.

The Carry-On is not just lightweight and durable. It also has additional features such as a waterproof laundry bag and for an additional $20 you’ll get a USB power bank built-in.

A waterproof laundry bag is quite self-explanatory, however, the USB ejectable charger is definitely something consumers love about Away.

First of all, it’s TSA-approved and it can charge all kinds of devices 4 times before it needs to be charged. The only downside is that the charger itself needs 8 hours to fully charge, therefore you might want to leave it charging overnight before the trip.

The next two things that definitely set Away suitcases are 100-day and a limited lifetime warranty.

After purchasing The Carry-On you have 100 days to try it on and request a full refund. Also, the company covers damages to the shell, zippers, handles, wheels, and other functional elements of the suitcase… FOREVER.

The final touch is a personalized leather tag you can customize the way you want, however, please note that a 100-day trial doesn’t apply for personalized products as those items are unreturnable.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Waterproof Laundry Bag
  • USB Charger
  • 100-Day Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • A TSA-Approved Lock


  • Not as Durable as Soft-Sided Luggage

Away Vs Rimowa Head-to-Head Comparison

You’ve just realized why Rimowa and Away are premium brands, popular worldwide. Now let’s compare the two brands, head to head in different categories to see who is the overall winner.

So far, we know that both brands make premium suitcases that are durable, and made of high-quality materials.


Away is a relatively young brand since it was founded a few years ago (in 2015), while Rimowa is founded over 100 years ago (in 1898).

Since they have been ruling the market for so long, it doesn’t surprise that they have a huge collection of suitcases and bags.

For example, Away has a total of 15 different suitcases to offer while just Rimowa’s Original collection has 14 suitcases (besides Original there are Classic, Essential, Essential Lite, Essential Sleeve, Hybrid, and Never Still collections).

Amazing, right?

The winner is, clearly, Rimowa.


Both Away and Rimowa make suitcases with premium features – an outstanding wheel system, dividers, TSA-approved locks, high-quality shells, telescopic handles, etc.

However, Away decided to go one step further.

If you want to buy a hardshell carry-on suitcase, you can choose whether you want an external power bank included with the purchase.

This is such a juicy feature. It can charge your smartphone four times before it needs to be charged.

Because of this juicy feature, the winner is Away.


All Rimowa products have a 5-year warranty if you register online. However, if you forget to register online the warranty of the products you bought will expire after 2 years.

This wasn’t the case before.
Rimowa had a way better warranty policy a few years ago, but after it changed the owner the policy changed as well.

Away treats its customers with a 100-day trial period. After that comes a limited lifetime warranty.

Yes, you’ve read it well.

Away pledges to repair or replace any damaged parts of your suitcase.

Away wins this one.


Rimowa’s suitcases are pretty similar. All of them. They are mostly made of aluminum or polycarbonate and there aren’t a lot of color options (even the carry-on we mentioned in this review has only two color options).

On the other hand, all the Away suitcases are sleek and stylish and come in various colors. As the younger company with more fresh design ideas, it’s not surprising that Away has more modern-looking suitcases than the long-running luxury brand Rimowa.

You can easily find thousands of photos of Instagram influencers and millennials posing with the Away Carry-On. You’ve probably noticed some favorites on social media.


Rimowa Vs Away: Final Thoughts

Rimowa is a living legend. A brand that has ruled the luggage industry for over a century. Their minimalistic approach and distinctive grooves are worldwide famous.

Don’t forget that Rimowa actually invented polycarbonate suitcases that are extremely lightweight and durable.

Then, there’s Away. Female-backed startup founded in 2015, over 100 years after Rimowa. Fresh ideas, design, and polycarbonate suitcases rose Away to worldwide fame.

Even though Rimowa has a huge selection of suitcases, Away’s suitcases are well-designed and they come with more handy features such as a USB power bank.

Also, Away offers a 100-day trial compared to the 30-day trial Rimowa gives. Next, Rimowa suitcases come with only a 5-year warranty, while Away suitcases have a limited lifetime warranty.

Based on everything you’ve read in this review, I suppose you’ll agree with me.

Away did a hell of a job, and that’s why this female-led company wins this one.

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