Rhone vs Lululemon: Which Active Sportswear Is Best For You?

Choosing the proper workout wear is not an easy task. Using the latest technology, dozens of brands are competing in making the perfect workout and fitness wear.

Back in days, people used to shop for comfort and convenience. Today, people want high-quality, stylish wear to fulfill their gym experience.

Rhone and Lululemon have done an impressive job making a wide selection of athletic garments for men (and women in Lululemon’s case) at affordable prices.

But how to choose the right one for yourself? What makes them similar and what are some key differences between Rhone and Lululemon? Let’s find out!

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Table Comparison: Rhone vs Lululemon

Rhone vs Lululemon: Active Sportswear
Target AudienceMenMen and Women
International shippingYesOnly US and Canada
ShippingFree on orders over $100Free
ReturnsIf the product is unworn, unwashed, with the original tags still attached, you can return it within 45 days.If the product is unworn, unwashed, with the original tags still attached, you can return it within 30 days.
Price tag$$$$$$$$

Rhone Review

Rhone was founded in 2014. Inspired by the beauty of the European river Rhone, the founders decided to transfer that beauty to sportswear.

The company makes high-quality sportswear and activewear. The fabric in each product is infused with high-performance technology that increases moisture-wicking, air flow, heat retention, and odor control.

Rhone Products Won’t let you down

No wonder Rhone became so popular after just a year in business.

Rhone’s focus is on men only, therefore the offer is limited to products men usually use – shirts, shorts, pants, socks, bags, swimwear, hoodies, and outerwear.

Also, the company offers more formal work leisure clothing.

Rhone’s Top Pick (Editor’s Choice) – Reign Short Sleeve Tee

Rhone’s Reign Short Sleeve Tee is both comfortable and functional whether you’re working out or running. If you’re using it for running, you’ll love the soft, moisture-wicking nylon material. On the other hand, if you’re using it while working out, you don’t have to worry about movement restrictions. Raglan-style sleeves provide a full range of movement.

Rhone Reign Short Sleeve Tee

Just keep in mind to check the size chart before buying since the shirt tends to be a bit smaller than the similar-type shirts of other brands.

Also, the Reign comes in seven different colors as well as a long-sleeve option.


  • Variety of sportswear and active wear for men
  • High-quality products
  • Versatile
  • Highly positive reviews online
  • Eco-responsible brand
  • Free Shipping


  • No women’s products

Lululemon Review

Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada by Chip Wilson more than two decades ago (in 1998).

Chip’s vision is to make high-quality sportswear for both men and women and to bring them together.

Lululemon High Quality Sportswear

Lululemon doesn’t just represent a sportswear store, it’s a community hub where everyone can learn about yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and healthy living.

The three pillars, Be Human, Be Well, and Be Planet, clearly represent the company’s vision – they are focused on creating environments that are equitable, inclusive, and foster growth.

Also, by setting various goals they minimize environmental harm and give their share in restoring a healthy planet.

Speaking of its products, even though some customers complain they are too expensive, we both know that quality determines the price. Lululemon products, according to customers, last forever! Some of them have been using them for 10 years in extreme trekking events, running through crowded, humid streets, and in gyms and they weren’t missing a stitch.

Lululemon’s Top Pick – Energy Bra

The Energy Bra is an all-time favorite. Women wear it during pregnancy, extreme workouts, and running. That’s how versatile it is!

Lululemon – The Energy Bra

It is a support bra for B to D cup sizes and besides being supportive it’s insanely comfortable thanks to the Luxtreme™ fabric.

Thanks to the cute strappy back, you won’t feel uncomfortable and you can forget the unbearable tightness.

The Energy Bra consumers say that they enjoy wearing it throughout the day, even after a workout.

Speaking of sizing, most women find Lululemon bra sizing quite confusing, therefore you should probably check the size chart before ordering.


  • High-quality products
  • Products for both men and women
  • Ethical and sustainable approach
  • Lululemon cares a lot about its employees
  • Versatile products
  • Free Shipping


  • Some number of negative reviews

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Now let’s compare the two brands in different categories. After this, you’ll have a clear picture of which brand is the best for you.

Which Is Better? – Rhone vs Lululemon


Rhone’s goal is to create versatile performance-driven clothing. That’s why they came up with five different premium fabrics to match every aspect of your active life whether it’s a tough commute or an intensive workout.

Reign, HITF, Flex-Knit™, Cloudblend, and Delta™ Pique are the foundation of every single product with a Rhone tag.

For example, HITF (High Intensity Training Fabric) is a part of the Rhone shorts collection and they are made for high-intensity movements but versatile enough for everyday wear.

On the other hand, Flex-Knit™ features four-way stretch and endless breathability, making it perfect for work, errands, or date night.

Lululemon uses sustainable and recyclable materials to make its products. The company has set goals that will help restore our planet, such as launching alternative nylon solutions and sourcing 100% of cotton from more sustainable sources by 2025.

Speaking of signature fabrics, Lululemon has developed the ultimate technical performance fabric designed for high-intensity workouts – Everlux™ knits Lycra®. This fabric contains wicking yarns that pull sweat away from the body and help it evaporate.


Rhone has launched Responsible Rhone and instead of focusing on sustainability, the company focuses on responsibility to create a positive impact on our globe.

Rhone uses sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, merino wool, and modal.

As of July of 2021, the company began using recycled nylon mailers made from ocean-bound plastic trash.

Lululemon working toward carbon-neutral future

Lululemon has introduced Impact Agenda, the foundation of their approach. It includes three pillars that address the interconnection of Lululemon products, people, and the planet.

Speaking of the third one, the planet, some of the goals include reducing single-use plastic packaging by at least 50% per unit by 2025, making 100% of the products with sustainable materials, and sourcing 100% renewable electricity.

The Verdict: Which Active Sportswear Is Better? Rhone vs Lululemon

Even though this can’t be considered a con but having a huge variety of products for both men and women certainly is a plus for Lululemon.

Some of their best-selling products are joggers, leggings, sports bras, and shorts.

Consumers love soft materials and they claim that Lululemon products are extremely durable.

The favorites?

The Energy Bra and Fast and Free High-Rise Tight. These products are super comfortable, versatile, and practical. The leggings have a handy pocket to slip your phone into it while exercising, and they are high-waisted.

Rhone makes products for men only, and they do an excellent job. The apparel is made with high-quality fabrics combined with new technology giving a sleek finish.

There are numerous positive reviews on Rhone’s products online. The customers love Commuter Pants as they are “great for work, travel and even weekends…they seem like they are going to last.”

Also, there are a lot of positive reviews on Rhones’s Reign Sleeve Tee. Consumers love the soft, moisture-wicking nylon material. Also, the shirt provides a full range of movement while exercising.

The bottom line is that both brands make exceptional, high-quality clothes, and you won’t make a mistake whichever brand you pick…

But… I find customer reviews extremely important, and Lululemon has, for some reason, some negative reviews, while Rhones has a bunch of positive ones, therefore, the winner of this one is Rhone.

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