Purple Carrot vs Green Chef vs Hungryroot: Best Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services have been quite the unknown-land for me. But as time goes on, and our lives get busier and busier, they just make sense. Not everyone exercises that much of free time to dedicate for prepping and cooking.

That’s exactly the problem that, Purple Carrot, Green Chef, and Hungryroot solve. Now, it’s not like you’re getting pre-made meals delivery straight to the door, you do have to do some cooking.

But cooking isn’t the real time-consumer, it’s prepping and shopping. We’ll go in-depth about how these work in a second, but all of this is to say that they make sense, since you get all of the ingredients you need measured beforehand, and simple instructions to guide you through the cooking process.

You can also find a comparison table below, where we go over the most important differences and similarities between the three.

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How Do Purple Carrot VS Green Chef VS Hungryroot Work?

Hungryroot’s Groceries Shopping

Quite an interesting concept, I must say.

We already touched on some of the fine details of what makes these three tick, so let’s recap. They’re not cooked food delivery services, they’re ‘ready-to-cook’ packages with pre-measured ingredients, and simple instructions.

Mostly, they work like a subscription, where you can select how many people will enjoy the meal, and how many servings. Then, depending on the company, you can adjust the frequency of the subscription.

All three share their recipes on their official websites, and you can see what you’re getting, and how it would look like when cooked. In addition, most of them share calorie count, cook time, and ingredients. Pretty neat.

With these three you can find all sorts of meals like vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, etc. Although, Purple Carrot is the only, only-vegan option, whereas the others aren’t.

In-Depth Comparison – Purple Carrot VS Green Chef VS Hungryroot

We wanted to break these three companies as early as possible, and then go in-depth about each one. So, we did a comparison table, comparing each brand on some of the most important variables when it comes to meal delivery services.

With that said, here is the in-depth comparison of Purple Carrot, Green Chef, and Hungryroot:

Meal Delivery Comparison
Purple Carrot VS Green Chef VS Hungryroot
Cooking Required Yes Yes Yes
Meal Plans Vegan Keto + Paleo
Plant-powered – Vegan
& more.
Meals Available Dinners, Breakfasts, Lunches, & Plantry. Mostly dinners with breakfasts here and there. Breakfasts, Dinners, Lunches, Snacks, & Plantry.
Where Is Delivery Available? In the US, every state except Hawaii & Alaska. In the US, every state except Hawaii, Alaska, & parts of Louisiana. In the US, every state except Hawaii & Alaska.
Price Starts from $72 Starts from $71 Starts from $59
Get your home delivery meals:

What is impressive of course, is the fact that all three deliver in most US states. There are differences in the meals that are available, although for most, this won’t make that much of a difference.

Hungryroot is by far the most impressive when it comes to meal plans available, and we found out why in the Hungryroot review below.

Of course, some cooking will be needed for all three, but they’re still relatively convenient and less time-consuming than going out and getting your own supplies, then searching for a good recipe. All in all, all three seem like they’re very convenient.

Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot Home-Cooked Course

Purple Carrot, as we mentioned before, is the only one that’s solely vegan. As a consequence, it is the most well-known VEGAN option as a meal delivery service.

I can see what all of the fuss is about with Purple Carrot, and there is a lot of fuss, as everything is laid out beautifully with Purple Carrot. The reason why so many ignore these food delivery services is because they’re often misunderstood, and it’s overwhelming learning how to get your first meal to your door. That’s not the case with Purple Carrot though.

Props to them having the best shopping experience from all three, where all the foods, cook time, ingredients, dietary needs, and other aspects are well presented.

It’s simple choosing your plan as well. You just hit ‘Get Recipes Delivered’ and you’re taken to another page, where you can adjust frequency of meals per week, and a two or four-serving plan. There is a catch coming up though.

Lack of options. That’s a big thing with Purple Carrot. Of course, the menu seems to change every week, but while that might be a good thing for some, for others it isn’t. For example, most of the time, I find something that I like, I will most definitely stick with it for a couple of months.

Surely, I won’t eat it every day, but you know what I’m getting at? We all have a favorite food, and if the menu changes each week, then, I’m afraid you have to adjust with it. All in all though, a great vegan option nonetheless, if you don’t have an issue with missing on some of your favorite foods weekly.

We think these pros and cons are representative of what you might be getting with Purple Carrot:


  • Vegan-only (this can be both a pro and a con at the same time)
  • Best shopping experience
  • Find out a lot of information about a certain meal, before your commitment
  • Most dietary needs covered
  • Very good vegan recipes


  • Instructions can be better
  • Lack of options

Green Chef Review

Green Chef Meal Delivery

I was under the impression that Green Chef was also another vegan-only option, with it being all ‘green’, but it isn’t. However, it is nice to have the additional options, especially if you’re not up for that vegan lifestyle, which is quite alright.

Straight out of the gate, the first thing I noticed was that you can view the recipes for the following two weeks. I love this, because you can browse and see what’s up for the following weeks, then you can adjust if you don’t like the available recipes for the following week.

With Green Chef, you can select recipes for Keto + Paleo, balanced living, or plant-powered, which is the vegan option of the three.

The recipes aren’t divided into breakfast, dinner, snack, etc., like they’re with Purple Carrot, but hey, I am someone who can eat dinner foods in the morning as well, and I’m sure others do that as well.

However, if that’s not the case with you, it appears that Green Chef focuses more on dinner rather than breakfast or lunch. So, that might be a big drawback for most. I would say that Green Chef is the best if you’re on a Keto and Paleo diet, or you prefer a balanced diet.

Of course, the vegan options are adequate as well, but you might be better off going with something like Purple Carrot, which specializes in plant-based meals.

There are both positives and negatives with Green Chef. For clarity’s sake, let’s go over them like we did for Purple Carrot:


  • Keto + Paleo meals available
  • Great recipes for balanced diet
  • You can check recipes for the following two weeks
  • You can adjust a box to two, four, or six people
  • Three or four meals per week


  • Not as good as Purple Carrot for vegan recipes
  • Shopping experience is poor

Hungryroot Review

Hungryroot Home Meal Delivery

Hungryroot is, well, a bit unusual. While it works in somewhat a similar nature, where you get ingredients and recipes, the whole process seems to circle around the ingredients, or ‘groceries’ as Hungryroot calls them.

I’m guessing it is some sort of a marketing decision to go like that in order to differentiate them from other meal delivery services, and I’m guessing most likely, to see how that performs. I’m grasping at straws here, but the point is, it is not much different than the other two in terms of how it works.

There are some benefits to Hungryroot though. If there was a lack of options, somewhat, with the other two, Hungryroot has an abundance of options, probably enough to make up for the lack of recipes from the other two.

Basically, like with the other two, you have the option to take a quiz and answer some questions, with which you will get recommendations for groceries. Those groceries will be delivered to you, along with a lot of recipes you can make up from them. It is an interesting concept.

It doesn’t have weeks for which some recipes are available, but rather, you have the access to more than three-thousand chef-curated recipes under your fingertips. That is, only if you have the right ingredients for it.

I would say it makes the most sense for if you don’t want to shop for groceries, as you will have both groceries and access to a lot of recipes. If you want to repurpose the groceries, you can.

Here are the pros and cons with Hungryroot:


  • No weekly available recipes. 3,000 recipes readily available
  • Get groceries
  • Quite a lot of choices
  • Adequate shopping experience
  • Most dietary needs available


  • Not as convenient
  • It’s not really a ‘simple’ solution like the other two

Do Purple Carrot, Green Chef & Hungryroot Save You Money?

I was surprised to find out that in some cases yes. Usually, these options promise a lot of saving potential, but in actuality it’s not like that. However, these three are surprising with how affordable they’re, which in some cases means that you save quite a bit.

But we’re strictly speaking in some cases, whereas in others, there is little to no difference, and sometimes you might overpay.

The whole package though, is pretty bang-for-the-buck, so speaking in terms of the overall package you get, it is pretty affordable. And of course, you can do the same recipes for a lot less, but you will have to cheap out on some of the ingredients, which means lower quality than the ones from these three companies.

So, optimally you might save a bit of money here and there, but even if you didn’t, I would still recommend the three, as they’re very convenient.

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Indeed, there are some minor differences with each one here and there, but in all honesty, all three- Purple Carrot, Green Chef, and Hungryroot follow the same model, where there is a weekly meal subscription.

We know that the biggest differences are the meal types they offer, and they will be a determining factor for which one is the best tailored for you. So, let’s see which one that is, in the following head-to-head matchups!

Which One Is Better For You? – Purple Carrot VS Green Chef

Green Chef Meal

Continuing the whole theme of this review, between these two, it comes down to whether you are looking for the superior vegan meal delivery service or you want to explore more options.

As you might’ve gathered, Purple Carrot is the only one in this list that is vegan-only, whereas Green Chef does some keto, paleo, balanced, and vegan meal plans. With all that said, we recommend going with Purple Carrot if you’re looking for the best vegan option, but if you want more choices, then go with Green Chef.

Tailored For You? – Purple Carrot VS Hungryroot

Purple Carrot Meal

It is more or less the same case with these two as well. Although, we do have to point out that Hungryroot can, in some cases, be more affordable, and yet it has so much more meal options and recipes to choose from.

So, even if you’re living a vegan lifestyle, it might be a good idea to go with Hungryroot. There are more recipes readily available, whereas Purple Carrot changes menus every week.

If you’re relatively new to cooking though, then it might make sense to stick with Purple Carrot. Reason being, is the fact that you don’t really get overwhelmed with choices, like we saw with Hungryroot. That’s only, if you’re relatively new to the cooking space.

Also, with the additional choices from Hungryroot, you have the ability to get different meals, and possibly non-vegan options for other family members which haven’t adopted that lifestyle.

All of this is to say that, depending on what you’re looking for, there are pros and cons to both.

What Is Better? – Green Chef VS Hungryroot

Hungryroot Meal

I would say that the best overall choice for a balanced diet, or a keto or paleo diet is probably Green Chef. In fact, that is why Green Chef gained such a big following, by focusing on those three diet plans.

In this matchup, I will say this: For someone like me, who lives alone, I would much rather prefer Green Chef. I have sufficient tasty recipes given to me weekly, and I can stick to one diet at a time. However, for those with families and children, definitely go with Hungryroot.

There are more recipes and more meal plans, so the chances of finding something which will be liked by all the family members is higher. With Green Chef, unfortunately, you are stuck with only a couple of options per week. And there is a big chance that there is something which most would object to eating.

The Verdict: Which Is The Best Meal Delivery Service? – Purple Carrot VS Green Chef VS Hungryroot

For most of the people in this day and age, where our schedules can get hectic, these three just make sense. And even if you do enjoy grocery shopping and cooking, these two can give you a pleasurable experience with that as well.

While all are very tasty, there are reasons why one would make sense more than the other in some situations.

Firstly, let’s start with Hungryroot. The best one if you’re trying to get a quick meal on the table, for a couple of family members. With the abundance of choices, there is always something to be found which everyone can enjoy.

The second one, Green Chef, is for those that want to stick to a particular regime, whether it be a balanced and healthy diet or a keto or paleo diet. Choices are limited, but you can stick with one diet plan for longer, and the meals, woah, very tasty.

And lastly, the most superior option in this list, is definitely Purple Carrot. In terms of plant-based meals, it doesn’t get any better or richer in flavor than Purple Carrot.

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