Pupbox vs Barkbox vs Chewy: Best Subscription Boxes For Dogs

Subscription boxes aren’t a new thing really, but as more and more brands start to create subscription boxes, you do come across some which are unique and relatively interesting. Such as this, Pupbox, Barkbox, and Chewy, are all subscription boxes tailored to your dog.

Getting the proper toys, training materials, and treats, each month separately, can get pretty expensive. And not to mention that regular runs to the pet store might be time-consuming for some.

Well, this is where these three brands come in. With Pupbox, Barkbox and Chewy, customers can put their acquisition of pet supplies on autopilot, and treat their pet right.

Choosing between these three different little bundle of fun boxes might be daunting, especially with how different their offerings are. Read on to find out which is tailored for your pup, and see the in-depth comparison we did of them, side-by-side.

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Are These Worthy For Your Pet? – Pupbox VS Barkbox VS Chewy

This is the question that most are interested in especially when they’re thinking of getting a subscription box for their puppy. Things like whether the toys hold up, are the treats healthy, are the training materials high-quality, are all questions for which we’re all looking for answers to.

But interestingly enough, while many subscription boxes out there are subpar, that is not the case with these three.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Chewy doesn’t offer any subscription boxes at the time of writing, although, they have Goody Boxes which can be acquired with a one-time purchase, any time you choose to do so.

Sure, there have been cases of the toys not holding up great, and some other deficiencies, but most of the time, these boxes are a great way to treat your puppy right!

Which Is Best For Your Doggo? – Pupbox VS Barkbox VS Chewy – In-Depth Comparsion

Just how different are these three brands? Surely, they must be very different, especially in a much more practical sense.

Well, we compared them on multiple variables, variables which might determine which will be tailored most for your pet and yourself. What follows is an in-depth comparison of Pupbox, Barkbox, and Chewy:

Comparison Pupbox VS Barkbox VS Chewy
Subscription available? Yes Yes No
Prices $29 – $39 – Use code “MSA60” to get 60% off on the 3, 6, or 12-month plans! $23 – $35 – Get a free EXTRA month by signing up for the 6 or 12-month plan! $23.74 – $51.64
What’s Included? Training instructions based on age
5 – 7 goodies
Bag of treats
Two bags of treats
Two toys
One chew
5 – 6 toys
Shipping Free in the US
$5 to Canada
Free in the US Free shipping on orders above $49, otherwise shipping is a flat rate of $4.95
Available Plans 1-month plan
3-month plan
6-month plan
12-month plan
1-month plan
6-month plan
12-month plan
Return Policy No returns, refunds, or partial refunds available. No free returns or exchanges, or any type of refunds. Complete refunds and returns available within 365 days of sale date.
Get your doggo a mystery box:

Depending on the type of plan you get, pricing varies for both Pupbox and Barkbox. As for Chewy, there are no plans available, since there isn’t a subscription available for their line-up of dog boxes called Goody Boxes.

But in terms of what’s included in the package, there is not much difference between the three, except that Pupbox also provides training instructions for puppies.

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Pupbox Review

Pupbox is very interesting. While it has good quality chews, toys, treats, and grooming products, the only issue with it is that they only offer subscription boxes for puppies, or at least that was the case back in the day.

Now, with Pupbox you can get subscription boxes which are not age-specific, and are geared towards adult dogs as well. But there have been a few complaints that the adult boxes aren’t as complete as the pup boxes.

Whatever the case may be, Pupbox is very personalized. How it works is: customers create a profile for their dog with age, size, coat type, and based on that, you will get items which are tailored to your dog based on the variables you have inputted.

So, when it comes down to how personalized it is compared to other services on the market, Pupbox is one of the best of the best. But is it enough to beat Barkbox? We’ll get into that later on.

On average, your pup will get anywhere from four to seven items in the Pupbox, with a chance for a surprise item each month. On a side note, the items are allergy-free.

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But what are the pros and cons of Pupbox? Here’s a list of the positives and negatives things about Pupbox:


  • Personalized experience
  • Easy to setup
  • Great for puppies
  • Allergy-free
  • Training guides included each month


  • Geared towards puppies only more
  • If cancelled on a long-term plan, customers will get billed for the rest of the plan’s duration and still receive the remaining boxes

Barkbox Review

Compared to Pupbox, Barkbox is also quite a personalized experience, but unlike Pupbox, which is specifically tailored to puppies, with this brand, all dog sizes are covered.

So, some of the big doggos out there, can rest assured that Barkbox has them covered.

You start by answering a couple of general questions about your dog like size (see here) and other things, from which they hand-pick what type of stuff your doggo gets. Reading some of the customer testimonials, it seems like that Barkbox doesn’t hold back on quality.

Each of the toys are relative to the quality you might find at a premium pet store. Also, Barkbox is allergy-free, free from any soy, corn, or wheat. (Tramadol) However, if your dog is allergic to beef, turkey, or chicken, Barkbox can make sure not to send any products containing the before-mentioned products.

Additionally, seems like Barkbox’s toys are pretty durable. The common theme in some of the testimonials was that even the strongest of chewers couldn’t destroy them.

For the value of the toys, accessories, chewers, treats, and other stuff you get, Barkbox is really affordable, might even prove to be cost-saving on the long-run, if you’re used to running to the pet shop often!

Barkbox seems like a great choice, so what are some of the cons that come with it? The following is a list of the pros and cons for Barkbox:


  • Unbelievably cost-effective
  • Allergy-free
  • Impeccable quality and durability
  • Hundreds of themed boxes
  • Great for small and big dogs


  • Some chewers only have one hole
  • Shopping experience isn’t as seamless as Pupbox

Chewy Review

We mentioned before that Chewy doesn’t have any subscription boxes as of this moment, now, that might change in the future, but Chewy still offers boxes filled with goodies for your best friend!

On the surface, these so called “Goody Boxes”, seem to be pricier than the others, but there is a good reason for that. They come with more items inside, especially more treats, toys, and accessories. Each box is tailor-made, which means each box is unique.

Chewy is by far the most well-renowned brand in this comparison, and you can look at it as a marketplace for all of your pet supply needs. Unlike the other two, Chewy also has products for cats, fish, birds, reptiles, farm animals, and more.

So, if you have a doggo and some other pets that you care for, Chewy might be a way to finally stop your pet supply runs, especially if that is an errand which is time-consuming for you.

On the topic of the Goody Boxes though, they’re similar to Barkbox in terms of quality and durability.

Plus, to have the ability to do one-time purchases instead of opting-in for subscription if that is not your forte. If you’re considering Chewy, then consider also the following pros and cons:


  • One-time purchases available
  • Unique goody boxes
  • Durable and high-quality toys
  • Marketplace for all kinds of pet supplies
  • Hundreds of products available


  • No subscription available at the moment
  • Not as much anticipation as other subscription boxes

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Since we’ve already mentioned most of the things you should consider if you have chosen one of these three brands, let’s dive deeper to see which will be the most tailored for your dog.

To do this, we placed each of the three brands against each other. What follows is a head-to-head comparison of each, and each matchup will be covered.

Pupbox or Barkbox?

Between these two, it comes down to what you’re looking for. While Pupbox may offer adult boxes now, they really shine in puppy boxes. There have been a substantial amount of mixed reviews about the adult boxes.

As for Barkbox it is a complete package. Whether your doggo is still a puppy or has some experience under the belt, Barkbox is the best choice.

On top of providing some of the most durable and high-quality toys and treats, it is the more affordable choice as well. In this case, Barkbox seems like it is the much better choice.

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Pupbox VS Chewy – Which Is Better?

While Chewy doesn’t have any subscription service, the extra step of doing one-time purchases each month isn’t that inconvenient. However, if you’re looking for a subscription only, then in this case you won’t find it at Chewy.

But in terms of what you get, for which price, Chewy seems to be the most bang for the buck choice in this matchup. The only thing that Pupbox has better than Chewy is ease of shopping.

The whole experience is seamless, but is this enough for it to challenge some of the things which Chewy does better than Pupbox? It comes down to what you prefer, but it does seem like Chewy might be a better overall choice.

Barkbox VS Chewy? – Best For The Doggo

While the other two matchups might’ve been straightforward, that is not the case here.

In fact, it is quite difficult to distinguish which one is better for your dog, simply because of the overlapping similarities that the two brands have. Not in terms of practicality and convenience, but in terms of quality and durability, which both seem to have nailed.

In the boxes there are so many goodies, but we must say that the anticipation is much higher when getting a Barkbox. The overall service makes more sense, meaning getting a mystery box each month makes more sense than doing one-time purchases each month, simply due to the similarities of packages.

One thing to mention which is well-done with Barkbox, is the themed boxes. Each month there is a different theme, and it is fun to see your doggo with different themed stuff each month.

The Verdict: Best Subscription Boxes For Your Dog – Pupbox VS Barkbox VS Chewy

We can confidently say that in terms of subscription boxes for your dog, it doesn’t get any better than these three. But of course, some of them might not be tailored to your dog.

We can confidently say that in terms of subscription boxes for your dog, it doesn’t get any better than these three. But of course, some of them might not be tailored to your dog.

Barkbox is the best subscription mystery box you can get for your dog, no matter the age or size of your best friend. Everything seems to be done just right with this brand.

As for Chewy, it does make sense, especially if you have some other pets you care for, or you want to order everything for your pet online, and eliminate the extra errand of running to the pet shop regularly. This is simply due to the fact of Chewy’s impressive scope of products.

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