Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom — Which Dog Food Is Better?

If you walked in the closest convenience store near you, you will find out that most of the dog food on display is dry food, designed to last long on the shelves. But have you ever wondered on whether there are better and healthier choices out there?

If so, then Ollie, Pet Plate and Nom Nom have you covered. It is a subscription-based wet and fresh food for your dog, which can arrive each time you’re running out of supplies. A neat idea.

Choosing between these three is a nightmare, so we will go deep into reviewing each of them, and also do an in-depth comparison of them, side-by-side. If you’re considering a healthy choice for your dog food, then read on to find out which, whether it be Ollie, Pet Plate or Nom Nom will be the best choice for you.

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How Do Ollie, Pet Plate or Nom Nom Subscriptions Work?

First thing to mention is, that Ollie, Pet Plate and Nom Nom, make it super easy to setup your subscription.

Customers start off by taking a quiz, which is designed to determine the perfect diet for your dog. You should expect questions about: allergies, weight, breed, ideal weight, current diet, age, and more. All of these pinpoint to what your dog exactly needs.

After taking that quiz, customers get a personalized diet plan for their pups. You don’t need to be set in stone about getting that particular subscription, since you can cancel it even after completing the quiz. But you do get a subscription which is specifically tailored to your pup, or in the case of Nom Nom, for your cat as well.

Later on, we will also talk about whether they’re worth it compared to convenience store dog food.

In-Depth Comparison – Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom

To start going deeper into it, we though the best way to do that is to do a comparison with all three, side-to-side. Now, the prices depending on the weight of your dog will be the key aspect here.

However, we will also see other aspects which might make a practical difference. Here’s a side-to-side in-depth comparison of Ollie, Pet Plate and Nom Nom:

Dog Food Comparison
Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom
Protein Options Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb
Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey Pork, Beef, Turkey, and Chicken
Certification AAFCO certified and USDA certified AAFCO certified and USDA certified AAFCO certified and USDA certified
Money-back guarantee Yes, on starter pack Yes, within the first 30 days upon order Yes, within the first 30 days upon order
Can You Cancel Any Time? Yes Yes Yes
Price 15 lbs.: $28.82 – $31.70 a week 55 lbs.: $59.98 – $65.98 a week
95 lbs.: $96.04 – $105.64 a week
15 lbs.: $29.98 a week
55 lbs.: $64.95 a week
95 lbs.: $89.95 a week
15 lbs.: $32.89 – $39.22 a week
55 lbs.: $47.61 – $66.09 a week
95 lbs.: $63.93 – $92.29 a week
Promo Offers Available? Yes get 60% off your first order below! Yes get 50% off your first order below! Yes get 50% off your first order below!

While they may have some substantial differences, what they offer is along the same lines. For starters, their protein options are all the same. All in all, you’re getting the same package, when it comes to from where the protein has derived from.

One thing which is apparent though, is that these three vary when it comes to prices. Depending on the weight of your pup, you’ll need to pay a different amount, granted for a different amount of food.

This difference should and will play a crucial role in your choice, and will be mentioned a few times later on.

Ollie Review

Ollie is by far the most well-renowned brand when it comes to fresh subscription-based food for your pup.

One thing which is inherently obvious with Ollie is how easy they make it for you to transition your dog to their food. They do so by providing helpful tips and a guide with your first pack, giving you the know-how to gradually change your pup’s diet.

They do put a lot of emphasis on quality. Because of that fact, it might not be that cost-effective to go with Ollie if your dog has a weight over 95lbs. since it can get pretty expensive.

Compared to the other two, it is also the most expensive, but only for the diets that are for bigger doggies. While the first two “weight classes” are pretty affordable, and honestly make more sense than your usual convenience store pet food.

With pre-portioned packets it makes it easy not to over or under feed your pet. You open one packet, and give it to your pet daily. Unfortunately, they do not have the option for pet food like Nom Nom, but still.

When does Ollie make most sense? If you’re currently using dry kibble as your primary source of nutrition for your dog, then Ollie is the easiest fresh food brand to make the transition to. The whole transition process is easy, and you get a lot of information on how to do it.

If you choose Ollie, what are some of the pros and cons you might need to know about? Here’s a list:


  • A lot of helpful information about diets and nutrition
  • High-quality protein
  • Pre-portioned packets
  • Finely chopped & mixed


  • Not cost-effective for bigger pups
  • Not very portable

Pet Plate Review

With Pet Plate is simple. Pet Plate really makes sense if your dog is smaller, or a giant. That is to say that Pet Plate is relatively affordable for smaller and bigger pups.

The quality is on par with Ollie, but since they’re both USDA certified, it is to be expected.

One thing which stands out with Pet Plate is branding. It is really fun and lively, and the different meal types have interesting names like: Barkin’ Beef, Chompin’ Chicken, Tail Waggin’ Turkey and Lip Lickin’ Lamb.

Pet Plate also has treats, which might come in handy if you’re doing your usual daily training with your best friend. Overall, it is not as easy to transition to since there isn’t much helpful information, but nowadays that doesn’t really matter, since you can pretty much have access to a world of information in mere seconds.

Still, a very strong contender to Ollie, and something which can be considered social media material. But aside of that fact, what are some practical things you should consider? Well, these are the pros and cons to going with Pet Plate:


  • Great branding
  • Look cool while your dog eats healthy
  • High quality
  • Good for smaller and bigger doggos
  • Both fine chopped and chunky choices


  • Not that easy to transition to fully

Nom Nom Review

Nom Nom is another case of exceptional branding. But all of that great branding that Nom Nom has can be backed up with quality. In all honesty, Nom Nom’s food looks most delicious and healthy. (Alprazolam)

The keyword here is “looks” as all three are more or less the same quality of food, since they’re all AAFCO certified, which means that the particular food you’re giving your dog is nutritionally balanced, for their particular life stage.

Nom Nom is really cost-effective compared to the other two, especially for medium to bigger dogs.

In addition, with Nom Nom, you also have the option to get healthy food for your cat, if you have one. So, it makes a lot of sense for people that care for both dogs and cats.

There are also two types of treats to choose from if you want treats as well. Overall, the most complete choice, if you’re looking for a long-term supplier for pet food.

On a side note, one thing that is frequently mentioned by customers about Nom Nom is the excellent customer support. When you have questions or need some help about something, Nom Nom’s customer care is here always to assist you. Props to Nom Nom.

But what should you be wary about? For instance, what are some of the positive and negative sides to going with Nom Nom as your primary pet food supplier? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Both cat and dog food available
  • More treats’ choices
  • Cuisine looks tasty and very healthy
  • Excellent for middle-to-larger dogs
  • Responsive customer support


  • Food is chunkier than the other two

Head-to-Head Comparison

If you’re like me, there is a chance that you might want to review your options a bit further, after all, our best friend is entitled to the best food there is.

Well, read on as we put each brand head-to-head to see truly which ones make the most sense for your dog, and which are tailored for you.

Ollie or Pet Plate?

Ollie – Fresh Dog Food

One thing is for certain, both of them make a lot of sense.

However, in this case, there are clear choices. To elaborate further, the first thing you should consider is whether your dog is used to wet and fresh food, as apposed to dry kibble. Why? Ollie makes it super easy for pups to transition to healthier and wetter.

They achieve this by giving clear instructions and a lot of helpful advice on gradually changing your dog’s diet, which are included in the first box.

On the other hand, if your pet is already used to this type of food, then Pet Plate will do the job exceptionally well. Plus, Pet Plate has some treats you can get as well. If you’re looking for treats as well, unfortunately, Ollie doesn’t have them.

Since both of them are personalized diets based on a quiz you take, make sure to see which of them offers the better overall meal plan.

From Ollie & Nom Nom, Which One Should You Pick?

Ollie: Real Dog Food

While Ollie may be the easiest way to transition you pup to healthy foods, Nom Nom is a great option as well.

Firstly, Nom Nom has more options, whether it be food for cats or dogs, something which is missing with Ollie. Customers also have some treats available if they choose to go with Nom Nom. All things considered, Nom Nom is the better overall choice, typically if you’re looking for a long-term pet food supplier, since they have treats, food for cats and dogs also.

Still, Ollie is the most well-renowned brand out there, so with that amount of reach and familiarity, you do get a touch of quality being a tiny bit higher. Again, the ease of transition will be a determining factor here as well.

If you care for both dogs and cats and want to put the food chores on an autopilot, go for Nom Nom. However, if you’re looking for impeccable quality and ease of transition, go with Ollie.

Between Pet Plate & Nom Nom, Which Dog Food To Go With?

PetPlate – Fresh-Cooked Food

With these two, the package you get is similar in many ways. Furthermore, it is the same case as Ollie vs Nom Nom, where an important question has to be answered: Are you looking for a long-term, both cat and dog food supplier, or are you only looking for a food subscription for your dog?

It is already apparent which of them offers what, so we will mention it again, if you’re looking for a healthier diet for your cat as well, consider Nom Nom.

On the other hand, Pet Plate is very interesting with witty and social media material branding. If the case is only trying out alternative sources and healthier diets for your pup only, then Pet Plate seems like the better option.

The Verdict: Ollie, Pet Plate, or Nom Nom for Fresh Dog Food?

While dry kibble might be very convenient and great for on-the-go, is it enough to satisfy your pet’s needs? Ollie, Pet Plater and Nom Nom say no. They offer an alternative meal plan that is healthier and way fresher than the ordinary dry kibble at the store.

What is even better, is the fact that all three personalize and create a meal plan based on multiple factors and questions about your pup. But which is the best one?

If your pup is more used to dry kibble or convenience store “fresh” food, then consider Ollie (Get 60% Off Your First Box Here). By far, they’re the easiest on the stomach, and for gradually adapting your pet to a healthier and different kind of food.

On the other hand, if you have a cat and a dog as well, and want to switch up both of their diets to something healthier, Nom Nom is the only choice, as it offers both types of foods. (Get 50% Off Nom Nom here)

Lastly, consider Pet Plate if you have a bigger pup, and if you something more interesting and witty, as an alternative to Ollie.

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