Nomad Goods Review: Read This Before You Buy!

Traveling with gadgets can be pretty stressful, especially when you’re carrying your iPhone, chargers, AirPods, iPad etc. That’s a lot of valuable things just sitting in your backpack. So naturally, you need to purchase some cases or durable wires in order to prevent any kind of damage to your belongings.

Although there’s a lot of brands out there that offer durable equipment for your gadgets, Nomad Goods shines in this regard, as they specialize in manufacturing and selling products that cater to Apple devices.

So, what makes them special? And should you consider buying anything from them? Read this review to find out before you make any sort of purchase.

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Why Choose Nomad Goods?

Nomad Looking Sleek

Nomad Goods is brand that focuses on creating products designed to help keep your Apple devices safe while you do sports activities.

Founded by Noah Dentzel, Brian Ahn, and Adam Miller in 2012, Nomad Goods strives to ensure that your devices are safe and secure by adding an extra measure of protection with their durable designed products. They also sell charging cables and adapters, both durable enough to avoid being damaged after being dropped.

Nomad Goods Ratings Breakdown


According to customer reviews on Nomad Goods’ website, and this is based off of multiple products for phone case, charging cable, and watch bands, Nomad Goods’ quality is top notch. While serving as a great way to protect your belongings, it’s also fashionable for everyday use.

For the phone case, reviewers have stated that the Modern Leather Case is significantly better than Apple’s very own cases. Sporting a high quality and sleek design without sacrificing the robust material to help ensure the protection of your phone, Nomad Goods is praised for the incredibly beautiful case.

For charging cables, reviewers give nothing but praise for awesomely durable cables. We all know the frustration of charging cables slowly being torn apart with each use, and so does Nomad Goods. Which is why the charging cable was created with Kevlar material. Yes, the same material used in bulletproof vests. So, unless you’re planning on shooting your charging cable, these charging cables are here to stay.

For watch bands, customer reviews are high, and 99% of reviewers would recommend this product to anyone with an Apple Watch. It’s breathable, durable, and is waterproof, so you can use the watch band while doing extreme workouts without worrying about wearing down the watch band.

These are only just three of the variety of products Nomad Goods have in store, but if the customer reviews for these three are high, it’s safe to sure that the quality of the products also extend to those we haven’t covered.


Device accessories, especially the ones that are built for outdoor protection, are very expensive, especially with big name brands. It’s hard to find brands that offer value with the price, but luckily Nomad Goods does.

The quality of the products is superb, so it’s a pleasant surprise that Nomad Goods offers their accessories at such an affordable price, you would think that it might be a scam. But no, the value for these items is great.


Nomad Goods strives to make sure that each customer has a product that is 100% functioning. If they don’t, they go out of their way to assist the customer once they report an issue.

One such instance is when a customer reported that the volume buttons on the leather case is rattling after testing on two units, Nomad Goods sent another case to ensure that the customer gets the product that they paid for without any problems.


Nomad Goods as a brand is superb. They offer top notch quality products, as well as great customer service. Not only that, but Nomad Goods understands the predicament out planet is in, and has partnered with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of their carbon emissions, as well as making sure that they prevent waste when creating their products.

What Are The Products Offered By Nomad Goods?

Never Lose It – Nomad

Nomad Goods offers a lot of products that customers can purchase on their website. Here’s a complete list of what they are so you can find what you need before heading to the website.

Nomad GoodsProducts
iPhone 13 SeriesModern Leather Case
Modern Leather Folio
Sports Case
Leather Skin
Screen Protector
iPhone 12 SeriesModern Leather Case
Modern Leather Folio
Leather Skin
Screen Protector
iPhone 11 SeriesModern Leather Case
Modern Leather Folio
iPhone XS SeriesModern Leather Case
iPad (12.9’ 5th and 4th Gen)Modern Leather Folio
Modern Leather Case
Modern Case
AirPodsModern Leather Case (AirPods Pro)
Modern Leather Case (AirPods 3rd Gen)
Modern Leather Case (AirPods Wireless)
Pixel BudsModern Case
Modern Case (A-Series)
Apple Watch BandsSport Band
Titanium & Steel Bands
Modern Band
Active Waterproof Leather
Rugged Brand
Modern Slim Band
Traditional Band
Check Out Nomad Goods:

The list goes on and on honestly. Expect to find the products we listed above, as well as charging banks, charging stations, MagSafe mounts, adapters, charging cables, and more.

Nomad Goods Reviews

Welcome To The Team – Nomad Welcome Letter

According to customer reviews on Nomad Goods website, the items available for sale are always 4 stars and above. Yes, there are some reviews that rate the products 3 stars or below, but it doesn’t even begin to dent the total reviews of the overall product.

For example, the iPhone 13 Modern Leather Case has a total of 297 reviews, making the total score 4.5. Moving on to the Waterproof Sport Band, with a total of 436 reviews, sporting a 4.9 score. Then the Universal Cable USB-C Kevlar, with 293 reviews, scoring a perfect 5 stars.

While there may be some low scored reviews due to issues with the product, or maybe customers just not liking the product due to personal reasons, it doesn’t change the overall consensus that Nomad Goods is doing pretty well with their products, and the customer reviews are a testament to that.

Nomad Goods Pros & Cons


  • Great products with great value
  • Durable materials
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent customer service


  • Free shipping is only available with orders over $125

Wrapping Up – Is Nomad Goods Really That Good?

Short answer… Yes. What you should expect is a repertoire of premium goods at a much more affordable price, compared to other companies in the same niche.

As for the service and the customer experience, we didn’t really see anything that might give off negative vibes. The whole experience is pleasant, and the welcome letter was a nice touch too.

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