Nadine West vs Stitch Fix: Which Clothing Box Is Best?

Nadine West and Stitch Fix are popular subscription box services that allow you to shop for new clothes without actually shopping. All you have to do is choose your preferences and you’ll receive clothes that match your style every month (or more often).

But which brand offers a better selection of clothes, prices, deals, and subscriptions? In other words, which subscription box service should you choose?

Keep on reading to find out.

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Nadine West vs Stitch Fix Comparison

In this comparison you’ll see some main differences and similarities between Nadine West and Stitch Fix.

Nadine West vs Stitch Fix –
Which Personal Styling Box Is Better?
One-time purchaseNoYes
Delivery options2 – every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks5 – every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month, every other month, every 3 months
Price range of the items$20 – $35$25 – $500
FeeShipping fee $9.98 (credited toward anything you purchase)Styling fee $20 (credited toward anything you purchase)
Personalizes style quizYesYes
Targeted audienceWomenWomen, men, kids
Extra sizesNoYes, plus and petite sizes

Nadine West Review

Nadine West was founded in 2013 by Ben Munoz and Sidney Williams. Their mission is to deliver women’s clothing and accessories to your doorstep, with each item hovering around the $25 mark.

What makes Nadine different is that there aren’t any hidden or subscription fees. All you have to do is to pay for the items you decide to keep and that’s it.

How does it work

First, Nadine West’s website is super convenient, because everything you need is on their homepage. No need to wander around clicking and trying to find the things you need.

Step 1 – The quiz

The styling quiz is super simple and you’ll finish it in no time. Basically, you have to pick your clothing style, what type of jewelry you like to wear, what clothes you typically wear, and what colors you do NOT typically wear (I like this option) and you can add a personal note if you want. After that, there are some classic size options and you can choose the areas you’d like to conceal. Last, you can select delivery intervals (a 2 or 4-week subscription).

Lastly, your card will be charged $9.98 for shipping fees but this amount turns into shopping credit therefore when you pick some clothing items from your box the $9.98 amount gets deducted from the total amount.

Another thing that makes Nadine West different is that there aren’t any shipping and styling fees.

Step 2 – Unboxing!

The pink box is here! After receiving your box, you have 3 days to try out all the things, keep the ones you like, and return the rest using a prepaid shipping label included in the box.

Step 3 – Checkout and Feedback

For the items you decide to keep, Nadine West will conveniently charge your card (if the amount is over $9.98), therefore you don’t have to worry about payment hassles. Also, you will be asked for feedback on every item to curate the box better for you in the future. I strongly recommend taking time and writing detailed feedback because this will help designers prepare clothes that perfectly match your style.

Speaking of the item price range, it goes between $10 and $30 making it perfect for budget-conscious ladies. 

Nadine West Subscription is flexible, which is great! You can cancel, pause, change, or skip a delivery easily through your profile.


  • Budget-friendly clothing
  • Style quiz
  • Shipping fee is credited toward anything you purchase
  • Flexible subscription


  • Some complaints


Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix was founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake. The whole idea was to blend personal styling, high-quality clothes, and AI. Katrina shipped her first “Fix” (a box with clothing items) from her student apartment while attending Harvard.

At first, Stitch Fix was only making boxes for women, but in 2016 they expanded their clothing options to men and kids. Today, the company offers an exclusive shopping experience to millions of people worldwide.

How does it work

Stitch Fix has a similar process to Nadine West. First, you have to take the quiz and by doing so you’ll help AI to learn your preferences. After that, you’ll get matched with one of the hundreds of stylists working for Stitch Fix.

Step 1 – The quiz

You have to complete a style quiz. The quiz is more detailed and there is a part where AI learns your preferences by offering you different clothing options and you can rate each one of them with “Hate it,” “Just Ok,” “Like it,” and “Love it.”

Also, you’ll provide information about your desired budget, size, favorite colors, and other essential information.

Next, it’s time to pick a delivery schedule that suits you. You can subscribe for a regular delivery schedule which means you’ll get your boxes every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every 3 months. Furthermore, you can manually set delivery times.

The great thing about Stitch Fix is that you don’t have to subscribe in order to get your box.

Step 2 – Unboxing!

When your “Fix” arrives you have only 3 days (just like with the Nadine West box) to try it out and decide what to keep. Speaking of returns, your box comes with an invoice and a free prepaid shipping label.

Step 3 – Feedback and checkout

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee. This fee is usually charged about 2 weeks before your Fix delivery date.

The good thing is that your $20 styling fee will be applied as a credit toward any items you decide to keep in your current order. Since you have your own stylist that takes care of your box, you can include feedback on each clothing item. This is a really good thing, I strongly recommend you to do it since it will help your stylist, a lot!

Speaking of the price range, there are clothing items for everyone’s pocket. The prices for men’s and women’s clothes usually vary from $25–$500 while the clothing items for kids start at just $10.


  • Detailed style quiz
  • Huge range of clothing
  • Clothing for men, women, and kids
  • Plus and petite sizes
  • Flexible subscription
  • No subscription required to shop


  • Customers find some items overpriced

Head to Head Comparison

Let’s compare the brands head to head in different areas such as – clothes, shipping, customer reviews, etc.


Nadine West offers stylish and inexpensive clothes and accessories for women only. The price of the items is around $30. They offer small sizes to 3X ones but they do mention that their most popular options are medium and XL. This perhaps means more limited selections in other sizes.

On the other hand, Stitch Fix offers clothing items and accessories for women, men, and kids. On top of that, there’s Stitch Fix Plus for additional sizes and they offer a maternity line. Also, they have a wide range of clothing brands therefore the price of the items varies from $25 to $500. Also, if you get all the items from the box you’ll get 25% off which is quite a significant discount.


Nadine West offers 2 delivery options – you can get your box every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. Also, you can modify, pause, or cancel your subscription by emailing customer support.

Stitch Fix, offers 5 delivery options (every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every 3 months) and the subscription is flexible meaning that you can pause, modify, or cancel it anytime. There’s another great option at Stitch Fix – you can get your box even without a subscription. Just pick the clothes you want, set a delivery date and that’s it. Commitment-free.


Both brands have a small fee they charge upfront – Nadine West charges a $9.98 shipping fee while Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee. The good thing is that both fees are applied as a credit toward any items you decide to keep.

Customer reviews

Since shopping is a super personal thing, it’s no surprise that many customers are not happy with their boxes. This is something all fashion subscription box brands have in common. But let’s have a look at what else customers liked and complain about.

Speaking of Nadine West, customers love pricing the most. They are happy with the boxes and stylish budget-friendly clothes. Some of them have compliments regarding customer service.

Speaking of negative reviews, there are many. Some customers claim that Nadine West is a shady business because they are so difficult to reach to their policies are not transparent. Another customer claims that the prepaid shipping labels are unscannable by USPS. I’ve checked BBB (Better Business Bureau) and I was surprised to see that Nadine West scores 1.8 and the company has over 800 complaints only in the last 12 months. That’s shocking.

Stylist That Get Your Style – Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix has some poor reviews online as well but far fewer complaints. For example, on BBB they have only 20 complaints in the past 12 months. Customers love the brand as well as the communication with their stylists. One customer says that she even mentioned some popular TV characters to describe the style she fancies and her stylists understood her perfectly. Another customer is happy with his first box. He loves the quality of the clothes as well as the style.

Speaking of negative reviews, some customers think that certain clothing items are “ugly and overpriced”. Another unhappy customer claims that his stylist missed his style completely.

The Verdict – Nadine West or Stitch Fix

Based on everything mentioned above, I’d definitely go with Stitch Fix, and here’s why. First of all, Stitch Fix offers clothes for men, women, and kids, while Nadine West offers items only for women.

Next, Stitch Fix carries all sizes even the plus and petite ones. Nadine West is a budget-friendly brand but that makes your options quite limited. Stitch Fix offers a variety of clothing items, from inexpensive ones to worldwide-famous brands.

Even though Nadine West has a flexible subscription and you can choose whether you want your boxes every 2 or 4 weeks, Stitch Fix went even further.

They offer a one-time purchase meaning there’s no need to subscribe in order to get a “Fix.” And if you do subscribe you get to pick among 5 different delivery options.


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