Naadam Cashmere Review: Pros & Cons (2022)

How is it possible that Naadam offers just as premium quality and soft cashmere sweaters as some of the most popular brands out there but keeps the prices relatively affordable and fair for most users? The answer is simple, and you’ll get to hear all about it in this Naadam Cashmere review.

Inside, we’re going to focus on how this premium brand provides such affordable high-quality cashmere sweaters. We’re also going to have a look at their best-sellers, other popular products that they offer, we’ll find out a bit more about the brand’s history and goals, and much more.

So, if you’re interested in learning everything about the Naadam brand before you decide whether you should buy their sweaters, then this Naadam Cashmere review is definitely for you.

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What Is Naadam?

Naadam is a brand that provides high-quality cashmere sweaters made from soft and premium cashmere. Their story is an interesting one that started with the founders Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus and their trip to Mongolia’s Gobi desert.

There, they got the opportunity to cut out the middlemen and focus on becoming a direct-to-consumer brand.

By doing so, they reduce their prices significantly and still maintain premium quality for their cashmere sweaters.

Ratings Breakdown


If we sum up everything we’ve learned in this Naadam Cashmere review, it’s perfectly clear that this brand offers premium quality products. Everything from the materials used to knit the sweaters to the design and manufacturing process, it’s all performed with extreme care and focus on quality.


Another praised benefit that comes with Naadam is its affordable line of premium cashmere sweaters. The $75 cashmere sweaters, for example, are the perfect option for people on a budget. As a result, the amount of value this brand offers is something rarely anyone complains about.


The customer experience is the only area that could use some improvement in terms that they don’t offer free returns. However, this is still acceptable as long as some type of return is available. Furthermore, the only way to contact Naadam customer support is through email, which can take up to a few days to respond back.


A few of the main reasons this brand deserves 5 stars include the fact that they only use high-quality Mongolian cashmere, they give back to the community by working alongside non-profit organizations, they offer discounts to their customers, and they also include products made from their own recycled cashmere.

Is Naadam Cashmere Good?

When such a question arises, it’s hard to give a 100% certain answer because it’s not always the same for everybody. However, here’s how Naadam’s cashmere sweaters perform based on personal experience and countless reviews.


When style is in question, Naadam’s sweaters can be described as a classic design that fits most people’s personal styles. They offer different types of sweaters, but they all have a minimalistic design and a timeless appeal that will probably never go out of style.

The neck hole on both the crew neck and the v-neck sweaters is perfect based on what the majority of their customers have to say. It seems that there are no major design flaws in Naadam’s cashmere sweaters.


Here is where Naadam’s cashmere sweaters really shine. We all know that cashmere sweaters are meant to feel great. Even though looks are important, the comfort and overall feel of the sweater are much more crucial for most customers.

Well, it just so happens that almost everyone who’s bought one of Naadam’s high-quality sweaters is satisfied with the comfort they offer. Even though cashmere has a reputation for being very soft and delicate, a decent number of satisfied customers were very surprised by the extremely soft feel of these sweaters.


Cashmere sweaters are also known to be a bit fragile given that they’re made with premium soft wool. This is a big concern for people who are aware of it and still like to wear cashmere sweaters.

When it comes to Naadam’s products, it’s safe to say that you won’t have any trouble with this given that you follow the laundry instructions and just wear the sweaters on a regular basis.

Where Are Naadam Cashmere Sweaters Made?

Cashmere enthusiasts who know high-quality cashmere when they see it know that the best place to find it is from the entirely white breed of cashmere goat that can be found in Mongolia.

This is exactly where Naadam sources its cashmere from. Aside from finding the best quality cashmere, this brand also focuses on giving back to the Mongolian community for all that it has to offer. Naadam works closely with the Mongolian non-profit Gobi Revival Fund and offers its full support to the people that work there.

Naadam Products

Another appreciated benefit from Naadam is that they offer a wide variety of cashmere products and not just sweaters. For example, on their website, you will find high-quality shoes, cashmere hoodies, joggers, and a wide variety of cashmere dog sweaters as well.

It’s the perfect place to shop both for yourself, your partner, your kids, and your pets.

In addition to that, there is an accessories category that offers everything from cashmere socks, gloves, scarfs, to silk scrunchies, slippers, and more. Overall, you will probably not be disappointed with the premium product selection at Naadam’s online store.

Naadam Cashmere $75 Sweater Review

One of the most popular products that are offered by Naadam is their $75 cashmere sweater. In fact, this is the brand’s bestseller. This sweater alone has received over 50.000 positive reviews and it has actually been redesigned and now includes new and improved models.

Best of all, this is also one of their most affordable cashmere sweaters. A model for both women and men is available and it comes in various sizes. So, aside from being extremely affordable, what else is there that makes this cashmere sweater such a ridiculously popular item among customers?

Well, believe it or not, there are many different versions of this $75 sweater that allow users to have a lot of models to choose from. This ensures that many more types of users find what they’re looking for at the same price and premium quality.

If you want high-quality, comfortable, and affordable cashmere sweaters, then there are no better options than Naadam’s $75 cashmere sweater.

Naadam Cashmere Luxe Line Review

Luxe Life Cashmere

If you have a larger budget and price isn’t a huge concern, then one of the most recommended items at Naadam is their Luxe Line. This line of sweaters offers some of the most luxurious and high-quality cashmere sweater designs out there. From premium cashmere tank tops to cozy cashmere puffer jackets, the Luxe Line has it all.

Naadam Pros & Cons


  • Premium quality and design cashmere sweaters
  • Very comfortable
  • Luxurious feel
  • An environmentally friendly and community supporting brand
  • They only use high-quality Mongolian white goat cashmere


  • The brand doesn’t offer free returns


Overall, you won’t find any major complaints from the majority of customers who’ve bought something from Naadam. Their products truly are top quality, made from the best resources and with care and precision. Best of all, Naadam offers something for all types of users in terms of budget.

However, the premium quality still remains regardless of which price tag you choose to go with.

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