My Magic Carpet VS Ruggable: Which Is The Better Rug?

I’m someone who doesn’t really think twice about my rugs. Whichever rugs looks the nicest or I think it will go well with my home, I take it. But it seems like I’ve been doing rug shopping all wrong.

Companies like Magic Carpet and Ruggable changed my outlook on rug shopping, and rugs in general. What’s great with these two is actually the fact that you shop online, and the rugs get delivered straight to your door.

In my opinion, both options appear to be great, so, how do you go about choosing one over the other?

To do this, we’ll review them independently, talk about what some of the customers are saying, whether they’re satisfied with the product or not, and also compare them side-to-side. We’ll also go over their technology, and how it translates to real life.

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What Makes My Magic Carpet & Ruggable Good Rugs?

My Magic Carpet Easy Washing

Mostly, their success and what makes them viable options over conventional rugs is their technology. Ruggable is more advanced in this area, since it uses a two-layer method, where the actual rug worn over an anti-slip layer.

What makes this a good thing is the fact that it makes washing your rug a breeze. The rug as a consequence is lighter and nimbler, and therefore, easier to put in a washing machine.

My Magic Carpet isn’t too bad as well, but instead of a two-layer technology, the anti-slip mat or thing a ma jig is incorporated into the rug. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it does mean that you might have a harder time putting the carpet in a washing machine.

With that thing said, these aren’t the only reasons that these make sense. Convenience is a big factor as well. What I mean by this is that the whole experience is convenient. You shop online, and you get a rug delivered to you. In other words, the usual pros about shopping online.

In-Depth Comparison of My Magic Carpet & Ruggable

The two rug companies, and consequently, the two rug types, have their differences. Most of the time, they’re compared side-by-side, despite being completely different. At least, they’re different in what they offer.

I’m going to be straight as an arrow and say: Ruggable is the more favorable option for most people. We’ll get into the details later.

For now, let’s compare them side-by-side and see what’s up in this in-depth comparison table below:

My Magic Carpet VS Ruggable Rug Comparison
Sizes Available2.5’ x 7’ Runners Rugs
3’ x 5’
5’ x 7’
2’ x 3’
3’ x 5’
5’ x 7’
6’ x 9’
8’ x 10’
9’ x 12’
Round Rugs
StylesGeometric, contemporary, traditional, Moroccan, floral, bohemian, transitional.Farmhouse, modern-traditional, Moroccan, contemporary, transitional, traditional, bohemian, folk heritage, nautical, vintage, and much more.
TechnologyAll-In-One TechnologyTwo-Layer Anti-Slip System
Price for 5’ x 7’ RugStarting From $149.99Starting From $199
ShippingFree within the continental US. International orders not available.Free within the US. International orders available to Canada & UK.
Return Policy30-day return policy30-day return policy
Does It Have Financing?No.Yes, AfterPay available.
Get a new rug today:

My Magic Carpet Review

My Magic Carpet All-In-One Anti-Slip

There is one thing I wish My Magic Carpet did better, and that’s disclosing the thickness of the rug. Albeit, Ruggable doesn’t do a good job of that either, but on average, Ruggable carpets are technically thicker.

To be clear, I’m not saying that it isn’t disclosed anywhere for both, I’m just saying that it should be presented to the customer and it should be one of the first things they see, along with the size of the rug.

Depending on what you’re used to, the Magic rug is thin, like pretty thin. I do have thinner rugs at home, so, I don’t really mind it, but I know that most prefer much thicker rugs with more cushioning. So, keep in mind, Magic Carpets are usually pretty thin. This makes things like putting the Magic Carpet in a laundry machine very easy, although, you have to compromise on comfort.

The anti-slip that is incorporated into the rug does the job pretty well, and it might be better than Ruggable as well, since the whole design is one-layered, as opposed to the two-layer Ruggable design.

My Magic Carpet does lack in some other departments as well. One is, the designs department, which hosts only a few rug designs and styles. As an example, I didn’t find any designs that caught my eye, and at first, I thought that was just a taste issue.

However, it became clear that it isn’t when I asked some of my close friends and family to find a rug that they like from Magic’s shop. Most of them couldn’t find one.

That being said, My Magic Carpet has only a handful of designs, so, make sure you browse their shop to see if the styles and the designs are to your liking, before moving forward.

Let’s review the pros and cons of My Magic Carpet:


  • Easily-washable
  • Good anti-slip capabilities
  • Very light
  • Practical
  • Cleans really well


  • Thin
  • Small repertoire of designs
  • No round rugs available
  • Lacking in the size department

Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable Modern Rugs

There is a huge contrast between Ruggable and My Magic Carpet. Switching to Ruggable means more customization options, thicker rugs, more sizing options, more designs, and more.

Despite My Magic Carpet being mostly well-renowned for its lightness and easy-to-wash capabilities, Ruggable isn’t behind at all. We saw almost no difference in practicality, but more specifically, washing the rugs.

On top of all of the additional things you get with Ruggable, you’ll also have quite a few round rugs to choose from, something which My Magic Carpet lacks. On top of that, for kitchens, or areas where you’ll need to stand more frequently, there is an added option of cushioned rug pad.

This is where the two-layer design really comes to life, as you can pick and choose whether to have the normal anti-slip pad or the anti-slip pad with some added cushioning and thickness. Quite a good option to have really.

Detaching the carpet from the pad and reattaching it is unbelievably easy, and here, it is fair to give credit where credit is due, because the whole technology is beautifully designed. The whole carpet detaches like a peel. It is already apparent I feel like, that Ruggable is an all-round better rug between both of these companies, but for the purpose of keeping everything clear and organized, we’ll elaborate on that further, below.

The last thing that remains is going over what the positive and negatives to having a Ruggable rug are:


  • A lot of sizing options
  • Round carpets available
  • Option to add cushioning to rug
  • Great anti-slip capabilities
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy detach and reattach
  • Quite a few designs to choose from
  • Both plush and non-plush styles


  • Only negative thing I can think of is that the pad doesn’t quite reach the ends of the rug, although, it isn’t that bad really

Head-To-Head Comparison

I did mention earlier that I was going to elaborate on why Ruggable might be the better option and overall, the better rug to get for most people, and I’ll do that just now. This will be like a mini one-v-one between both, to see why Ruggable might be better.

My Magic Carpet VS Ruggable – Why Is Ruggable Better?

Ruggable Traditional Rugs

The first reason is the fact that Ruggable has more sizing options. With My Magic Carpet, most people wouldn’t even find a size that they might be looking for. On the other hand, Ruggable looks more like your local carpet shop with a lot of sizing options.

The second reason is the technology. I wasn’t really up for all that two-layer technology before I came across Ruggable, but it does make a lot of sense. With that two-layer technology practicality is greatly improved over conventional one-layer designs or over My Magic Carpet.

Ruggable does have a bigger price tag than My Magic Carpet, and if you’re planning to add the extra coushining pad, it will set you back even more. Still, compared to the difference you get in practicality, comfort, thickness, size, design options, it really pays off to go with Ruggable. Plus, even if you weren’t good for it now, there is financing available at Ruggable.

I think most people already get why we chose Ruggable over the other company.

The Verdict: Is Ruggable Better & Should You Shop For Rugs Online?

I would say ‘yes’ to both of those questions. In order to give My Magic Carpet a fighting chance, does it make sense as a budget option over Ruggable?

I mean, the quality isn’t that bad, and the whole thing is practical, yes, but I’m not sure if it is worth it really. In some cases, you wouldn’t even find a style you like nor a size you need. But let’s say you do, still Ruggable is the better overall carpet, and it only costs a fraction more.

So, yeah, sure if you like how My Magic Carpet looks and how it feels, go with it, because it isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. Although, Ruggable is better in our opinion, in every way conceivable for now.

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