Moon Pod vs Lovesac vs Yogibo — Which Is The Best Bean Bag?

I have always loved bean bags. It’s just something about them, that screams comfort. That’s primarily what they’re designed for, but how different can bean bags like Moon Pod, Lovesac & Yoqibo actually be?

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Turns out, bean bags can be very different. One can look no further than Moon Pod, Lovesac, and Yogibo to see just how different the bean bags, and your experience with them might be. These three are the go-to choice for many.

But since they’re marketed pretty heavily nowadays, it might be hard to see which is the best one, or the best one for you. Keep reading to find out, as we put Moon Pod, Lovesac, and Yogibo head-to-head, and compare them side-by-side!

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Are There Any Differences? – Moon Pod VS Lovesac VS Yogibo

Yogibo Short Bean Bag

Mainly, the sizes. Each brand has multiple different sizes available, designed to accommodate different sized people, or they’re just intended for different purposes.

They differ in the inside material as well. Meaning, while Moon Pod and Yogibo use expanded polystyrene or EPS for short, Lovesac doesn’t. Lovesac is made in a traditional way, with shredded durafoam inside. We’ll see how this effects usability and comfort later on.

Lovesac and Yogibo do have more options when it comes down to size. However, most of the options might be a little overkill for many. After all, most people only need a regular sized bean bag. But it does help to have a bit more options.

Other than that, there is not much else in terms of differences. One last one would be their design. Each is different, and each have made their own technology for ultimate comfort. More on that later.

In-Depth Comparison – Moon Pod VS Lovesac VS Yogibo

Let’s go a little bit deeper into the differences of the three, and also mention some practical differences as well. What follows is an in-depth comparison of Moon Pod, Lovesac, and Yogibo, side-by-side:

Bean Bag Comparsion
Moon Pod VS Lovesac VS Yogibo
Fill Expanded Polystyrene Shredded Durafoam Expanded Polystyrene
Pricing $299 – $499 $600 – $1,550 $129 – $449
Ergonomic Very Ergonomic 5/5 Adequate 3/5 Good 4/5
Comfort Tremendous 5/5 Maximum Comfort 5/5 More Than Good 4/5
Return Policy Returns available within 14 days of purchase. Returns available within 60 days of purchase. Returns available within 14 days of purchase.
Does It Have Financing? Yes, Afterpay available. Yes, 12-month financing available. No.
Shipping Free shipping within the US. Free shipping within the US. Free shipping to US & Canada on orders over $99.
Get your bean bag now:

While it may have appeared that these three bean bag brands are very similar, indeed they’re different. We know that these are more practical aspects, but we wanted to mention them, because they do play a role as well.

Moon Pod Bean Bag Review

Original Moon Pod

As we mentioned before, Moon Pod has the least amount of sizing options. The only two bean bags that are available are the classic Moon Pod, and SUPER Moon Pod. Before you check-off Moon Pod of your list though, there are many things which make it the best choice from the three.

It started out as a Kickstarter in 2018, for which, there was an unbelievable amount of interest. The reason being was what it was meant to mimic.

The Moon Pod was designed to give you the feeling of zero-gravity, much like flotation therapy, where you might be floating in water in a sensory tank, or similar. I didn’t buy the whole zero-gravity thing at first, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve come around.

It really works. By far, this is the most comfortable, and the most weird-feeling bean bag. That zero-gravity thing really works. And compared to Lovesac and Yogibo, the Moon Pod is better for support.

Meaning, it is not one of those bean bags which immediately sink below the earth once you sit on them. It has a perfect balance of comfort and ergonomic support. But which model is for you, the original Moon Pod or the Super Moon Pod?

The regular Moon Pod is about 4 sq ft, while the Super model that’s double the size of the original. Quite frankly, if you’re looking for a bean bag just for you, then the original is enough. The Super is spot-on for two people though.

So, you’re ready to make the commitment and go with Moon Pod, well, consider the following pros and cons:


  • Zero-gravity feel
  • Great design
  • Possible to make more ergonomic and supportive
  • Good accessories
  • Sizes for one or two people


  • No huge sizes available

Lovesac Bean Bag Review

Lovesac – Supersac Bean Bag

With Lovesac, it does get interesting.

While the bean bags are made the traditional way with shredded durafoam instead of EPS, most consumers don’t seem to care. This might be due to the fact that the Lovesac is extremely comfortable.

Plus, there are quite a large number of sizes available, and sizes which are downright bonkers I might add. Exhibit A: The Big One. This one comes in at 6 ft wide and 4.1 ft high. It can easily accommodate two adults and two children. Exhibit B: SuperSac. It comes in at 5 ft wide and 3.10 ft high.

Quite unbelievable. But do you really need that big bean bags? In all honesty, I would love to have one of those two, but issues arise when you need to put the damned thing somewhere. And, there is another problem as well.

To continue with those two, let’s talk about pricing. The BigOne starts at $1,985, while the SuperSac starts at $1,600. Yikes. So, it makes a dent on your wallet, and it takes up your whole living room.

Although, to be fair, we’re being too harsh to Lovesac. There is a place and time which this bean bag definitely makes sense. But for the average consumer, not really.

On a side note, because it’s made the traditional way, the bean bag does form large holes one you sit in it. To mitigate this, you would have to pump it out and gather it together to make it back to normal.

Let’s talk about the positives and negatives. This are the pros and cons that we see with Lovesac:


  • Huge bean bags available
  • A lot of size options
  • Very comfortable
  • Great quality, both for the bean bags and covers
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not as ergonomic as the other two
  • Not very supportive

Yogibo Bean Bag Review

Yogibo Bean Bags

When it comes to the Yogibo though, it does share a lot of similarities with the Moon Pod. Mainly due to the fact that it uses the same cushioning material, the EPS. Plus, the covers and inside materials feels very similar.

There are a lot more choices than the Moon Pod as well, but most of the time, most consumers will opt-in for the sizes that Moon Pod offers, which Yogibo has as well.

NOTE: When we mention sizes and size comparisons, these are approximate figures, due to the nature of the product in question. Sizes vary since it is made up from a material that moves around.

Quite frankly, we felt as though the Yogibo would be enough for most people. It has a great balance of comfort and practicality. Meaning, if you wanted to, you can sit upright in the Yogibo bean bag, and do some work on your laptop while you’re at it. Granted, it does have to be supported by a wall, since you can’t really rest your back on it fully without some sort of support.

Prices are relatively affordable too, coming in very close to Moon Pod.

What is pretty good with the Yogibo is the customizability, which is quite more extensive than some other alternatives on the market. There are much more colors to choose from, which is helpful, since most would want to match it with something else in their home.

If you would like to add some accessories to your bean bag, you can do that as well, and while it does cost a lot more, the accessory prices are relatively affordable.

If you’re considering the Yogibo, these are the pros and cons that you should take note of:


  • Multiple sizes and variations available
  • A lot of color options
  • Practical and comfortable at the same time
  • Lightweight


  • Less ergonomic than the Moon Pod
  • Less practical than the Moon Pod

Head-To-Head Comparisons

I you’re like me, then you probably want to explore your options fully. To do that, we put each brand up against each other, to see which would make sense for some, and which wouldn’t. What follows is a matchup of each brand.

Which Is More Worth It? – Moon Pod VS Lovesac

The Original Moon Pod

Depending on what you’re looking to get from your bean bag, there is a scenario where Moon Pod is better, and where Lovesac is better.

For example, if you’re looking for a comfortable bean bag, which you can also use to sit on and work on it as well, Moon Pod is better. It has reclining capabilities, which Lovesac doesn’t offer at all.

For the most comfort though, Lovesac is better. However, Lovesac is also the most expensive from the three. Expect a hefty price tag with Lovesac, or, you can settle for the better overall bang-for-the-buck choice, which is Moon Pod.

What Is Better? – Moon Pod VS Yogibo

Moon Pod’s Original Bean Bag

From these two, in our opinion, Moon Pod is more superior.

Reason-being, is the fact that you do get the same package in terms of the bean bag style, but overall usability for the Moon Pod is much better. Yogibo needs some sort of support if you want to sit upright, which isn’t the case with Moon Pod.

Sure, Yogibo has more sizing options, but most of the time, sizes offered by Moon Pod are the sizes which most are looking to get. Plus, that zero-gravity thing that Moon Pod is known for, isn’t a gimmick, people have reported that they do feel like they’re floating.

Lovesac VS Yogibo – The Better Option Is?

Lovesac – Moviesac Bean Bag

Lovesac. It is much more comfortable, and even though it does use traditional filling, the comfort is just out of this world. However, you do have to trade in practicality and usability for comfort, as Lovesac is hard to make firmer to sit upright, and things like that.

If you can get over the bigger price tag, Lovesac is a great option. Still, if you’re looking for the more budget-friendly option, Yogibo will perform just fine.

The Verdict: Are Bean Bags Worth It? – Moon Pod VS Lovesac VS Yogibo

Absolutely, these bean bags are worth it, and more practical and comfortable than other brands on the market. But which one is for you?

Overall, the best choice from all three is Moon Pod. It is very comfortable, and since it uses EPS as the fill, it can be molded into other shapes, to accommodate your body. Once you sit on it, you body molds, and you do get great ergonomic support.

The most comfortable bean bag though, is the Lovesac. It is like a cloud, but the main issue is that, it can be molded like the Moon Pod. So, its strict use is limited only to chilling.

As for Yogibo, it serves well as a budget-friendly option, but in terms of comfort and usability, in our opinion, Moon Pod is the more superior choice.

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