Moncler VS Canada Goose: Which Jacket Should You Buy

A winter jacket shouldn’t be something to save on. Especially if you live in areas where winters are quite harsh.

If you care about style and durability there’s no way you didn’t hear about Moncler and Canada Goose. These two brands are synonyms for luxury and extreme winter clothing as well as a quite high price tag.

In this review, I will analyze Moncler and Canada Goose along with their best-selling jackets to help you decide – Which one you should buy.

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Moncler & Canada Goose – Brands at Glance

Originally Moncler started as a maker of quilted bags in 1952. Then, they started making jackets for climbing expeditions. By the end of the 1960s, Moncler was the official supplier of the French National Ski Team.

Everything changed in 2003, when Remo Ruffini, an Italian entrepreneur purchased Moncler. From that point on the main focus is on fashion.

Today, Moncler is a fashion brand that prices its products in the luxury range.

Canada Goose was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, under the name Metro Sportswear.

It’s a very popular brand and mostly recognizable by its iconic puffer jacket described as “ultra-lightweight and versatile”.

Even though Canada Goose jackets tend to lean toward the more traditional style of winter coats, the company’s array of jackets definitely offers something that’ll fit your needs and personal style.

Table Comparison: Moncler vs Canada Goose Jackets

Moncler and Canada Goose have so many products from various categories. Since Moncler outfitted the first successful K2 expedition.

I’ve decided to compare two of the best-selling parkas – Hermifur Long Down Jacket and The Standard Expedition Parka.

Moncler vs Canada Goose
SampleHermifur Long Down JacketThe Standard Expedition Parka
MaterialsExterior: 100% Polyamide / Nylon;
Lining: 100% Polyamide / Nylon;
Padding: 90% Down, 10% Feather;
Fur 1: Blue Frost Fox
Fur: Reclaimed Fur
Fill: 750 Fill Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down
Features●        Crafted from longue saison
●        Longue saison lining
●        Down-filled
●        Detachable hood with a frost fox fur trim
●        Snap button closure
Pockets with snap button closure
●        Adjustable down-filled hood
●        Removable reclaimed fur ruff with a shaping wire
●        Interior backpack straps allow the jacket to be carried hands-free over the shoulders
●        Waist features an interior drawcord
●        6 exterior pockets
●        Placket with Velcro® closures over 2-way zipper
Size8 different size options6 different size options
Return PolicyFree return within 20 daysFree return within 30 days
Warranty24-month warrantyFree return within 30 days

Moncler Review – Hermifur Long Down Jacket

Hermifur Long Down Jacket is a timeless piece. The jacket is made from Moncler trademark, longue saison, and it provides warmth without becoming heavy or bulky.

It also has a detachable fox fur trim.

In terms of materials, its exterior and lining are made from 100% polyamide/nylon while padding is 90% down and 10% feather.

Speaking of care, make sure to hand wash your new Moncler jacket and don’t bleach or tumble dry. You can use dry cleaning services in tetrachloroethene or with hydrocarbons – mild process.

Bear in mind that some consumers complained that their Moncler jacket wasn’t so shiny after the first wash.

Needless to mention all Moncler products are shipped for free and they are delivered within 6 days.

If by any chance, you’re not happy with your new jacket, you can return it within 20 days by following an easy and quick return procedure on Moncler’s website.


  • Stylish
  • Warm
  • Finest quality material
  • 90% down 10% feather is the best down ration on the market
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns within 20 days


  • Not for extreme weather
  • Negative reviews on wash/dry issues

Canada Goose Review – The Standard Expedition Parka

The Standard Expedition Parka has TEI 5 (Thermal Experience Index) meaning that it’s developed for the coldest places on Earth.

In case you’re wondering what Thermal Experience Index is, Canada Goose has developed it so you can pick the right products whether you’re working up sweat hiking trails, embarking on an urban adventure, or exploring the coldest places on Earth.

The jacket is made from reclaimed fur, 750 fill power responsibly sourced duck down, and a recycled feather-light ripstop. It is designed to stay dry in extreme conditions and cold weather.

Thanks to ripstop construction it is wind-resistant, water repellent, and ultra-lightweight.

This jacket has so many features and the main purpose of most of them is to keep every inch of you warm.

Adjustable down-filled hood and fleece chin guard are designed for added warmth and element protection.

Interior backpack straps are one of my favorite features – they allow the jacket to be carried hands-free over the shoulders.

Speaking of other features, the jacket has 6 exterior pockets: 4 double-entry pockets on the front body, 1 side entry, 1 utility pocket on both sleeves, and Velcro® closures.

When it’s time to wash your parka, just toss it into a washing machine with like colors. You can tumble dry it at low temp.

Of course, don’t use bleach or softener.

Canada Goose offers complimentary shipping as well as a 30-day trial period. Also, you will get a lifetime warranty.


  • Extremely warm
  • Build for the extreme weather
  • Many features for added warmth
  • Sustainable process of manufacturing
  • Wind-resistant
  • Water-repellent
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Less stylish

Moncler vs Canada Goose – Head to Head

You’ve seen how amazing some of Moncler and Canada Goose products are. No doubt they are made from top-quality materials by outstanding craftsmen. This implies that they justify the price tag they have.

But let’s compare the two brands, head to head, and see which one deserves YOU.

Fit & Style

As you may guess, in this category, lies the greatest difference between Moncler and Canada Goose.

Moncler fits tend to be sharper, slimmer, and, of course, more stylized. I’m impressed with how Moncler keeps innovating outstanding designs and patterns, and, at the same time, maintaining high-quality warmth technology. Recently, they released a variety of customizing options that give you that one-of-a-kind look.

Canada Goose jackets offer no fireworks. And they’re not the most versatile jackets, that’s for sure. Some would even say “dull,” but would you call blue jeans dull? No. I’d say these jackets are timeless, however, there’s no doubt that Moncler wins in this category.


Moncler winter jackets feature a 90/10 down-to-feather ratio. When you add the best Italian construction to it, you get a light, wind-resistant jacket. Actually, that’s what differentiates Moncler jackets – they are light and comfortable, and they keep enough warmth.

Canada Goose jackets act as they seal in warmth. The moment you put the parkas on, you get the feeling that you’re instantly protected from cold.

I’m not going to list all the warmth-keeping features here, but the fact is – when you wear a Canada Goose jacket, you’re protected from top to bottom.

The protection against the wind is exceptional and even the length of the zipper is protected. Canada Goose is a barrier no wind has penetrated.

The winner – Canada Goose


Moncler uses the market’s best down ratio – 90% down / 10% feathers and the jackets are built using Japanese nylon. All those things mean only one thing – the jackets last.

Each part of the Canada Goose jackets is made with great care. The stitches, ripstop fabric, and water repellency make them extremely durable.

The leading people of the company are so certain about the jackets, they offer a lifetime warranty.

Say no more.

Winner – Canada Goose

Return, Shipping, and Warranty Policies

Obviously, both brands ship their products for free, however, if you need your jacket delivered fast, you need to pay a fast delivery fee.

Speaking of return, you can return your Moncler jacket within 20 days from the day you received it.

Also, they offer up to 2 years warranty, however, this varies from country to country, therefore make sure to read the fine print well.

Canada Goose offers a 30-day trial and a lifetime warranty on its jackets.

This is truly amazing, and, if you ask me, you can’t mistake with a brand that offers a lifetime warranty.

The winner – Canada Goose!

The Verdict

Moncler and Canada Goose are two outstanding brands with high-quality products.

The difference is obvious – Moncler leans more toward style therefore it doesn’t surprise that Moncler jackets are featured on Fashion Week shows.

Still, they haven’t lost sight of the purpose. Their jackets are quite warm, lightweight, and comfortable.

The bottom line, if you’re not going to face any extreme Himalayas-style weather but you care about style a lot, Moncler is your choice.

I’ve stumbled upon research that in New York, Canada Goose patches are seen on maybe two out of every five people walking on the street. That’s how popular Canada Goose is.

Is Canada Goose for you?

If your primary concern is warmth and durability during the freezing cold winters in the cities of the northern parts of our planet, then I absolutely recommend going with Canada Goose.

You will get one of the warmest coats in the world and a lifetime warranty on top of that. The full-length models which drop below the thigh would be my recommendation.

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