MNML Clothing Review

If you are one of those who have a simple style and at the same time desire to look fancy, then the MNML is the right choice for you.

All in one place from the bottom to the top, you can find proper jeans that fit you, and also tops that will make you feel incredible and stylish.

This is a Male brand that offers clothes with many different designs that can fit all occasions.

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This clothing brand was started by Matthew Fields, who founded MNML in 2016 and serves as CEO. His words even then have been so enthusiastic about this brand:,, the acquisition is a fitting way to continue scaling the business, both at home and abroad.’’

MNML pronounced “minimal,” generated net revenues of nearly $20 million in the fiscal year 2020 and is operating profitably — two of A.k.a.’s other requirements.

MNML – Overview


It’s a World-Wide famous brand that offers different types of clothes. The profit that this brand makes tells us that is famous and wanted. Despite that customers’ opinions of the Brand MNML is mainly positive comments, and the negative ones are minor.


When it comes to the service there are some negative comments, and customers are telling that are not very pleased with the service of the MNML. But all that is due to the huge amount of orders that they are receiving on daily bases.


Also mixed comments and feedback about this brand quality. This brand works with factories overseas to make MNML’s line of jeans, primarily in India and China. So somehow they tend to be easily breakable and some of them can fade. However, there are also plenty of them with an incredible quality level.

Shipping And Return

They don’t have their shipping policy but you can order them from where you want. Due to the huge amount of orders, there can be some shipping delays. They want you to be 100% satisfied so they offer you a return policy if you are not pleased with your order.

MNML – Jeans Review

They have their Denim collection in different colors, designs and styles.

You can choose from the basic jeans colors or crazy fun prints, and that is an advantage of this brand because it covers different styles.

You can also have them in different sizes and maximum to number 40 or 42, it depends on the product type.

There are so many online comments for this brand, and it’s normal to have a mixture of positive and negative thoughts and experiences, but all in all these brand jeans can get a pure 4/5 because of their uniqueness and structure.

When it comes to the sustainable materials for MNML Jeans you can bump into 100% cotton to mixtures of polyester and spandex. So you can find your comfortable material type.

MNML – Shorts Review

This brand also contains several types of shorts for different everyday activities, shorts for the beach or shorts that can be worn like cozy home pajamas.

They are also mostly made from cotton and different materials and also they are all comfortable and easily washable.

What’s more important is that customer’s comments on this MNML product are much better than all the other products.

Summing up all the comments, opinions and site qualifications shorts are getting a 5/5 grade, not only because they are extremely comfortable, but also because they will make you look incredible and fancy.

You can find them from XS to XXL which is very cool. Also, some shorts are a great fit for workouts or morning/evening runs.

MNML – Tops And Outwears Review

They are also offering  Tops and outwear.

When rating the tops, buyers have also given different opinions and have different experiences. Some of the blouses and shirts are easy to fade or after some type of washing, they can have holes under the hands.

So after doing some research and reading, also watching some youtube videos shirts are getting a 3/5 grade.

I should also mention that they are so fashionable and cool, but somehow tend to be easily damaged and the material can get weird after some time.

We can tell that this situation is normal because they are all cheap and at very affordable prices.

Most are made from cotton which is great and has numbers from XS to XXL.

MNML – Accessories Review

When it comes to choosing male accessories there can be some difficulties, because you should find the specific one that not only needs to fit a man’s style or body but also express his character.

MNML also offers us an incredible accessories line, from necklaces, chains, bags and specific shoes that can be combined with some of the jeans and t-shirts.

There aren’t many comments about MNML accessories, but the ones that are written online are mainly thanking this brand for making them.

MNML – Shipping And Return Policy

Like they have said on their official website, they want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase from MNML. They are also offering refunds if you don’t want to exchange the product.

There are however some conditions in their return policy. By that, it means that the returns must be postmarked and mailed within 30 days from receipt of merchandise. Merchandise must be unworn and packed in the original boxes if possible.

For international returns, there are some fees that the customers need to cover, which mostly recall revolt to them.

You can visit to process a return.

When it comes to shipping as I have mentioned before, they have some troubles that need to be solved.

Because of the huge demand, they need to find more specific ways to deliver the products without any prolongations or shipping troubles like damaging the products or confusing the address.

They are offering free standard shipping in the U.S for over 49.99$. They tend to ship internationally.

They deliver the orders with standard shipping free from 3 to 7 days, they charge the express shipping 5$ (2-4 days), 2 days shipping cost only 15$ and if you need the order the very next day that will cost you 25$.

Same as in the international returns, taxes and fees are the customer’s responsibility, which sometimes is okay for the small orders, but for the big ones in my opinion they should cover the charges.

MNML – Sales And Discounts

If you’re new on the MNML buyers list you should know that they offer a 25% Memorial Day discount by using the code MD25.

They tend to have different promotions, sales and even half-price discounts which you can find on their website in the sales icon. Don’t wait and go on their site to get you’re favorite products for a lower price!

MNML – Pros And Cons


  • International Shipping
  • World – Wide Famous Brand
  • Comfortable, Fancy and Fashionable Products
  • Many Collections and product types
  • Return Policy
  • Affordable Prices
  • Huge Demand


  • Problems With the Shipping System
  • Low Durability of Some of the Products
  • Problems With the Online Service
  • Huge Demand

I have put the ,,huge demand’’ in both columns because at the same time it makes more profit, but can also be a headache and stop stations from using the full capacity of the service and shipping.

Is MNML Worth Trying?

After doing some research and analyzing all that’s written above, I can’t see any convincing reason why not to try this brand.

They have a line with very interesting male clothes and accessories, which if they don’t fit or satisfy you can be returned.

Some of the things are of incredibly high quality and comfortability that can’t be found in other brand products at the same affordable price.

So don’t question yourself just click here and go find your MNML Clothing combination!

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