MeUndies Underwear Review: Read This Before You Buy

You are probably tired from wearing the same style of underwear all of your life and want to try something new and unique.

Underwear is one of the few pieces of clothing that we all wear 24/7. Many people are choosing to wear something mundane as black or white colors and that is monotonous, because of that MeUndies have decided to break up this monotony, and make your underwear more colorful and fun.

MeUndies were created in 2011, they are an L.A based brand, that creates some super comfy and well-designed underwear. Good and quality underwear is essential for everyone. Although MeUndies is a well-established brand when it comes to underwear, they also produce bralettes, socks and they also have an enormous collection of loungewear, for everyone’s taste.

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Why MeUndies Products?

Meundies Benefits

MeUndies’s goal is to create one of the most comfortable and well-suited underwear for everyone out there, they are offering a wide variety of options when it comes to sizing, and they offer matching color designs across all of their product lineups. If you go with MeUndies you will probably have to design matching underwear with your partner and that is MeUndies’ primary goal, to connect partners by sharing the same designs of underwear.

MeUndies offers many different patterns, there are also many colors to choose from, starting from bright to dark, and also there is a choice between more classical and modern designs also.

Getting a MeUndies product will be a life-changer for you. You will forget the feeling of wearing uncomfortable underwear and start enjoying your life more because comfortable underwear means a lot, and it’s not worth wearing something the whole day, that is not comfortable and also not good looking.

As with any serious company they have a big lineup of products. What are some of MeUndies’ products?

  • MeUndies Underwear
  • MeUndies Socks
  • MeUndies Swim
  • MeUndies Loungewear
  • MeUndies Baralettes

MeUndies designs are unique in the world of underwear and many other companies are trying to replicate their design but none of them achieves to make the underwear so comfortable and appealing to customers as MeUndies.

MeUndies Pros & Cons

Although there a lot of positive sides with MeUndies products there are also some downsides, these downsides are not a dealbreaker for anyone but still need to be taken into consideration.

Be aware that there are not many downsides to using their products and they are the first choice for everyone out there. They have created a brand and a name for themselves in the world of underwear. Their brand has quickly gained so much traction that is unbelievable how they become this successful and evolved from an idea to an experience.

Now let’s get down to the interesting stuff and discuss more about the pros and cons of buying MeUndies products.


  • Free Shipping & Returns for all U.S orders.
  • A wide selection of products including undies, socks bralettes, loungewear
  • Products are built using MicroModal material
  • Each product has its own chart size
  • Monthly membership includes early access to designs
  • Special prices for ordering in bulk


  • Products quickly get out of stock
  • Some people may be allergic to the MicroMoral fabric

MeUndies Lounge Pants Review

MeUndies Comfy Lounge Pants

MeUndies Lounge Pants are one of the most affordable lounge pants out there, they are priced 68$ per pair, or if you are a member, they will only cost you 50$, a great deal honestly.

Their lounge pants are perfect for both men and women, as they carry form-fitting lines that are going to fit anyone. Their styles range from relaxed and baggy with a wide leg up to skinnier ones that are tighter and hug your legs. Personally, I love the second option more because I prefer a tight fit rather than baggy.

Most of their models feature bold and colorful patterns that get the attention right away, these are one of their bestsellers. They also offer a single-color option that will fit those who are more conservative to what they wear, these include blacks and grey colors that also look extremely good.

The waistband on each of these pairs is comfy and stretched, finished with perfect flatlock stitching that delivers a very durable and well-crafted finish. Most of these models include a subtle side-seam pocket, that will be a good fit for your phone, or whatever you want to put inside them. This combo of soft and durable MicroModal and elastane will make sure that you would never like to take your lounge pants off.

MeUndies Onesie Review

MeUndies delivers amazing unisex, men and women onesies. These Meundies Onesies are priced at 78$, and for members only 62$, perfect deal if you are a MeUndies lover. With this product, MeUndies delivers a full-body experience. They have a unique design with the drawstring hoods, and also to mention their dual pockets that look particularly nice, finished up with their center front zippers that look particularly stylish.

There are three styles available to choose from, casual, baggy, and form-fitting that will hug your body. All of these styles end in a tapered leg. Most of their designs are quite playful and interesting, they incorporate funny prints that will make your day. Also, they include a couple of single-color options for the more conservative audience.

MeUndies also offers a fun costumed onesies lineup that is changing with the seasons. I personally have a crush on the Adventurous Unicorn model, it’s just perfect.

MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies offers a wide pallet of underwear, created especially for people with taste. It has both male and female options models for everyone’s taste.

MeUndies Men’s Underwear

MeUndies offers Men’s Boxer Briefs, these boxers are reasonably priced and will fit everyone’s pocket, starting at 24$ per pair of boxers, and 16$ for members. They are also called by their makers the real OG of Undies. This is the style that made the MeUndies brand take off and be one of the most popular out there. 

All of the models incorporate a black waistband that is elastic and offers big flexibility. These briefs are made of MicroModal and include elastane. Creating one of the softest fabrics in the process. It is claimed that is three times softer than cotton.

They have a big pouch that forms to any figure. Providing comfort in the process. The durable stitching is made to last and keeps everything tight to save you from underwear fiascos like wedgies and bunching. These boxers come in more than 20 colors and incorporate a wide variety of patterns and prints.

MeUndies Men’s Trunk is priced in the same price range as the Men’s Boxers. With only 24$ per pair and they go as low as 16$ for members. These Trunks are getting all the check-boxes correct. With their minimalistic and form-fitting design, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. They incorporate a soft waistband that will give you that flexible feel. And as well as the Boxers they incorporate the same MicroModal and elastane combo that will give you that comfortability while you wear them.

Women’s Undies

MeUndies Women’s hipster is very affordably priced and will cost you only 18$ for a pair, if you are a member, they will be even cheaper coming out for 14$ per pair. The superelastic waistband that is made out of durable MicroModal fabric keeps them in place and a barely-there look, this style works extremely well with shorts, pants, skirts, and dresses.

The Women’s Thong, regarded as one of the sexiest MeUndies products comes to a cost of only 18$ per pair and can go low as 14$ for members. MeUndies’ thongs incorporate a flexible waistband that keeps them in place. They are made from the same durable and comfortable MicroModal fabric that offers superior comfort that no other similar product delivers, and women are thankful for this.

MeUndies Bralettes Review

These beautiful women’s bralettes are reasonably priced, coming at 32$ for a pair and only 22$ for the members, so if you are a member, you can get them for a good deal. This line of bralettes is featuring three forms that look modern and stylish.

They are T-Back, U-Back, and Triangle. These bralettes come in more than 41 different colors, the most from all MeUndies products available, they also incorporate special patterns and print selections for each of these three forms. They are made out of a blend of special materials, namely MicroModal and elastane. These materials work together to create one of the comfiest clothing available on the market.

Each of these three forms has its own good-looking aesthetic. The T-Blacks incorporates a dual-layer jersey fabric at the front, on the back there is an adjustable elastic back strap, this strap will not pinch your skin, it will be natural and will blend in with you. The U-Back includes a scoop back and incorporates a square scoop on the front. And lastly, the Triangle Bralette is special, it has an attractive triangle front, and this makes it a perfect companion to the low-cut workout top.

One of the key components of these bralettes is the absence of pushup wire, although there is a lack of wire this doesn’t translate that there is a lack of support on your chest. Because every one of these three forms of bralettes is specially reinforced with a durable elastic band, this band is designed with bust size in mind, and also to deliver comfort in the process.

MeUndies Socks Review

MeUndies socks are one of the comfiest socks that you can get on the market. They incorporate the same lively and colorful ideas as their undies. Their socks feature many different design patterns, starting from quirky ones to playful designs. MeUndies also offers some one-color options, these colors include black, white, navy blue, and grey. There are three types of socks, ankle, crew, and no-show cuts, in as many as 30 different styles.

Their Adventurous and Bold styles are reflecting the modern trends in design, and they are offered in lively designs that everyone loves. These socks will add some style to basic outfits. Similarly, as accessories, they will add the finishing touch to the way you look. I personally can’t resist the temptation of switching my ordinary socks with MeUndies socks.

MeUndies socks are made with huge attention to detail and they are crafted from a particular Supima cotton. This is a high-quality fabric that will wrap your feet in comfortable softness. The socks are paired with a hand-linked toe and they are having a seamless feel.

These socks are also addressing some issues that ordinary socks have, and that is that they incorporate a thin elastic band, this band will prevent sagging. On the heel, there is a silicone grip that will ensure you that they would not slip.

They are priced higher than other similar products just like their other products like underwear and loungewear. They offer four packages:

  • Single pair comes at 12$
  • Pack of three is 33$
  • Pack of six is 60$
  • Pack of ten is 90$

But when we take into consideration that their products are high quality, I personally wouldn’t mind spending more on these products.

MeUndies Materials

MeUndies underwear is knitted from Lenzing Modal. This material is one of the softest materials out there, and also eco-friendly. It is made out of Austrian beech trees. This material has a role in preventing bad odors and also prevents bacterial growth. Also, the high-quality fiber offers a quality cozy feel.

What do customers think about MeUndies?

All of their products have a near-perfect rating and many of them have 5 stars. Many of their customers have praised the quality of the materials and the perfect fitment of their products.

There are also some negative reviews like the underwear was falling apart after one year of usage, and some claimed that the no-show socks could actually be seen while wearing sneakers or shoes. Also, some reviews criticized their customer service for the slow response and some other minor issues.

Are Meundies worth the buy?

That depends, their items are somewhat pricey compared to others, but on the other hand MeUndies offer quite a lot for the money you pay. You get incredibly comfortable, soft, and high-quality underwear.

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