Lovesac Vs Burrow Vs Floyd: Which Are The Best Sofas & Sectionals?

Got a new place or do you need a long-awaited sofa upgrade in your home? There are much more convenient shopping solutions for the average consumer nowadays than there were ever before.

Three companies which are relatively well-known and might’ve popped up on your radar while shopping for couches or sofas are Lovesac, Burrow, and Floyd. These three are direct-to-consumer brands, which means you can shop online and get stuff delivered directly to your door.

Now, is there a clear winner in this case or the answer is not that straightforward. Spoiler alert, it isn’t. Mostly it comes down to your needs or what you’re looking for exactly.

We will however, go over use-cases and determine which brands make most sense in certain scenarios in the head-to-head section.

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What Do These Three Companies Offer?


Lovesac is very well-known. To be honest though, their sectionals aren’t the cornerstone of their products. The product which they’re most known for is the CitySac and GamerSac, which are well-designed bean bags. They’re the most positively reviewed bean bags on the market.

However, their sectionals bring the same quality and craftsmanship to the table. Other than that, they don’t have any other products except sectionals and bean bags.

Burrow catalogue is much bigger. They don’t have bean bags, but they do have seating, storage, tables, and rugs. So, things like sofas, loveseats, sectionals, armchairs, sleepers, credenzas, wall shelves, side tables, coffee tables, and more.

So, all in all, you can kit out your whole living room with Burrow. Plus, all of their products have a minimalistic style to them and follow the same design philosophy.

Floyd is very similar to Burrow in terms of their catalogue. You can expect to find the same things if you’re shopping there.

In-Depth Comparison – Lovesac VS Burrow VS Floyd

While some brands might offer you the same options and catalogue, they’re very different. To put things in perspective of just how different they’re, we compared them side-by-side to see what’s up.

What follows is a comparison on things which might be important to the average consumer:

Lovesac VS Burrow VS Floyd: Interior
CatalogueSectionals, bean bags & accessories.Seating, storage, tables, rugs & accessories.Seating, storage, tables, rugs, beds & accessories.
Price RangeExpensive – $$$Cheap – $Cheap – $
Sectionals ComfortAmazing 5/5Very Good 4/5Alright 3/5
Build Quality & CraftsmanshipAmazing 5/5Amazing 5/5Very Good 4/5
Financing12-month promotional financingAffirm 12-month financingAffirm 12-month financing
WarrantyLifetime Guarantee1-year warranty with the ability to extend it3-year warranty on materials and worksmanship & 10-year warranty on frames, seats, back panel, etc. More details on the official site.
Shipping & ReturnsFree shipping within the US & 60-day return policy.Free shipping & 30-day return policy.Free shipping & 30-day return policy.

Overall, I would say Lovesac is probably the winner, but there’s more to it than just the guarantee, flexible shipping, return policy, comfort, and craftsmanship.

We’ll go over the details in the head-to-head section, but the point I’m trying to make is that the other two are making a strong case as to why you should consider them over Lovesac.

Lovesac Review


As we mentioned in the side-by-side comparison, you can’t really kit out your whole living room with Lovesac, as their catalogue is only sectionals and bean bags. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some amazing sectionals, Lovesac is damn impressive.

Now, the prices are a little bit high for the average consumer, but the brand is considered a bit higher quality and has much more of an appeal than the competition.

If you’re looking for small configurations there are quite a few. There’s the 2 seats plus 4 sides option, the 3 seats plus 4 sides option, the three seater with five sides option, and lastly the four plus four.

There’s also a 3D model and you can customize the sectionals in real-time, as well as add or remove certain features. So, you can also cut cost a bit if you don’t need certain things on your sectional.

The two keywords I would use to describe Lovesac are “comfortable” and “quality”. They really offer some of the most comfortable sectionals, at least the most comfortable out of the three. Plus, the lifetime warranty is a peace of mind.

Go for Lovesac if your budget allows it and if you just need a sectional. If you want to fully kit out the living room with the same style interior, the other brands are much better at that.

But in terms of just strictly talking about comfort and build quality, Lovesac is unparalleled and the prices reflect that.

Here are the pros and cons with Lovesac:


  • Very comfortable sectionals
  • A lot of small, medium & large configurations
  • You can customize sectionals
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-day trial period
  • Ultra high-quality


  • No other products except sectionals and bean bags

Burrow Review


Burrow is a great alternative to Lovesac. Their whole design philosophy is different though, but it’s definitely more modern and appealing. Plus, the prices are a lot better.

They have a great selection of sectionals for all living room sizes. For my friends in big cities with small apartments, there are some great options to choose from. One of them is the Nomad Sofa Sectional. It’s affordable, modern, and you can customize it in five different colors.

Plus, if you’re just looking for a sofa, then the Nomad Sofa is also a great option.

I’ll state the obvious though: They’re not the most comfortable sectionals on the planet. But despite their appearances of being a bit uncomfortable, they’re pretty comfortable. It’s more that they get bad rep for being compared to cheap similar style sectionals.

If you need bigger options though or you’re looking for corner sectionals, there’s quite a few options. Honorable mentions include: Nomad 6-seat corner sectional, Nomad 5-seat corner sectional, Nomad King sectional, and the Nomad Double Chaise sectional.

The Nomad collection is what people usually go for, but if you’re going for something bold, you should definitely check out the Range collection. They basically have the same equivalent sizes and build philosophy but in a different style.

The Nomad collection is still their best-selling collection though, but the Range collection is as I said, a bit bold.

Now, unlike other brands, you can kit out your whole living room with Burrow. That’s what’s great about it since you can mix and match sectionals with tables, storage, rugs, etc., since they’re all similar in design.

The pros and cons of Burrow are:


  • Great selection of sizes
  • Designs are very modern and minimalistic
  • Impeccable quality
  • Can mix and match with other products
  • Great value


  • A short warranty period

Floyd Review


Floyd might be the best option for most people. They have quite a unique design philosophy, where the sectionals are low and they’re square-style sectionals.

They look modern, but they’re not the most comfortable ones on the market.

However, there are quite a number of options in terms of sizes. Sizes vary from 2-seaters all the way to 5-seaters, but in all honesty, the bigger sized sectionals can practically fit more people fairly comfortably.

The prices are also very appealing.

On top of sectionals, they also do mattresses and bed frames and if the customer reviews are anything to go by, they’re pretty good at it. They have storage under the mattress, but it’s designed in a way which is very convenient.

If you’re looking for something comfortable for your living room though, I recommend the sofas over the sectionals. The is a three-seater and there’s an option to add a chaise.

The design is pretty cool for my taste, but I have to admit, it’s not for everyone. It has a wood and metal frame which is visible and the cushioning is in a form of pillows. They can move around and everything, which in practical sense can be a bit inconvenient.

Like Burrow, there are other products like storage cabinets, tables, rugs, and more.

The pros and cons with Floyd are:


  • Cube-like minimalistic design
  • Good value
  • Sofas & sectionals available
  • Sofas have a unique style
  • Good customization options


  • Sectionals are not as comfortable as the competition
  • Only one style of sectionals available

Head-To-Head Comparisons

If you’re still on the fence about Lovesac, Burrow, or Floyd, or you haven’t made the commitment to go with one of the other, we wanted to compare them in a use-case scenario. This is mostly in our opinion, which brand is the best in certain scenarios.

Which Is More Worth It? – Lovesac VS Burrow


It’s a bit hard choosing between these two, simply because they’re similar in some ways.

However, ultimately, in our opinion Lovesac is better and here’s why: The sectionals are much more comfortable thanks to its design and layout. The cushioning is much more durable but also very comfortable at the same time.

Lovesac have also put their StealthTech inside, which is an impressive surround sound technology which is embedded inside the sectionals.

That said, the main factor that might stray customers away from Lovesac is the price. If you’re working with a tight budget, Burrow will give you the best price-to-performance ratio.

But Lovesac is and remains the absolute best option and the “no compromise” option.

Which Is Better? – Lovesac VS Floyd


Unfortunately, while Floyd is a bit bold with their designs, it’s not even remotely comfortable as Lovesac, at least not the sectionals.

I would recommend only going with Floyd if The Sofa is appealing to you. The Sofa from Floyd is very bold and interesting and while it has its issues, it’s also a good value and is a lot more comfortable than Floyd’s sectionals.

Plus, if you want something more affordable Floyd is the better option.

In any other case, go with Lovesac because it has lifetime warranty, better build quality, more flexible return policy, and it has interesting technology.

Burrow VS Floyd – The Best Affordable Option


These two are the best option in terms of pricing. They’re a lot cheaper than Lovesac and as I said, they make a strong case as to why you might be you should be inclined to go with either one.

Since their catalogue is very similar, let’s talk specifics. We recommend Burrow over Floyd, because in our opinion, there a better price-to-performance ratio. Meaning, Burrow sectionals are more comfortable, have better craftsmanship, and they appeal more to the average consumer.

That said, if you’re not a fan of the designs or any of the configurations, go with Floyd. They have a better warranty policy and some of the designs are very modern and interesting for some people.

The Verdict: Are Sectionals & Sofas Worth It? – Lovesac VS Burrow VS Floyd


Lovesac is definitely a well-known brand when it comes to bean bags and sectionals. In our opinion, it should take the win here due to all of the positive aspects, but the other two are very good as well. So, we rank Lovesac as best overall.

The best price-to-performance sectionals and sofas are Burrow. They’re much more affordable than Lovesac, but they’re impressively comfortable and have very modern designs.

Floyd is better than Burrow in some ways, but it doesn’t work for everyone. We recommend it over Burrow only if the designs of the sectionals or the sofa work with the rest of your living room interior.

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