Loft Clothing Review

Nowadays that we have a thousand shops and online stress from which we can order our clothing, is difficult to find the right brand we can fully trust.

Comfort, quality, well-designed and good-looking cloth pieces are the criteria that we set when choosing our dress or pants.

So don’t you want to find all that in one place which offers you different types, colors and products, all in one place and on top of that all of them designed by a group of experts?

If you are looking for all that is said above, then Loft Clothing is the right place to search for your perfect clothing match.

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About Loft Clothing

Loft is the result of a group of hard-working women who have put their strengths together and made many clothing brands that will take care of your style.

Not only that they have created the perfect clothing pieces to cover different styles, but they also take the responsibility to help you match those things with others.

In the following text, you will see why this brand is considered one of the most trustworthy brands that are worth giving a shot.

Loft Clothing Overview


It’s a well-known and worldwide famous brand. Because of the great customer service and a great team of experts that are doing their best, there aren’t any big red flags or reasons not to trust this brand. Summing up all online comments and rating Loft Clothing as a brand gets a clear 5/5 grade.


When it comes to rating these brand qualities, the research results are showing some pieces of the clothing collection are easily torn. However, they are only a few Loft products that can be easily breakable or torn and like the buyers, comments are telling us it gets a 4/5 grade. That is thanks to the main products which are high-quality.


The list of the sustainable materials that Loft clothes are made of is huge, despite this fact they are truly comfortable. No matter if it’s cotton, nylon or polyester, they are all combined and structured to offer full comfort.


There are some negative thoughts about the online shop, including the shipping and return policy. Most of the customers have said that this brand deserves respect when comes to the rating of the products, but assuming the fact that it offers international shipping, some problems need to be solved and borders to overcome.

Loft Clothing Review

Loft Dresses

On their site, you can find various dresses in different colors, grouped in space for different occasions and in different sizes. According to the customer’s comments and product ratings here are some of the buyer’s favorites.

Floral Godet Double V Midi Dress

Perfect for summer days and nights, it’s perfectly structured and fits your waist. It’s made of 100% Rayon and it’s easy to keep it clean because is machine washable.

Petite Floral Godet Double V Midi Dress has the V space so you can wear it with your favorite jewelry. Its floral print is very fashionable and fancy, so no worries you can wear it at the park or while going out eating in your favorite restaurant.

Don’t know how to wear it? The Loft Clothing Team has taken care of that problem too. Above the dress description, they have selected other of their products that perfectly match this dress.

What’s more important is you don’t need to search the website to order the other products, just click on the ,, Shop the look’’ button and get your combination.

Lou & Gray Cloud Cozy Cotton Terry Pocket Dress

If you are my type who wants soft, cotton made and maximum comfortable dresses, then this dress from the Lou and Gray collection is a must-buy product for you!

Made from 54% Cotton and 46% Polyester, which means you will feel comfort and fanciness.

It fits perfect for taking a walk or going to the café and most important it’s like you wearing clouds- it’s light-weight and easy to dress.

Don’t need to get your bag if going to the store, the dress pockets can fit small subjects and your money.

Here are some ideas of how to wear this dress.


Select your Top style and find your perfect design! Some various blouses and shirts can fit different styles and most important some of them are offering both small and big sizes.

Gingham Everyday Shirt

Made from 100% cotton and easy to keep it clean because is machine washable.

Classy and casual, you can wear it at work, at home parties or even if you are the sporty type at restaurants.

Taking all the comments written online, the buyers had some problems with this shirt length. So I recommend ordering one size plus then your regular one so you don’t have the same troubles.

Here are some suggestions and ways to wear this shirt.

However, there is a huge number of tops and blouses, for different styles and with different prints. No matter from which material they are made in general taking all the customer’s online opinions are rated 4.6/5.

Pants And Jeans

We all want to find jeans that won’t sweat our legs or pants that can fit properly with the occasion we need them for. The list of Loft Pants And Jeans is enormous, so the chance of not finding your match is very little.

Monroe Slim Chino Pants

97% cotton and only 3% spandex, made these pants slightly taper fit, fitted through the hip and thigh and giving them the semi slim leg.

You can have them in Blue, Green, Gray, Pink White and Yellow color and in which size you want.

Some of the customers had some troubles with the zipper, bat all that was due to the bad shipping where the zipper had been damaged.

All in all, these are high-quality pants that can like all the other items above can fit any occasion.

Like the tops, you can also select and filter by your favorite jeans type.

High Rise Skinny Jeans In Dark Indigo Wash

Reading the fid backs and comments, I can tell these are mine and the buyer’s favorite jeans.

Because they are made of 93% cotton, 6% Polyester and 1%spandex, they are fitted from hip to leg and have a nice structured ending.

They can fit any occasion, won’t sweat you and you will definitively feel comfortable no matter how long you wear them.

Accessories And Shoes

If something this bran needs to be proud of is their creative and well-designed accessories, details and shoes whit affordable price.

Necklaces, earrings, chains and even rich-looking jewelry. Different shoes, espadrilles, for different occasions and different numbers.

There aren’t any specific ratings when it comes to shoes and accessories, but I can assure you there are plenty more positive than negative experiences.

Loft Clothing-Promotions And Discounts

They always have some sales which are also in a different place, so if you want to buy something cheaper you can click Sales, and find many different clothes with discounts,

At this time they have some packages and offers that are worth it:

  • Extra 15% off on your first purchase when you open and immediately use the loft card
  • 10% off for only signing up for texts
  • Free shipping on 99$+
  • Loft Cash- valid for 25$ off a qualifying 50$ purchase during the redemption period, 4/25- 5/30/2022
  • 50% off on orders over 200$, 30% off on orders to 100$ and even 20% off on 50$ orders.

There are also other promotions and discounts and they are also available in the Loft stores and outlets.

Loft Clothing-Shipping And Return Policy

Loft can ship orders to all locations within the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as internationally. See Here for information on international shipping. Because of the huge number of orders, there can be some troubles delivering the package but they are easy to solve.

Orders to 98.99$ are charged 8.95$ for Shipping and Handling Charges.

Now they have the 99$ order and free shipping but it’s good to know that the gift cards, packaging, taxes and prior purchases do not qualify toward the minimum purchase requirement.

 Also if the order comes from You are shipping to: Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico addresses- that’s extra charged.

Flat rate 14.95$ for Third Day Shipping and Handling Charges and a rate of 24.95$ for Next Business Day shipping. There are also timing rules in what time of the day the order will come, and it’s very sweet and caring because you will know when to be home.

They have a 30-day return policy and the return for the online orders should be done through email. The orders bought from stores should be returned there.

On their site, you can find the following steps to successfully return your order.

Loft Clothing – Pros And Cons


  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • All in one place store
  • Shipping Policy
  • Return Policy
  • Well-organized webside
  • Different sizes


  • The listed number of countries for shipping
  • Small troubles while shipping


Is Loft Clothing Worth Buying?

I can’t see any strong reason why not!

It has a great return policy, dresses, pants, tops, accessories and shoes, which are also samples of how to wear them with no worries and effort at all.

Also, I haven’t seen other brand that gives so high discounts on even 50$ orders, and despite that, if you’re not satisfied with it, you have the chance to return it.

This brand has all in one place, so say goodbye to the long hour of shopping in which you can’t find a thing!

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