Larq vs Crazy cap vs Grayl: Best Water Purifying Bottles

I have never understood the necessity of a portable water purifier. That is, only until I started hiking, traveling, and running to some extremely beautiful spots, but often times, remote.

Things started to make sense. Why would there only be water filters and purifiers for taps or at your home? What are the constraints of creating something portable, which can be a godsend to all of us nature enthusiasts?

It seems as though the constraints are non-existent. Companies like Larq, Crazy Cap, and Grayl, all offer portable water purifying solutions. But finding which one fits your bill, might be a difficult task.

That’s why, Larq, Crazy Cap, and Grayl all went under our microscope, so we can see truly which is the most superior solution, and what might work for you. Below, you will also find an in-depth comparison of the three.

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How Do Water Purifiers Work? – Larq VS Crazy Cap VS Grayl

Crazy Cap’s Different Water Bottle Designs

All three consecutive brands work in different ways, in terms of how they purify the water.

That is, the methodology with Larq and Crazy Cap is similar, but they have patented technologies in how they clean their water. That basically means that they both use UV-lights to clean the water, but their designs are different.

On the other hand, Grayl is more traditional, in a sense where the bottle utilizes an active carbon filter. Typically, filters you might find at your sink, in your air purifiers, and other things. However, Grayl has created some impressive technology, and tailored the filter to work with water.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re wondering if these are the real deal, and whether they get the job done, they do.

Why Would You Need Water Purifier Bottles? – Larq, Crazy Cap & Grayl

Thing is, you don’t only need water purifiers when you’re going on hikes to the hill side, or traveling to some remote locations. You need these puppies even if you’re traveling to different states or countries.

This is mainly due to the fact that the water is different everywhere, and while the population there has accustomed to the different pathogens and virus in that water, you might experience some sort of a negative reaction to it.

There are hundreds of thousands affected each year, and not all go through it easily.

So, even if you’re not so remote from the world that you cannot find a tap, the water from the tap might be contaminated, and you might not be accustomed to the different non-lethal, pathenogenic viruses or other contaminants.

Even purifying the water from a tap makes sense, when you consider the fact that in the majority of the world, there is a waterborne virus, which makes the water not safe to drink.

In-Depth Comparison – Differences Between Larq, Crazy Cap & Grayl

Let’s face it. We’re not all scientists to know indeed which bottle is actually the best at purifying the water. But we can look at them side-by-side, in order to truly see how they stand out compared to each other.

Some practical aspects will be covered as well. Here’s an in-depth comparison of Larq, Crazy Cap and Grayl side-by-side:

Watter Bottles Comparison Larq VS Crazy Cap VS Grayl
TechnologyUV-C LED technologyUV-C LED technologyActivated Carbon Filtering System
Purifying Efficiency99.9999% Bacteria and Viruses99.9996% Bacteria and Viruses99.9999% Protozoa, Bacteria, Viruses, Heavy Metals
Price – Depends on size & Customization$89 – $129$69.95 – $84$69.95 – $89.95
ShippingFree on orders $80Free on orders $50Free
Return PolicyReturns available within 30 days of purchase. Custom bottles and additional charging cables not accepted.Returns available within 3- days of purchase.Returns available within a whopping 365 days after purchase.
Warranty1-year warranty on all bottles from the official website and authorized retailers.Lifetime warranty.10-year warranty.
Get your water purifying bottle:

There are multiple sizes for different water purify bottles, so prices will vary between the given amounts above. And about the purifying efficiency, basically, 99.9% means that you might still be subjected to some sort of contaminants.

But all things considered, all three brands have been tested on multiple guidelines on creating purifying water bottles, and additionally been subjected to testing in third-party laboratories.

In addition, the warranties only cover defects with the craftmanship and technology inside the bottles, rather than your usual wear and tear from usage.

Larq Review

Larq Bottle PureVis

Larq is by far the most impressive one in terms of how much technology you’re getting in the bottle.

It has been certified by the FDA, Harrens, and RoHS, along with other certifications as well. Like we mentioned before, it uses UV-C light technology, which is considered one of the most effective ways to purify water at the moment, especially for bacteria and viruses.

Sure, compared to traditional filtering systems and purifying techniques it might fall short in purifying heavier contaminants, for example dirt and grime, but in terms of having drinkable water, it performs above average.

It may appear as though it is the most expensive option between the three, but you do get a lot more, and most of the water bottles are quite affordable. Like Crazy Cap, Larq’s UV-C filtering system is compact and does take up only a small amount of space.

Larq also exercises the most popularity compared to Crazy Cap and Grayl, and it is easy to see why.

Quality-wise, it is quite impressive. It does have only a one-year warranty, compared to Crazy Cap’s lifetime one and Grayl’s 10-year warranty. But from what’ve gathered, this doesn’t seem to bother Larq users, as the bottles tend to last quite long.

So, if you plan to go with Larq for your water purifying solution, what are the pros and cons? Here’s a list:


  • Quality is very impressive
  • High efficiency
  • Durable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe option


  • Not very customizable

Crazy Cap Review

Crazy Cap 2

Crazy Cap shares a lot of similarities with Larq. Compared to Larq though, it remains the lesser popular choice when it comes to water purifying bottles, but it is impressive nonetheless.

One thing which makes Crazy Cap stand out in this list is its design, which is very futuristic, and it does feel ergonomic to hold. It comes in at a couple of sizes, the most popular being 17 oz and 25 oz which is enough for your usual hike to the hillside.

It has been extensively tested like Larq, and it has been tested by NSF International NSF and ANSI 55 for disinfection efficiency. It has a Class B when used in Crazy mode. Oh yeah, it does have two modes: normal and crazy mode.

In crazy mode, the efficiency goes a lot higher, but it does consume more power. However, having the option to increase the punch is great.

Another thing which makes Crazy Cap a strong contender to Larq is the ability to customize your own bottle. There are much more personalization options and colors, plus, you can enter a personalized text to have on your own bottle.

NOTE: Be wary though, because personalized bottles aren’t accepted for returns.

Crazy Cap can also keep your water cool for 24 hours, or hot for 12. Quite an impressive upgrade compared to traditional thermoses.

Similar to Larq, Crazy Cap has both positive and negative aspects. Here are all the pros and cons for Crazy Cap:


  • A lot of color options
  • Highly customizable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cooling and heating up water available


  • Branding is not on par with Larq

Grayl Review


Grayl as we’ve seen up until this point is completely different to the other two.

One thing which bothers me about Grayl is who exactly are they targeting. Designs seem rugged and tough, and yet, Grayl states that you can use this bottle at hotel sinks and beachside taco stands.

Of course, that is an option, but the whole deal with Grayl for me, was that it was only for the most enthusiastic adventurers, that attempt feats which beggar belief. The advantages of using a carbon filter are present though.

For example, bigger contaminants, like we said before, dirt, grime, metal particles, and others, can be cleared out. With UV-C filters, that is not the case, as it only attacks invisible bacteria.

But do you really need a bottle that is as flashy as Grayl for your regular traveling where there is clear running water, not ponds? That’s a question which I cannot find the answer to, especially when prices run dangerously close to options like Larq and Crazy Cap.

Compared to the other two though, while prices might be close, Grayl doesn’t utilize UV-C LED technology, and while it might be good enough for removing bacteria, contaminants, and bigger grime, it doesn’t make sense for the average consumer, considering the price.

If you’re an adventurer though, and Grayl seems like a good option to you, then consider the following pros and cons:


  • Carbon filter- meaning less dirt and grime
  • Big sizes
  • Robust and durable
  • Free shipping
  • 10-year warranty


  • Have to replace filter every 350 presses
  • Regularly have to buy filters

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Since we already have a clear picture of what some of the strengths and weaknesses of each one are, just how well would they perform against each other.

We put Larq, Crazy Cap and Grayl in a 1on1, and we hope this way, we can distinguish who they’re meant for, and should you consider any of these three options. All matchups will be covered below.

Larq or Crazy Cap?

Larq’s Granite White PureVis

Between these two, I would say is neck-and-neck.

Both have revolutionary technology solutions for purifying water, and both have the option to either cool or heat up your water. All things considered, they’re relatively great alternatives to any bottle out there.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or an adventurer, these things just make sense.

But between the two, Larq does seem to be the superior choice. Now, it does offer a measly one-year warranty, but the bottle does seem much more high quality and durable. Might have something to do with its design, but the bottle is a long-lasting one.

Both come in the same sizes, but after all that, Larq does seem to be the best choice between these two, and in general.

Which Is Better? – Larq VS Grayl

Grayl shouldn’t be put in a box against these two. Sure, it purifies your water greatly, but most of the futuristic features you’re getting with the other two, Grayl lacks.

For some quite frankly, high-functioning adventurers, I would see Grayl working out. But for the average consumer, it is a much better idea to go with Larq. Additionally, compared to Larq’s designs, Grayl’s seems to be way over the top.

It feels like a plastic bottle, but there are advantages to using a carbon filter. At the moment though, the most efficient way to decontaminate your water though, is by using UV-C lights, like Larq.

Lastly, I would have been fine with using something like Grayl, but pricing-wise, it does seem unreasonable. It does feel like you’re mostly paying for a 10-year warranty, and the ‘free shipping’ thing is actually included in the price.

Crazy Cap VS Grayl – What Is For You?

Honestly, if you’re in need of a bottle that clears heavier things like dirt and grim, and you regularly use river water, then Grayl does seem to offer more.

Sure, you won’t have the water actually cool or warm, but for a practical solution for your adventures and travelling, making no compromises, Grayl is the better choice. But again, if you just want a water bottle that is in-line with the future and purifies your water to the best of its ability, then Crazy Cap is better.

It comes down to whether you go on hiking trips to the hill side daily, or weekly. In all other practical aspects, Crazy Cap is better.

The Verdict: The Best Water Purifying Bottle – Larq VS Crazy Cap VS Grayl

These three brands have sold me on the idea that a water purifying bottle can actually work.

The technological advancement of both Larq and Crazy Cap are for praise. Giving you the ability to either cool and heat up your water, at the same time purify it, making it pure for consumption.

For me, and I’m guessing most, the most efficient and best solution from the three is Larq (see here). It utilizes a unique technology, and their bottles have been reported to hold-up relatively well over time. However, Crazy Cap is still a viable option, especially for those that want to add a bit of flavor with design, as it is the most personalized option from the three.

While Grayl isn’t as superior as the other two, and utilizes a much more ‘traditional’ technology, it might make sense for those that might climb Everest on a regular Sunday. Meaning, the best one for high-functioning adventurers.

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