Lalo Vs Stokke: Comparison Of The Two Best High Chairs

Parenthood is always scary, there’s no shame in admitting that. People are afraid of being unprepared for their little one, because having a baby will severely change a parent’s lifestyle. So it’s best to prepare yourself for the upcoming change, like getting yourself a high chair.

High chairs are essential for any parent, since the babies obviously aren’t big enough to sit on a regular chair. The high chair will also keep the little one still and comfortable while it’s feeding time, making it an excellent way to keep your baby stationary while you do mundane things.

We will be focusing on two brands that can give you quality high chairs for great value. Lalo and Stokke. Stokke was founded in 1932, while Lalo was recently founded in 2019. Though despite Stokke’s veteran status, let’s not rule out Lalo yet.

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What Do Lalo & Stokke Offer?

Stokke’s Sturdy High Chair

When selecting a high chair, you need to think about how durability and how long you want to keep it around. Durability, of course, is to make sure your baby is safe and the chair won’t break itself, while making sure that the high chair will stay around long enough until the baby is big.

Lalo has The Chair. Now there are two versions of this one, and we’re going to focus on the one that offers the most functions. There’s the regular High Chair, and the Full Kit. Now, what makes the Full Kit better than the High Chair is that the Full Kit offers comfortability for the baby, and has the Play Legs, all for great value.

Stokke has their classic Clikk High Chair, their best-selling high chair product. It offers all of the basic functions of a high chair, while also being comfortable and durable. Though once the baby is grown, the high chair no longer has its uses, unlike Lalo’s The Chair, which can be turned into a Play Chair where your toddler can sit after growing up.

Table Comparison Of Lalo & Stokke

Trying to purchase high chairs can be a bit of a challenge. You need to think about materials, contents of the product, shipping etc. So in order to get a better understanding of the differences between Lalo and Stokke, we’ve set up a table to compare the two products.

Lalo VS Stokke: High Chairs
ModelLalo’s The Chair Full KitStokke’s Clikk High Chair
MaterialsFSC Certified beechwood, Non-toxic plastic, Aluminium, Polyester.FSC-certified solid European beech wood, PP-TC/PA plastics.
ContentsHigh Chair
Play Legs
Stokke Clikk Chair
Stokke Clikk Tray
Stokke Clikk Harness
Color5 colors6 colors
Free ShippingYes, but only if your order is $50 or above.Yes, but only if your order is $50 or above.
Return PolicyCan be returned in 100 days as long as all contents of the box are placed back inside.
All product tags and labels must remain attached.
All parts, assembly tools and accessories must be included with the return to receive the full refund.
Can be returned in 14 days as long as product is still in “new” condition.
In the original packaging, including all parts, accessories, manuals etc.
Must include an RMA.

So there are some notable differences present in the comparison. But we can never truly which one is better than the other. To do that, we need to do an in-depth review.

Lalo’s The Chair (Full Kit) Review

Lalo’s High Chair – The Complete Package

While Lalo may be new to the scene, their innovative ideas and marketing has made them a well-known name in the baby care business.

The Chair, specifically the Full Kit version, offers more functions at great value. Comfortability and durability for the baby, and longevity for the parent. Why, do you ask? Because once the baby grows into a toddler, the Chair can be converted into a Play Chair.

The Play Chair is basically a small chair toddlers can sit in, which makes the Full Kit an all-in-one purchase for the next foreseeable future. When purchasing the Full Kit, you’re thinking long term. The High Chair is good for the baby from 6 months until they’re 3 years old, and once they hit that toddler stage, the Play Chair comes into the picture.

The Full Kit is a genius idea that thinks about the baby’s future, making the Full Kit a must have. Of course, if you’re unsatisfied with the purchase, Lalo offers a very generous return policy of 100 days, as long as the contents of the box is in good condition, and the box itself is not tampered with.


  • All-in-one package
  • All set for the next 3 to 5 years
  • Generous 100-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Great value


  • Non-adjustable tray
  • Not suitable for plus sized babies

Stokke’s Clikk High Chair Review

Stokke’s Sleek High Chair

Stokke’s has been in the business for a long time now, so they know what to do for their products. They’re a trusted name and has loyal customers for years now.

The Clikk High Chair is one of their well-known products, and for good reason. Offering comfortability and durability at great value, this high chair is sought out by parents for its design, and because its easy to put together.

High Chairs are usually a little uncomfortable for babies, which is why comfortability was kept in mind when designing this product. The chair can be used till the baby is 3 years old, similar to Lalo’s chair.

However, Stokke’s high chair is not usable once the baby goes into the toddler stage of their life. Once the baby has grown, the usefulness of the Clikk High Chair runs out. It’s also worth noting that while the Full Kit version of Lalo features a cushion, the Clikk High Chair does not.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, Stokke has a return policy of 14 days. The policy states that everything that was in the box must be returned with the box in good condition, while also including an RMA.


  • Comfortability
  • Durable
  • Easy to put together


  • No cushion
  • Cannot be used for toddlers
  • Return policy is only 14 days

Head-To-Head Comparison

It’s hard to truly tell which brand is better than the other. On one hand, Stokke’s has been around for a long time now, making them a trusted name. On the other, Lalo is fairly new, but has great ideas and offers more at a great value.

If you’re still not sure which is better, maybe the next part might help you figure it out.

Lalo VS Stokke – Which Is The Better Brand?

Lalo’s High Chair With A Friend

Stokkes and Lalo offer great products, but one can easily say that Lalo is thinking of the baby’s future. The Full Kit version of The Chair is proof of that.

They understand that high chairs lose all relevance once the baby is a grown toddler, which is why they thought about including the option for the Full Kit, allowing parents to get all they need for the next 5 years.

Lalo is great for thinking that far ahead. But that doesn’t mean Stokkes isn’t good, it just means they need to come up with something similar to that, a product that can rival with Lalo’s Full Kit high chair.

Being competitive with each other brings out the best ideas, so one day, maybe we’ll see Stokke’s answer to Lalo’s Full Kit.

The Verdict: High Chairs, Lalo & Stokke

Stoke’s Killer Color

It’s always scary when changes happen, and no change is bigger than having a baby to take care of. They take up all of your time and effort, and become the sole reason of why we work as much.

Brands like Lalo and Stokke are very helpful in these trying times of parenthood. Without them, life is a tad bit less comfortable. In terms of which brand is the first place for us, it’s Lalo.

Stokke has some good options as well, but overall, Lalo offers a better value deal.

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