KUDU Grill Review: Experience The True Open-Fire Cooking

I love watching nature shows and those amazing YouTubers exploring American forests and cooking all kinds of dishes on open fire next to a stream. I’ve always wanted to do something like that, to experience true open-fire cooking, but I couldn’t just dig a fire pit in my backyard. Then, somehow, I saw an ad on Instagram. There was a picture of a grill with many add-ons and a huge base for charcoal or wood. It didn’t look huge, it was just perfect.

The name was KUDU Grill. In this article, I’ll review KUDU grills and a lot more.

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About KUDU

KUDU was founded in 2016 by Stebin Horne. He fell in love with South African culture (as well as his South African wife) and tradition. He enjoyed so-called braais where friends and family gathered to make delicious open-fire dishes and hang out.

Those communal gatherings became the inspiration for KUDU. Stebin went back to America where Mercer Innovation Center awarded him for inspiring work and helped him turn KUDU from a dream into reality. KUDU has grown into a successful company and it has been featured in Epicurious, Bon appétit, Esquire, Forbes, and many more.

The KUDU Open Fire Grill Review

If you think that KUDU grills look too simple that’s exactly what the founder wanted. He aimed for a simplistic design to suit everyone. People often think that if a grill looks huge, with dozens of add-ons and parts it’s capable of making wonders. That’s often not the case. Folks at KUDU did exactly the opposite. They removed all the unnecessary parts and built a solid, simple, and sturdy grill.
Why? Because the KUDU grill has everything – simplicity required by the most novice griller and features and flexibility professional chefs need to prepare wonders for true gourmets.

Easy assembling is another upside of the KUDU – it takes seconds to assemble the entire grill right out of the box. So whether you’re using a grill for the first time or you’re an experienced griller ready to demonstrate cooking skills in the wild, the KUDU is ready to follow you wherever you go.

Here’s the main feature of the KUDU – Open Fire Cooking. I mentioned that there’s no way I can dig a fire pit in my backyard just to experience open-fire cooking. Well the KUDU grill offers the most innovative portable open-fire cooking and campfire experience. The grill is versatile you can grill, bake, sear, saute, smoke, and stir and fry, and after you’re done with your cooking mastery, the grill transforms into an elevated vertical fire pit.

The KUDU grill parts

The KUDU grill consists of 9 main parts.

  1. 19″ Stainless Steel Movable Grill Grate allows you to move the grate the way you want – close or away from the open fire.
  2. Elevation Bars Allow for Precise Temperature Control. The bars allow you to adjust the height of the grate and control the temperature.
  3. Ultra-High Temp Ceramic Coated Base Made From Heavy Gauge Steel and Welded Core. The base is backed with a 5-year warranty.
  1. 16″ Cast-Iron, Double Handled Skillet where you can stir-fry or sauté
  2. Multiple accessories attach easily to elevation bars
  3. Cantilevered ratcheting bolts for a secure hold with vertical and lateral movement
  1. Stainless cool-coil handles for easy and safe maneuvering
  2. Removable legs with self-leveling feet
  3. 5-year warranty

KUDU Grill Accessories

Besides the KUDU grill, you can shop for additional accessories that will make your cooking and food preparation way easier. You can shop them individually or as The KUDU Blazing Package and The KUDU Master Package.

The KUDU Grill Cover

Even though you’d want to keep it in your room, your precious grill will probably stay where it belongs – outdoors. That’s why you have to protect it from various weather conditions. The KUDU Grill Cover is made of heavy-duty water-resistant canvas and it provides the protection your grill deserves. It features a drawstring button as well as a KUDU logo.

The KUDU Smoker Lid

I mentioned that The KUDU Open Fire Grill is super versatile, right? You can even prepare smoked dishes. The KUDU Smoker Lid fits perfectly over the large grill ring and traps all the precious smoke giving your dishes a godlike taste. Built from stainless steel, the lid is built to last.

The KUDU Blaze Package includes the KUDU grill and the most popular accessories mentioned above – the KUDU Grill Cover and the KUDU Smoker Lid.

KUDU Dutch Oven

KUDU Dutch Oven allows you to do even more from stew to roasting meat to baking bread. The cast iron oven is enamel coated for durability. You can place it directly into coals or hang it above the fire or coal using a hanger.

KUDU Rotisserie

KUDU Rotisserie is for true meat lovers. Thanks to this convenient accessory roast a whole chicken, pork loin, beef roasts, and much more. Rotisserie is 26 inches long therefore you have plenty of space to experiment with your favorite meat piece.

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what customers think about KUDU Open Fire Grill. I’ve checked what customers are saying on KUDU official website, Amazon and TrustPilot. The impressive thing is that the company scores over 4.5 stars on all three websites. This undoubtedly means that Steben Horne has created an impressive piece of grill. On Amazon, customers rated The KUDU Open Fire Grill and the product has 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers love the versatility, simplicity, sturdiness, and ease of transportation.

On Trustpilot the brand scores 4.7 out of 5. The comments mainly referred to superb quality, fast delivery, and ease of use.

Speaking of negative reviews, I haven’t seen customers complaining about the grill itself. Most complaints were related to the fact that the grill is a bit pricey. One consumer mentioned that it’s too heavy yet easy to assemble. Also, many consumers strongly advised all future buyers to get the KUDU cover as well unless they want their grill to become filled with water after a rainy day.

Overall, over 90% of KUDU customers are happy with the product and that’s what matters to you.

Shipping and Returns

Speaking of returns, if you’re unhappy you can return your product within 30 days of your purchase. The product has be unused, in the original packaging, and with a receipt or proof of purchase. I’d like to mention that most KUDU products come with a 5-year warranty which is great.

Shipping is the only area of KUDU business I’m disappointed with. The company ships the products to the US and Canada but there’s a significant flat rate. For example, if you’re about to purchase The KUDU Open Fire Grill there’s a $69 flat rate. If you want to get just an accessory like fire rings, there’s a $29 flat rate.

Honestly, I expected free shipping, but since the grill weighs 75lbs I guess the free shipping option would significantly affect the price.

Is It Worth It?

The KUDU Open Fire Grill truly is an amazing piece of steel to have in your backyard. If you like to hang out with friends while enjoying food and the heat of open fire, then this is something you have been looking for.

The product is undoubtedly made of high-quality materials. It’s durable, versatile, and super easy to transport and assemble. There are so many ways you can cook your favorite meals with the KUDU grill – poach, steam, stir-fry, stew, broil, bake, fry, you name it!

Moreover, you can buy additional accessories such as a rotisserie, fire ring, and smoker lid to unlock even more cooking options.

The grills come with a 5-year warranty, and if you’re unhappy you can return your grill within 30 days from the purchase date. If you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry, there are so many How-To videos on KUDU official website, that will make you seem like a BBQ pro.

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