Jack Henry Review: Before You Buy (Pros & Cons)

The standards of modern business grooming and style for men have dramatically changed, especially over the last decade, going from the dark and standardized attire and grooming practices of the past to a world that allows way more color, creativity, and expression.

One brand that is making waves in this new climate is Jack Henry. In this Jack Henry review, you will learn all there is about the brand, its products, its dedication to using the best possible ingredients, and how they can make you stand out with your style as a man in the 21st century.

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What Is Jack Henry?

Jack Henry Hair Cleanser

Jack Henry is a US-based company providing grooming products for men. The inspiration for the brand came after the founder discovered that 98% of the hair pomade he used was made of synthetics.

So, he set out on a mission to provide men with hair pomades that not only make you look good but also protect you from any unwanted effects or chemicals.

All of the production is carried out in California, with affordable shipping rates available worldwide. They have products that can accommodate any type of hair, no matter how thick, curly, or short it is.

Jach Henry Review – Ratings Breakdown


Jack Henry’s products, especially their famous pomade, have received a staggering amount of positive reviews. They definitely have more fans than haters which is mostly because of their high-quality products and outstanding packaging. Overall, there are no complaints regarding quality with this brand.


You can increase the value for the money you’re paying for Jack Henry’s quality products by joining the subscription program. It allows you to save a certain percentage on their products and have more to spend next month. Overall, the value for the money is decent but not extremely worth it according to the majority of reviewers.


Jack Henry has a wonderful brand identity that most of their customers care deeply about. The brand offers an elegant and extremely healthy solution for men who want to style their hair and not worry about whether it’s going to fall off as a result. Jack Henry is one of the few brands that offers this. In addition, the brand also shares their ingredients for their products, gaining the trust of all their loyal customers.


According to most reviews and from personal experience, there isn’t much to complain regarding the customer experience area either. Jack Henry offers a simple contact form that you can fill out if you need any answers to your questions regarding their products. They also include a very helpful FAQ page, they offer careers for those with relevant skills, and offer anyone the chance to become an affiliate and earn alongside the brand.

What Do Customers Say About Jack Henry?

Jack Henry has amassed a large number of loyal customers over the years. Many say that their products were the only thing that was ever able to tame their hair.

Customers also find it refreshing that there is a men’s grooming brand that pays so much attention to using natural ingredients that style but also nourish their hair.

With that said, some customers reported that Jack Henry’s pomade was oily and made their hair too greasy. If applied correctly, though, the vast majority of customers seem to be satisfied with the pomade and use it regularly.

Jack Henry Clay Pomade

The Clay Pomade is one of Jack Henry’s standout products. It contains only four ingredients: Coconut Oil, Bentonite Clay, Lavender Oil, and Beeswax, three of which are organic. It works great for all types and styles of hair, adding thickness, volume, and texture.

It is humidity and sweat-resistant and is easy to touch up throughout the day. The pomade is nourishing and stimulates hair growth, and holds for at least 24 hours.

Jack Henry Best Products

Apart from the Clay Pomade, here are some of Jack Henry’s other great products:


Jack Henry’s deodorant is a common addition to the pomade and is even used by some professional athletes. Its formula was created in-house and is totally free of synthetics.

Unlike most other entirely natural deodorants, this one actually stays throughout the day and will keep you smelling and feeling fresh.

Keep in mind that once you start using natural deodorant, your body will go through an adjustment phase where it will sweat more than usual. This phase can last for up to 30 days.


The Cleanse+ is like a superfood for your skin and is made to accommodate it in all parts of your body, including face, hair, and hands. It is great for treating acne, inflammation, or dry skin, thanks to its prebiotic and hydrating ingredients.

Cleanse+ is best to apply all over the body, ideally after a shower. Its prebiotic blend will feed the healthy bacteria in your skin, helping it multiply faster and release enzymes that result in firmer and more toned skin.

Hair Refresh

This Pacific sea salt spray adds thickness and texture to your hair. It also has lemon oil that feels amazing on your hair and skull. It is very easy to apply and can be a great substitute for a shower if you’re in a rush.

For best results, spray evenly all over your hair, and use your hands to reach roots and style it.

The Face Kit

The Face Kit comes with four unique products:

  • Cleanse+
  • Face Toner
  • Nightly Detox
  • Super Face Oil

It is ideal for an all-around skincare routine that will help you feel fresh and nourished. All of the products are free of toxins.

Jack Henry Subscription

If you’re a regular customer, the Jack Henry subscription will help you save 15% of every order. You can try it for 30-days completely risk-free as it allows free returns. You also have the option to pause or cancel the subscription easily through a text message.

Jack Henry Product Ingredients

Jack Henry Pomade Consistency

Jack Henry products contain the finest and cleanest ingredients from around the world. Here are some of their most-used ingredients:

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – effective at maximizing the effects of other ingredients. Used in almost all Jack Henry products
  • Beeswax – it is locally produced in Ohio and is used for styling and adding volume to hair
  • Bentonite Clay – a popular ingredient that is safe, nourishing, and adds texture and thickness to hair
  • Witch Hazel – removes excess oil from your face, hair, or pits.
  • Lavender Oil – powerful oil used with many of their products. It promotes hair growth and prevent inflammation of the skin

Jack Henry Packaging

Jack Henry pays very close attention to its packaging and the materials they use for it. They use amber glass bottles that minimize plastic waste and are great for protecting the product inside them.

Its tint also prevents light from damaging the ingredients inside the bottle. All bottles have a simple, yet elegant design.

Pros & Cons


  • Nourishing and organic ingredients
  • Work for all hair types and styles
  • Nice diversity of products
  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • Good value for price


  • Not very easy to wash
  • Doesn’t always hold as long as advertised

Final Verdict

Jack Henry is a solid men’s grooming provider offering hair pomade, fresheners, deodorants, and various other products. Their prices are very affordable and correctly reflect the quality of their product. If you want to save extra, you can wait for some of their promotions. Regular customers can join their subscription service to get 15% off all orders.

Jack Henry products are made from the finest natural ingredients, and the packaging is elegant and minimizes plastic waste.

While the majority of customers are very satisfied with the brand and become long-term customers, there are some that find the products too greasy or unable to hold as long as advertised.

No matter what category you end up falling into, you should definitely consider giving Jack Henry a try, as it has helped many people, some of whom thought that their hair is beyond repair.

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