Indochino Review

Let’s be honest, a custom suit is nearly impossible to find under $1000 – $1500. And if you wear suits a few times a year (like I do), spending $1500 is quite an unnecessary expense. Thankfully a few years ago, someone from Canada had a great idea to start an online shop that makes custom suits, shirts, chinos, blazers, and overcoats for men. Today, that shop is the largest exclusive made-to-measure corporation worldwide.

Name? Indochino.

In this review, I will analyze something we all need most – a well-tailored suit that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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About Indochino

Indochino was founded in 2007 by Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani. Their vision was to create affordable yet quality-made custom suits. That’s exactly what they did – they took the premium made-to-measure experience directly to the customers. By doing so, they’ve created an alternative to off-the-rack clothing at affordable prices.

When shopping at Indochino, you’re not just a customer but a designer as well. You create your own suit by selecting from hundreds of fabrics. And that’s not all, there are endless personalization options including lapels, pockets, buttons, linings, and monograms.

After you finish with customization, you can expect the suit on your doorstep within three weeks.


  • High-quality custom-made suits
  • Affordable prices for everyone
  • Amazing online measuring guide
  • Huge variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns
  • You get in the shoes of a designer by choosing fabrics, lapels, pockets, buttons, etc.
  • Suits arrives at your doorstep within 3 weeks
  • Free shipping on orders over $150


  • Slow shipping process
  • Customers complain that suits are too large or too small

How Does It Work

Imagine yourself sitting in the living room and you’re about to order a tailored suit online. And it has to be a perfect fit. How are you going to do that? I’m having issues when I’m about to order jeans online, and ordering a tailored suit sounds like rocket science to me.

Thankfully, Indochino thought about it. All you have to do is follow the measuring directions on their website. I’m not talking about those bold, written instructions that we’re supposed to understand. I’m talking about perfectly simple and explanatory videos made for measuring each part of your body. Of course, you need a friend or a partner to help you. Oh, and you need a measuring tape.

The videos will guide you on how to take measures of your neck, shoulders, biceps, arms, wrists, torso length, and 12 more body parts.

Premium Suits

There are a total of 48 different suits in the premium category. You can pick out of 12 colors including blue, burgundy, navy, teal, gray, and black. Also, there’s fabric as well. There are 4 different types of fabric among premium suits – 100% Merino wool, cotton spandex, wool spandex, and wool blend. You can also pick a pattern and even fabric weight.

Let’s have a look at the best-seller of premium suits – Hemsworth Gray Suit.

Hemsworth Gray Suit

This is one of the top-selling premium suits at Indochino. It’s a classical and versatile suit you can’t go wrong with. It’s made of premium wool and the jacket is half-canvassed for greater versatility and a superior shape of your body. Hemsworth Gray Suit features fully canvassed lapels, lightweight shoulder pads, bullhorn buttons, and high-quality collar felts.

For us, nerds, here are the specifications

Fabric100% wool
Fabric weight (GSM)280 – midweight
Super CountSuper 100

Luxury Suits

Inodchino luxury suits are made of 5 different types of wool – 100% Merino wool, wool blend, wool mohair blend, wool spandex, and wool-cashmere blend. Also, the suits are available in 4 different patterns and 12 colors.

Monza Royal Flannel Gray Suit

When you just look at this suit you know it’s not a regular one. It screams luxury! Indochino has added the world-class Monza flanne fabric to its collection. Sourced from the Guabello Mill in Northern Italy, this gray-wool suit is a synonym for incredible softness.

Just like Hemsworth Gray Suit, this one features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads, and high-quality collar felts as well.

Fabric100% wool
Fabric weight (GSM)270 – midweight

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Tuxedo Suits

Formal events mean only one thing – tuxedos. Once in a while, you’ll need it, but again, are you willing to spend a fortune? I thought so. Indochino tuxedos cost $539-$669 and they are made of high-quality materials such as wool mohair and wool-cashmere blends.

Hampton Midnight Blue Tuxedo

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with Hampton Midnight Blue Tuxedo. It’s timeless. The tuxedo is made from a luxurious cashmere-wool blend and it’s structured for a sleek silhouette.

My favorite part of this tuxedo is a satin trip that adds stylish contrast.

The tuxedo is made from 88% wool, 6% cashmere, and 6% silk.

Here are the specs

Fabric88% Wool, 6% Cashmere, 6% Silk
Fabric weight (GSM)320 – heavyweight
Super CountSuper 140

Blue Suits

Stylish blues suits are your wardrobe’s must-have. Thanks to Indochino, you’ll have to spend at least 3x less money on getting one. Indochino features many different shades of blue in both the luxury and premium category.

Highbridge Blue Suit

Luxury Highbridge Blue Suit is a stylish suit that will definitely make you look special no matter what occasion. The suit is made with 150s wool fabrics meaning it’s warm and soft.

Just like other Indochino jackets, this one is half-canvassed for versatility and it features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads, and high-quality collar felts.

Fabric100% Wool
Fabric weight (GSM)265 – Midweight
Super CountSuper 150

Gray Suits

Stunning Indochino gray suits will make you look handsome and stylish. This type of suit is simply timeless. Indochino has an incredible variety of gray suits thanks to five different patterns.

Harrogate Glen Check Charcoal Suit

The thing I love the most about this suit is the plaid patterning. It highlights the texture and with a dash of silk you have a unique piece of fabric. Made from 95% wool and 5% cashmere the suit comes with fully canvassed lapels and bullhorn buttons. Let’s not forget lightweight shoulder pads and high-quality collar felts as well.

Indochino Suits Customer Reviews

I’d be lying if I said that most customers are thrilled with Indochino suits and customer service. There are both positive and negative reviews online.

Customers who loved Indochino are happy with their tailored suit, material, shipping, and, of course, price.

Here’s one review left on the official Indochino Facebook page – Great suits and quality fabrics. Everyone very helpful with the measurement process. I ordered three suits, and when it came time for final adjustments, the team was amazing. I highly recommend!

Speaking of negative comments, customers weren’t happy with the measurement process mostly. There are some complaints about the quality of the suits as well as the customer service.

Here’s one negative review also on Facebook from a loyal customer – The worst customer service experience, careless and ridiculous measurement policy.  They used 4 years old measurements, and did not do anything despite immediate follow-up with an excuse of it being in production.  Then took several days to complete the order.  No delivery yet, what kind of tailors are these?  So disappointed.  Was a loyal customer, but not anymore.

The customer service SUCKS at Indochino.

The fact is, custom-made suits are quite tricky and if we add an online process where you do the measuring by yourself, the room for error increases significantly.

Shipping and Return Policies – Indochino

Indochino offers free shipping on orders over $150. Speaking of the ones below that amount, there’s a flat $20 shipping fee.

Speaking of returns, I think it’s clear that you can’t request a refund on custom-made suits since it’s a personalized products, however, you can alter your suit for up to $100 in one of their showrooms.

Is Indochino Worth It?

Indochino is the largest exclusive made-to-measure corporation worldwide for a reason. They offer custom-made suits at off-the-rack prices. There’s no way you can fully customize your suit for $400. That’s what makes it unique.

Even though their online measuring guide is super simple and impressive, you can always visit one of Indochino’s 50 showrooms and get assistance from professional tailors. I have to mention that the customer reviews are quite polarized. Customers either love Indochino suits, the quality, and customer service or they are absolutely disappointed, they claim the material rips off and the customer service is terrible.

I guess, there’s no golden middle here. The only thing you can do is to make sure you know how to take measures, otherwise, don’t be lazy, go to one of Indochino’s showrooms across the US and be ready to get an outstanding custom-made suit.

Let’s get measured up!


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