Hypervolt vs Theragun: What’s The Best Massage Device

Since the dawn of the pandemic and the whole quarantine thing, it seems like the movement for working out and using that time was increased drastically. People of all ages and backgrounds started to better themselves and make use of the free time to work out.

But with a lot of working out, you might start to feel a bit, well, janky. This is due to the massive amount of tearing caused on the muscles after a workout.

That’s where Hypervolt and Theragun come in. Have you ever wanted to get a premium-grade massager for yourself, but can’t find one in the huge pile of poorly-made devices that are marketed to us?

Well, this is it. Both are premium massagers, and today, we put them under the microscope to see which is the better option!

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Is It Worth It To Get Hypervolt or Theragun?

Theragun Elite & Theragun Mini

The short answer is yes, and here’s why.

To be honest, even if you’re a high-functioning athlete, there is a chance that physical therapist’s visits might be very time-consuming, and often, financially harsh. But even if you’re not a professional athlete, there are reasons why a deep tissue massage is a good idea.

Things like chronic pain, after-accident therapy, or even if you don’t have any chronic pain, a deep tissue massage is a pretty good idea to be at your best, and above all, feel rejuvenated.

That’s why Hypervolt and Theragun are a good idea. Instead of paying for individual therapist visits, you can pay a flat fee, and have a massage device that you can use, any time that you feel the need to do so.

From all the available options on the market, Hypervolt and Theragun are the most well-renowned.

How To Use A Massage Gun? – Hypervolt & Theragun

Hypervolt – What’s Included

There are different ways, and different times which a massage gun is appropriate.

Most of the time, massage guns make sense for those with chronic pains, tight muscles, and athletes. It speeds up the recovery process for your muscles, making them less tight, and easier for blood flow to go to your muscles.

For those with chronic pain, consider using the device once or twice per day, on the affected area, and around it. But, consider consulting with a physical therapist and ask for the best course of action, and when would be appropriate to use you massage gun.

As for athletes and those who want to speed up recovery, the massage gun can be used before, during, or after a workout.

Most people do all three, but it might be time consuming for most. If three times is a lot for you, consider using it before, during or after. Or, as a general rule, use it whenever your muscles feel tight and fatigued.

What’s The Difference? – Hypervolt vs Theragun Massage Device

Even after browsing Hyperice- Hypervolt’s site, or Theragun for that matter, it might be hard for some to notice the differences. After all, not all come across massage devices daily, and know what to look for.

It is because of that, that we wanted to see what the differences truly are, and some practical aspects for both, before making an all-round verdict. What follows is an in-depth comparison of Hypervolt and Theragun:

Hypervolt VS Theragun Massage Device Comparison
Price$199 – $399$199 – $599
ModelsHypervolt GO
Hypervolt Original
Hypervolt Plus
Theragun Mini
Theragun Prime
Theragun Elite
Theragun PRO
Power3200 PPM2400 PPM
ShippingFree on orders above $75Free
Return PolicyReturns available within 30 days of purchaseReturns available within 30 days of purchase
Warranty1-year warrantyMostly 1-year warranty for the device itself, 30 days on attachments. Devices’ warranties might be 2 years if you’re in the UK or EU.
Get your massager now:

In all honesty, both sound like a good idea. But as we will see later, there is a clear winner between these two, in our opinion.

While the Theragun might seem the more expensive option, that’s mostly due to the fact of having an ultra-high-end professional body massager- the Theragun PRO. In addition, the difference is power is incremental, and most of the time, it goes unnoticed.

Between the two, Theragun seems to also have an additional model. It is the Theragun Prime, and basically, it is middle class, but lower performance, which is a weird place to be. An unusual lineup, but it does make some sense, since the Mini is very small and not very powerful. So, the Prime must be in the same class as Hypervolt’s GO.

What Are The Customers Saying? – Hypervolt VS Theragun

Much to my surprise there is quite a big debate out there on whether Hypervolt is better or Theragun is better. And, it seems like that most cannot find a clear indication of which one is better. But from what we came across, it seems like Theragun takes the win.

SOURCE: Reddit

According to a couple of customers, a common theme emerges. Many customers are preferring the Theragun over the Hypervolt, for muscle recovery, but for relaxation massages, it seems like Hypervolt is better.

That’s mainly due to the fact that it is quiter than the Theragun, but nowadays, Theragun have decreased their noise substantially, so it is quite neck and neck.

What we also noticed is that customers should be a bit weary of where they buy their Hypervolt. For starters, if you buy it from an authorized seller, you will have to return it there and comply by their return policy rather than Hyperice’s.

Whatever the case may be, the short and honest truth is that most people prefer the Theragun over the Hypervolt. As for which individual models, it was hard to pinpoint, but still, an overwhelmingly positive feedback surrounds Theragun.

Hypervolt Review

Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hyperice is the company behind the infamous Hypervolt massager.

In the last couple of years, they’ve managed to become one of the leading companies for small and ergonomic massagers. But one can only wonder: Is this because all the exceptional marketing or because of the efficiency of the product itself?

A bit of both. For starters, Hypervolt is unparalleled in quiet operation. But all things considered, in our opinion, it falls short in efficiency, ergonomic design, and a couple of other factors.

Just for reference, Theragun’s patented ergonomic design means that there aren’t any other options available on the market, which come with it. And that’s not the case with the Hypervolt. Still, there are some things which Hypervolt does adequately.

There are a few models with Hypervolt, the GO, the original, and the Plus. The GO is basically the smallest option, designed for those on the go, while the Plus is the professional version of the massager, being at least 30% more powerful than the original.

But for most people, if we’re being honest, the GO will be enough. No need for additional power of size, especially if you’re dealing with lesser chronic pain, and you workout every couple of days.

So, what are the pros and cons to going with Hypervolt? Here’s a list:


  • Quiet operation
  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Great performance
  • Adequate power


  • Plasticky
  • Not an ergonomic design

Theragun Review

Theragun Massage Gun

Impeccable quality. This is the type of things that Theragun offers.

The feeling you get about the Theragun is that it is made to last, and it is highly durable. But perhaps the biggest advantage it has over its competitors is its patented design. We touched on this before, but compared to other unconventional designs, the Theragun has it nailed.

This is mostly due to the fact that the device can be held in multiple different ways. Imagine that you’re having pain on your lower left quad, with the Theragun, you can easily massage that spot. Truly a unique design.

The Theragun comes with five different attachments, so there are really a lot of options when it comes to what kind of a massage you’re looking for. On top of that, there are additional ones that customers can get on the Theragun site.

Much like the Hypervolt, Theragun has four different models: The Mini, the Prime, the Elite, and the Pro.

Again, same as the Hypervolt, the Mini is the smaller and less efficient version for those on the go, the Elite is the middle-class, being best price to performance model, and the Pro is suitable for the therapist’s office.

Most people though will opt-in for the Theragun Elite, as it is the best price-to-performance.

In addition, here are some of the pros and cons we found with the Theragun:


  • The best and most ergonomic design
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach spots
  • A lot of attachments available
  • Impeccable quality
  • Made to last


  • Not as quiet as the competition – Hypervolt

Head-To-Head Comparison

We already know which device is known for what, and roughly what you can expect from both massagers, but in order to dig a little deeper, we put both in a mini head-to-head, in order to find out which one is more superior.

Below, you will find a comparison between Hypervolt and Theragun.

Hypervolt or Theragun, Which Is Better?

Theragun PRO – Cristiano Ronaldo

Hypervolt did make its name with some clever marketing and all that, but one cannot argue that it isn’t a good massager. It simply is. It has 3200 PPM, and it is the quitter massager with that amount of power on the market.

However, there are downsides. A big one is the fact that compared to Theragun, it feels very plasticky, sort of like the low-end budget massagers you would find at your local electronics’ store. That isn’t to say that it will break in a month, but it does feel that way.

On the other hand, Theragun seems like they emphasize quality over anything. The prices are relatively in the same ballpark, and yet, Theragun reflect premium quality, over Hypervolt’s plasticky feel.

Plus, with Theragun’s new models, they’ve managed to make it 75% quieter. So, while that was a big issue for most back in the day, nowadays, Theragun is sufficiently quiet.

The ergonomics subject is a big thing as well. After all, you want a massager that you can use almost on all parts of your body, right? Yes, and with Theragun, that seems to be a possibility. Sadly, we didn’t see that possibility with Hypervolt.

In our opinion, the Theragun is the most superior massage device.

It is more ergonomic, has a better quality with a premium feel, and has quite a large lineup of different attachments for your device. Not to mention the additional 1-year warranty you get if you’re from the UK or EU.

The Verdict: Massage Devices – Are They Worth It & Which One Is For You? – Hypervolt VS Theragun

To be frank, massage devices seem to be worth it. In my experience, I did run away from massagers, as I though their promises were a bit overstated, but I’m glad I was wrong.

They’re great for chronic pain, for tight muscles, for improving blood flow to muscles, and a variety of other things as well. And is thanks to companies like Hypervolt and Theragun for creating massagers which are the best at what they do.

Unfortunately, not both are a great idea. From everything we said above, it does appear that Theragun is much better than Hypervolt. Theragun is a revolutionary device, with a patented design, that people cannot get anywhere else.

With all the attachments, the quality, the low-noise with the new models, we highly recommend giving Theragun a shot!

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Theragun : A deep muscle massage treatment

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