How To Wash Rothy’s | My Ultimate Washing Tips

Rothy’s puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that all of their shoe lineups are washable. These days, contrary to popular belief, not all shoes are washable, and definitely a small percentage of them, are machine-washable.

So, whenever you’re thinking of plopping your shoes in the laundry machine, make sure to do some research whether you’re particular model is machine-washable, because it may lead to deterioration of the outer sole.

Anyways, Rothy’s are washable, but you have to make sure that you wash your Rothy’s in a way which ensures that they stay in perfect condition.

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Washing Your Rothy’s

Rothy’s Shoes

There are two ways in which you can wash any type of Rothy’s shoes:

  • Machine-wash or
  • Hand-wash

Machine-washing them is the easier method and we’ll start with that. However, if you prefer hand washing your kicks or you can’t fill up your laundry machine, you can skip to the “Hand-Washing Rothy’s” section below.

​How To Wash Rothy’s In A Laundry Machine

Washing Rothys in a Laundry Machine

The first step is taking the insoles out. They can be thrown in the washing machine as well, but separate from the shoes. So, take them out, and toss them in alongside your Rothy’s.

NOTE: For the “Lace Up”, “Chelsea”, and “Sneaker” lineup shoes, remove and set aside the midsoles.

Now, pick the most gentle detergent you have. It’s absolutely necessary that you don’t use anything highly concentrated, to avoid any change to the colors.

The last step is setting up the cycle. Choose a delicate cycle, and put the water temperature on cold. While hot water will remove stains better, it also has the potential to do some damage to the Rothy’s. Rothy’s themselves, recommend a cold water temperature. ​

How To Hand-Wash Rothy’s

There are similar things that you have to look out for even if you choose to hand-wash. Those things include: avoid using hot water and use a gentle detergent to scrub your shoes with.

Just fill up a sink or a tub with cold water and mix it with some detergent. Make sure to submerge the Rothy’s all the way. Let them soak for a while. Once they’re fully soaked, dump the water, and refill with water and detergent once more.

At this time, you can start scrubbing. DON’T use any brushes or harsh cloths. Rothy’s recommends using your hand, but in my experience a soaked soft cloth will do best.

Scrub until you’re satisfied and your Rothy’s look fresh as hell. Dump out the water, and it’s time for drying. ​

How To Dry Rothy’s

As you might have gathered until now, you do have to be more delicate with Rothy’s. The drying process is no different.

The only way to dry your Rothy’s is to AIR-DRY them. Avoid using any fans or heat to dry them because it can cause distortion and color change. Also, dry the insoles and the shoes themselves separately. ​

Smelly Insoles? Try This

Most people tend to wash their shoes just because of the smell that builds up in the insoles. But washing your shoes can’t really remove the persistently smelly insoles, it can just mask it.

However, there is a way to remove the odor for good.

Run to the local store and get some baking soda. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, but most tend to overlook its capabilities.

Sprinkle the baking soda on the insoles, and leave it overnight. The next day, simply get rid of all the baking soda on the insoles. Even if you’re still noticing a smell, rinse and repeat the process until the odor is gone for good.

NOTE: You can also get replacement insoles if you’re insoles have any damage, or the odor is persistent.

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