How To Set Away Luggage Lock

If you like or have to travel most of the time, or you have a job where you’re given the task to travel you will sire go for the Luggage Lock that will keep safe your clothes and personal objects.

Some settings need to be done before you set your password on the luggage.

In the following text, you’ll be able to see the Simple steps on how to set away the luggage lock.

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Why Having Luggage Lock Is Cool?

You’ll have the ability to keep safe your stuff untouched even if you lose, or mix up your luggage, which can possibly happen when getting your baggage from the airport.

Despite that, all of the new designs of this type of luggage are very fancy and well designed – both inside-out.

Get your safe luggage, set your locker and have a safe travel!

How To Set Away Luggage Lock | Simple Steps

Different types of luggage have their own lock system, but most of them (almost all) have 0000 as starting code.

That’s the universal password for all of the luggage before you set your own.

Step 1: The default code will be 000(0)

Step 2: Press the reset button next to the password board using the proper tool. (Pen can be useful as well)

Step 3: All of the numbers will go inside and after that, you can set the code number you want to be your password.
(Put the numbers aligned in one row and take note. Tip: write down your password)

Step 4: On the left side there will be the pull button that will open your suitcase.

Step 5: Now close the luggage and enter the new code to open it!

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