How To Refill Bean Bag? The Easy Way

Beans are crushing inside the bag while playing or your Bean bag chair is getting lower?

Don’t worry there is an easy way that will show you How to Refill the Bean Bag!

Most of them are stuck, sewn, or glued. But no matter how they are closed there is an easy way that covers all of them by filling up when empty.

There are also some of them which have their own design opening that can be (open-fill-close) easy to use.

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What Do You Need To Refill Bean Bag?

You’ll need only:

  • Piece of cardboard (to make a funnel)
  • Beans

Yes! Easy like that. Just these 2 items and wish to do it!

How To Refill Bean Bag?

1. Bean Bag With Safety Zipper

Open up the safe zipper, insert the rolled cardboard and start to pour the beans inside it.

It’s better to do this with a little help from your homies, just to be sure that the bag won’t slip if you’re by yourself.

After you fill up the bean bag just close the safe zipper and enjoy your sit.

2. Bean Bag With Sewn Endings

For this one, you’ll need extra scissors, a needle and thread (the same color as the bean bag)

Cut the sewn endings with scissors. Only where the thread is applied. Do it carefully so you don’t damage the bean bag.

Make a hole big enough to fit the rolled cardboard, put it inside and start pouring from the beans.

Once you do that use the needle and the thread to sew the bean bag. This one can be a little more complicated than the way for the bean bags with a safety zipper.

However, in both ways, you won’t need much than 10 minutes, especially for the first way to fill your bean bags.

Close The Edges And Enjoy!

Hope that one of these ways works for you as it worked for my bean bags.

If we sum up, just simple tools and the help of a friend, that’s all you need to fill your bean bag.