How To Make An Amazing Easy Bean Bag Chair

I personally don’t think there is one person on this earth that doesn’t like bean bag chairs, period. They seem like the most comfortable thing to ever exist on this planet. But if you were thinking of buying one you might be shocked of just how expensive these puppies are.

So, I got to thinking: Can you make your own bean bag chair? Turns out you can, but you will have to have some sort of sewing experience. If not, you can still make one by pawning off the job to someone else.

Anyways, this will still cost an eight of the price of some of the averagely priced bean bag chairs out there.

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Things You Need To Make A Bean Bag

I should mention that this will be an average one-person size bean bag. It won’t be as big as some of the bean bags you can buy, but for one person, it will be more than enough.

There are quite a few things you need to get before starting. You might need to run to the local fabrics store, as well as the hardware store.

The things you need are:

  • Throw fabric – 180 x 120 cm / 70.8” x 47.24”
  • Calico fabric – 180 x 120 cm / 70.8” x 47.24”
  • Beanbag filling
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Leather strip (Optional – for handle) – 25 x 5 cm / 9.84” x 1.96”

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Step 1 – Calico Fabric

NOTE: At this point, you will need to start sewing. If you don’t have any experience doing so, you can still get it done professionally. Use this article to show what needs to be sewn.

The first thing you need to do is fold the calico fabric in half. An easy reference is: the fabric should measure 90cm by 120cm when folded.

Now, you will need to sew along one of the longer edges, and one of the shorter edges. Once sewn, you can turn the calico fabric to the right-side out and start filling it with beanbag filling (most hardware stores have them in 5 or 10 lbs bags).

Fill until the calico is at least two thirds full.

At this point, hold up the calico by grabbing it on the open end. Pick it up in the air and it should be in the opposite direction of the bottom of the bag. Meaning, the bottom seam should go in an opposite direction of the top seam.

This is how it looks like:

Figure. 1

And the top:

Figure. 2

Now, put some pins on the top side. You can sew it fully at this point using the sewing machine. DON’T forget to remove the pins after sewing the top side.

Step 2 – Throw Fabric

Fold the throw fabric the same as the calico fabric- in half. It should measure 90cm by 120cm when folded. Again, the same as the calico, sew along the longer edge, and one of the shorter edges.

There should be only one opening on the throw fabric at this point. Stuff the calico fabric with the beanbag filling and hold the top edge the same way as Figure.1 and Figure.2. Use pins to close it up (for now).

Step 3 – Handle (Optional)

Before sewing though, fold the leather piece in half to make a loop and then insert it slightly into the top of the throw fabric (the open edge).

Start sewing the last opening of the throw fabric with the handle inside. Completely sew it shut.

Like I said before, this will require some experience, especially sewing experience. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, I recommend getting the fabrics professionally sewed.

Again, it will still cost less than an average bean bag these days.

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