How To Gift Wrap A Suitcase: Easiest Way To Wrap Large Items

It does seem weird gift wrapping a suitcase if I’m honest. But sometimes, if a suitcase was the perfect anniversary or birthday gift, you do have to come up with a way to wrap it in a way which makes it presentable.

If you’re like me, then whenever it’s time to wrap something, you get overwhelmed. Hey, not everyone is a gift-wrapping master.

But I was surprised to see that there are some much more straightforward ways to wrap a suitcase, or any gift in general.

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​What You Need

There are quite a few things you will need, and you’ll also need to prepare before going out to get some supplies. The first thing you need to do is measure the suitcase that you need to wrap.

Use a measuring tape, or if you don’t have one in the household, use your phone. Yes, there are apps that can do this. You don’t need to be inch-perfect, but roughly have an idea of what size the suitcase is (length x height x width).

After that, it’s time to pick up some of the supplies. What you need is:

  • A box – Typically, you can get one at your local hardware store, or in your local postal service. Make sure that the size exceeds the size of the suitcase, or in other words, the suitcase fits in it.
  • Gift wrapping paper – I suggest getting a whole roll of gift-wrap, to avoid getting too little and running out of gift-wrap.
  • Glue – A typical bottle of clear Elmer’s glue will do just fine.
  • Duct tape
  • Ribbon paper
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap or packing beads – Optional.

​Step 1 – Put The Suitcase In The Box

The first step is putting the suitcase in the box. Now, usually, if you buy the boxes from your local postal service, they won’t be assembled. Fold them accordingly to get a box shape, or have the post office staff help you assemble it (this isn’t uncommon).

Once you have an actual box, I suggest putting in some bubble wrap or some packing beads to stop the suitcase from moving around too much. Or, if you haven’t gotten something along those lines, put some shredded paper inside.

Then, carefully place the suitcase inside of the box and fold it up. Use duct tape to close it fully.

Step 2 – Wrapping The Box

This is the hardest part of the process, period. I suggest putting the box on the ground- vertically and putting gift wrapping paper underneath it, then bringing the roll to the other side, fully circulating the box, like so:

When the two ends meet, you can tape off the bottom one, and tape of the one on which will be on the top. For the sides, you want some excess material to be hanging.

On each corner pinch the gift wrapping paper and slowly fold it outwards. Then, hold it down on the box and tape it off. Here’s how to pinch it and fold:

That’s roughly what you’re looking for. Then, bring both sides flat and tape them down.

At this point, you might be left with a lot of unwrapped space, particularly if your box is larger than usual. Well, place the box horizontally on the floor, and repeat the same process on the box, horizontally. – That’s why we started vertically, but if your box is smaller and the width of the wrapping paper can fully wrap your box, start horizontally straight out of the gate.

As for those with bigger suitcases and even bigger boxes, repeat the same process on the box horizontally to cover the uncovered areas.

If we didn’t do a good enough job of explaining how to wrap the box, consult with the video below, you’ll get the idea:

​Step 3 – Ribbons | Optional

Ribbons are a nice touch, but you can just get by with just the wrapped box. If you do, however, want to take it a step further and put the cherry on top, ribbons are definitely a good idea.

The best way to do this is: Lay your box flat on the ground, take a ribbon roll and circle around the box once, and leave some excess ribbon to tie a bow. There are hundreds of different bow designs, but you can tie one the same way you tie your shoes, just don’t pull too hard because the bow will look very thin.

What you want is a thicker bow, which can be achieved if the bow is tied loosely. Here’s a perfect representation of a simple bow tying method:

Like I said, this is just a basic way to wrap a suitcase, but the methodology differs if you want some unique wraps or designs. With a little bit of practice though, you can make some unique designs.

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