How To Clean Pit Boss Pellet Grill: Get All Of The Gunk Out

Grills are notorious for getting really dirty, and I mean really dirty. If you’re a novice griller, then you might easily overlook how important occasional cleaning is for your grills. If a you’ve been using the grill for a couple of months without cleaning, you might be in for a surprise.

Nevertheless, it’s never been common knowledge that grills need to be taken care of a lot. But there are easy ways to clean your grill, somewhat, and we’ll go over how to clean a Pit Boss pellet grill today.

It does take a bit of work, and it isn’t as straightforward as cleaning an oven for example.

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​What You Need

NOTE: We’ll cover how to clean a Pit Boss Pro Series grill, but the same process will apply to almost all pellet grills, as some of the methods are very similar.

You’ll need a couple of things before you start taking apart your Pit Boss pellet grill:

  • Vacuum;
  • Steel brush;
  • Steel wool and dish soap;
  • Easy-Off BBQ or any type of grill cleaner solution;
  • Gloves;
  • Paper towels.

​Step 1 – Cleaning The Cooking Grid

This is where you’ll need some Easy-Off BBQ. Before starting the whole process though, make sure to put on some gloves. When you’re ready, take of the cooking grids from both sides of the grill.

Then, bring them to a spot where you’ll have running water or a hose of sorts. Place the grids on a few layers of newspaper or a utility sink. Spray on the Easy-Off BBQ on both of the grids, and let it soak for about 40 minutes.

After that, wash off the solution with water, preferably hot water, and start brushing the grids with a steel wool and some dish soap. Go through the grids thoroughly and then run it under water again.

Use a steel brush if any contaminants remain. Other than that, it’s on to the next step.​

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Step 2 – Disassembly & Cleaning

On your grill, there will be a cover in the middle (Figure.1 on the picture above). Take it off, and place it to the side. Then, the second part you’ll need to take off is Figure.2 which is the whole compartment, place that to the side as well.

Now, you’ll see the second to last part, the holding plate- Figure.3. Once you’ve cut it loose, dump the soot and ashes into a trashcan.

The grill will now be down to the outer shell only. There might be some grease here, so take a couple of paper towels, and start wiping down until you’ve gotten most of the grease out.

After that, you can start vacuuming the inside compartment. Get rid of those bigger pieces of debris so that they don’t clug up the vacuum. Vacuuming this type of waste shouldn’t damage your vacuum, but consider using an older one or one which you don’t use regularly just as a precaution.

Once the shell is completely clean, you can fill it up with pellets so that it is ready to light it up later on.

Step 3 – Cleaning The Disassembled Compartments

​For the other disassembled compartments, a regular steel brush will do just fine. If you have a aluminum foil on some of the parts gather it up and throw it out. Then, scrub with the steel brush.

Do this at a spot where you can scrub without caring about the debris that falls off. There is no reason to scrub that much, since there won’t be much gunk on these pieces, just a lot of ash.

Scrub all metal pieces on all sides. No need to use any solutions on these, and in fact, it is highly advised against since the solution might be flammable, so please, do exercise caution if you’re planing to use any solution on your grill parts.

If you had aluminum foil on some of the pieces before, put a new one on them.

The last step that remains is assembling the grill back together. I would go even a step further and light up the grill and keep it burning for an hour or so. This is the best thing you can do to top it all off, it will burn off any remaining gunk and debris.

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