How To Clean A Roccbox Pizza Oven

If you’re new to making pizzas on a more enthusiast pizza oven, you might quickly learn that pizza ovens can get very dirty, very fast. The pizza oven Roccbox from Gozney is no different.

The stone, the outsides, the dome, the front, absolutely everything will get dirty, no matter how careful you’re using the oven. But the great thing, especially with a Roccbox oven is the fact that you can clean it quite easily, and make it shine.

You will need a few supplies first though, so a quick run to your local store might be necessary.

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Things You Need

As I said, you will need supplies, and these are the supplies which Gozney recommends. There are other methods in which you can also clean your pizza oven, but I recommend following Gozney’s recommendations.

The things that you need to clean a Roccbox pizza oven are:

  • A stain remover;
  • Bleach-free cleaning spray;
  • Cleaning cloth;
  • Metal bristle brush;
  • Paper towels;
  • Vacuum;
  • Some cleaning or safety gloves.

Step 1 – The Insides

According to Gozney’s recommendations, the first thing you need to do is let it burn off any food leftovers by turning on the oven, skip this part completely.

It is far better to do this at the end, which we will do.

For the insides, start by using a metal bristle brush on the stone inside. Scrub until you see most of the debris loose.

Now, from the inside, scrape the upper part of the Roccbox (the dome) with a metal bristle brush, until you’re satisfied with how much debris has fallen off.

It’s time to grab the vacuum now. Use it to vacuum the insides. Make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies inside. I recommend using a thin nozzle header on the vacuum for this part.

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Step 2 – The Outside

At this point, you can dampen the cleaning cloth with a bit of water. Add some stain remover on it, and activate it by rubbing the cleaning cloth using both hands.

Start cleaning off the stainless-steel part on the front of the Roccbox. Rub until you see that all of the stains are cleaned. This part tends to get black after extensive use. This is mainly from the fire from inside the pizza oven.

Once you see the stains are gone, dampen a few paper towels and wipe the area until the stain remover is gone.

It is time to clean the soft dome now. Get the bleach-free cleaning spray out and start spraying the soft outside of the Roccbox oven. Use paper towels to rub off any stains which are visible.

Repeat as many times as needed. Make sure to change the towels once they get dirty.

Step 3 – Pizza Peel

The pizza peel can be washed in the sink. Avoid putting it in the dishwasher.

When washing it, don’t use a steel wool for this part, just a regular sponge will do just fine. Use soapy water and a little bit of warm water. Rub the pizza peel until the debris is cleaned. Wash it off with cold water.

Step 4 – Burn It Off

Like I mentioned before, Gozney recommends this step at the beginning, but I disagree that it is more effective like that. Once your Roccbox is fully clean, turn the pizza oven on.

Let it reach peak temperature and let it burn for 45-85 minutes. This will burn off any debris or leftover food that you might’ve missed. Plus, it will fully disinfect the oven for the next time it needs to be used.

Once it has burned for a while, let it cool down fully, and then top it off by putting on a cover.

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