How Often To Clean Chimney?

Living in houses that have a fireplace it’s something special and really enjoyable.

But when it comes to cleaning the chimney no one of us is pleased to do that and often we tend to delay that work for later.

What will happen if we skip the timing that chimney cleaning is necessary, or does that bring us some difficulties or bad consequences?

This article will answer these questions and most important will give you the answer to How Often To Clean Chimney? Let’s see.

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Why Is Important To Clean The Chimney?

Well, this one has various explanations why, but I will stick to the ones that had picked me in the eye.

First, if you are canceling your chimney cleaning, you may feel some changes to the air in the room where your fireplace is located.

That can be very bad for your lungs and your whole body system, as well as bad for all of the objects inside that room that will absorb the unpleasant smell from the collected woods-burning.

Second, uncleaned chimneys increase the risk of fire. So, if you want to prevent that and save yourself from a damaged house and health is better to do that on time and properly.

Believe me, that chimney soot can be very dangerous if you let them accumulate inside the chimney builds up.

I consider that these two are very important reasons why to calculate the right time to clean your chimney.

How Often To Clean Chimney?

Let’s focus on this one.

In the beginning, just to let you know that it all depends on how often you use the chimney and the amount of woods that have been burned through the winter.

It’s normal not to do the cleaning often if you don’t use the chimney regularly.

The best time to clean it is a one-time a year. Why is that the best solution?

Because, even if you don’t use it, though the whole year inside the chimney has passed plenty of rats and dirt, that won’t smell pleasant when you start the fire.

The perfect timing to do the cleaning is right before the heating season starts so you can refresh your chimney so it can work at full steam.

When To Clean The Chimney Immediately

Despite the concrete timing you have decided to do the chimney cleaning here are some indicators that can be considered as alarms for the necessity to clean your chimney.

So if you notice some of the following situations call the chimney cleaning service because the risk of fire is highly increased.

 1. Bad Odor

When you feel like there is some unpleasant and bad smell that has been floating around your house for a while, and it definitively smells like wood on fire it’s good to do the cleaning.

This can be very bad for your health and the health of your loved ones.

2. Black Oily Spots On The Walls

If anywhere around your fireplace you notice black oily spots it means that creosote is starting to get inside your house.

A big concentration of creosote can lead to irritation of the skin, convulsions and mental confusion, kidney or liver problems, unconsciousness, or even death.

3. Тhe Fire Is Easily Suffocated

 Poorly Burning Fires are a sign of a long-time uncleaned and awful chimney. Don’t ignore this one because if the fire starts to push the flames inside it can burn your whole house.

4. Animals Nests Are Blocking The Airflow

No need to explain this one. Is more than clear that you must do if there are living creatures in your chimney, and you need to get them out.

5. Falling Chimney Soot

Soot can be very harmful to humans, so when you see that is falling off out of your fireplace or is all over your chimney IT’S TIME to clean!

6. Smoke Doesn’t Rise the Chimney

Can’t see the smoke above your house? Well, something isn’t well. Suffocation, cough and black cloud can leave quite harmful consequences.

Mainly Suggestions For Chimney Cleaning

The most grateful thing you can do to yourself it’s not to do the cleaning alone and to contact a service that has experts responsible for this type of work.

If you, despite the recognizable reasons decide to do the cleaning don’t forget to:

  • Put Your Dust mask On
  • Get a Full-battery flashlight
  • Put on safety glasses

Don’t even think to start the cleaning without these 3 safety tools.

To sum up, the best time to clean the chimney is before or after the heating season. In this way, your chimney will remain clean and won’t affect badly on you or your health.

Count the timing when to do the cleaning and try not to skip a single year not to clean the chimney.