Honeylove Vs Shapermint: Battle Of The Best Shapewear Brands

Exercising is a great way to spend your time when you have nothing to do. It’s also beneficial to your health, as exercising helps you sweat out those pesky pounds to lose some weight. We all want to look the best we can, right?

It’s important to have the proper clothing when exercising to define our body into the shape we want them. This is where shapewear comes in, a type of clothing that is used to, as the name suggests, shape your body into what you want.

Today, we have two brands that focus on shapewear products. Honeylove and Shapermint. Both are relatively new to the shapewear scene, with Honeylove being founded in 2016 and Shapermint in 2018. Yet, these two have made strides in the field. But the big question is: Which one is the best?

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Best-Sellers, Sizes & What Follows

Honeylove and Shapermint offer clothing for women of all sizes. But the real focus is the shapewear clothing. In order to fairly determine which brand is the best, we will have to pick out the best-selling bodysuit offered on both brands respective websites.

For Honeylove, their best-selling item that we will be using in this will be the Cami Bodysuit. The bodysuit has the option for a regular body fit and a petite body fit. Along that, the Cami Bodysuit offers sizes from Extra Small to Triple XL, allowing the Cami Bodysuit to be available for all types of bodies.

For Shapermint, we will be using the Curveez Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit, their best-selling bodysuit on their website. The bodysuit does not have any option for a regular fit or a petite fit, but they still offer sizes from Extra Small to Double XL.

Differences Between Honeylove & Shapermint

Now that we have our two products from their respective brands, how are we going to differentiate them from one another? It’s simple to dismiss the comparison as they both serve the same purpose.

But if we want to get more value from our purchase, as well as finding out which brand serves the best product, we have to compare the two with a table comparison.

Honeylove VS Shapermint: Shapewear
ModelCami BodysuitCurveez Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit
Specifications / FeaturesAdjustable straps
Built-in bust support
Adjustable gusset
No-dig brief bottom
Medium weight control 
Antibacterial fabric 
Shapes tummy, back, hips, and waist 
Lifts the butt 
Open bust with adjustable straps
SizesXS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X (Can also choose between regular fitting or petite fitting)XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Colors5 colors3 colors
Free ShippingFree shipping for orders over $75Free shipping on orders over $50
Return PolicyCan be returned within 30 daysCan be returned within 60 days
Shop Shapewear:

As you can see from the table comparison, the two bodysuits have their differences, but also their similarities in features and specifications. Although we have a table comparison, it’s not enough to decide which brand does it best. In order to do that, we’ll have to do an in-depth review for each brand.

Honeylove Cami Bodysuit Review

Honeylove – Cami Bodysuit

The one thing you should always look for in a bodysuit is comfortability and compatibility. That is precisely what the Cami Bodysuit does to anyone who wears it. It’s designed to give you that sleek, tucked in look, allowing you to look good when wearing clothes.

It has adjustable straps to help you give your bust more comfortability together with its built-in bust support. An adjustable gusset is always a must have when looking for a bodysuit. Then the no-dig brief bottom, which eliminates those pesky dig ins you feel when wearing underwear.

Honeylove always makes sure to include all types of body types when creating their products, which is why products like the Cami Bodysuit features a regular fit or a petite fit. The regular fit is for those who are at the average body type and above, while the petite fit is for the smaller figures.

With those fittings mentioned, the Cami Bodysuit offers a variety of sizes from XS to 3XL, letting women with different body types choose what they want. They also have 5 different colors to choose from, should they want something to match their outfit.

If you do plan on purchasing the Cami Bodysuit, you’ll be happy to know that you can take advantage of the free shipping, which you can use once your order is $75 and above. Talk about a bang for your buck.

But, if you or your partner does not like the bodysuit or simply does not fit in it, Honeylove offers a 30-day return policy, and will either give you a full refund, or you can exchange it for a different size.


  • Comfortable
  • Able to wear any clothing on top of the bodysuit
  • Inclusive to all body types
  • Can go up to XL size
  • Free shipping
  • Great return policy


  • Free shipping can only be obtainable if your order is $75 and above

Shapermint Curveez Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit Review

Curveez Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit – Shapermint

Curveez Second Skin Hip Hugger is Shapermint’s best selling bodysuit, and for good reason. In fact, if you were to sort by Best Selling when in the bodysuit category of Shapermint’s website, the Hip Hugger bodysuit is the first item you can see.

Shapermint calls this the “second skin you wear”, and it’s true. The Second Skin Hip Hugger offers medium weight control, which helps you in keeping your weight in check. The bodysuit is made out of antibacterial fabric which shapes the tummy, back, hips and waist. It also lifts up your butt, making it more prominent, as well as having an open bust with adjustable straps.

Now, the open bust can be seen as both a positive, and a negative. The open bust allows you to wear any type of bra you want, giving you a sort of freedom in clothing, but it also means extra effort into putting another piece of clothing on, unlike Honeylove where it is a true bodysuit.

Shapermint’s bodysuit has a great selection of sizes, going from XS to 2XL. However, they do not have the choice to choose a regular fit or petite fit like Honeylove. They only have one fit for all bodysuits, and they don’t have a 3XL size, reducing the inclusivity of the customer.

Still, Shapermint does get a one up against Honeylove, which is their free shipping and return policies. For free shipping, the minimum amount required to take advantage of the free shipping is $50, which is $25 cheaper compared to Honeylove’s $75 minimum.

For their return policy, Shapermint can give you a full refund or an item exchange, similar to Honeylove’s, but the time period for the return policy is 60 days, a lot longer than Honeylove’s 30 days.


  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Compatible with clothing
  • Comfortable
  • Open bust, allowing for freedom of choice
  • Cheaper minimum requirement for free shipping
  • Longer time period for return


  • No option for different types of fittings
  • No 3XL size
  • Not a true bodysuit due to the open bust

Head-To-Head Comparison

It’s hard to really decide which one to go for. Both are great items and both brands are great as well. But if you’re still on the fence about which product you want to go for, then hopefully the next part will help sway your decision.

Honeylove VS Shapermint – Which Is The Better Shapewear Brand?

Comfort To The Extreme – Honeylove

Honeylove takes the cake when it comes to functionality, comfortability, and compatibility, making it the better brand between the two. It helps that Honeylove has been active longer than Shapermint, just being 2 years older, giving them an advantage.

That doesn’t mean that Shapermint isn’t all that. Their free shipping and return policies are great to take advantage of, making online shopping with them much more rewarding and enjoyable. While Honeylove excels in terms of product, Shapermint excels with their policies.

For me at least, Shapermint lacks a certain zing… It was love at first sight with the Honeylove Cami Bodysuit, but I couldn’t say the same for Shapermint’s bodysuit. That said, your mileage may vary, this is just my own experience with both brands.

I’m expecting Shapermint to spice things up with some unique shapewear soon. But until then, Honeylove will remain the queen (at least for me).

The Verdict – Shapewear Brands Like Honeylove & Shapermint

It’s never good when you begin to feel bad about your appearance. Your self esteem begins to dwindle and you doubt your worth, all because you don’t like the way you look. Everyone goes through that unfortunately.

That’s why clothing brands like Honeylove and Shapermint exists. These brands empower women by making them feel good about their appearance. It feels good to have these options honestly, especially after bearing a child.

When picking one over the other, since both brands are pretty good and most people will have a different experience with both, I recommend weighing in the pros and cons. For me, Honeylove was the clear winner.

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