Hims vs Roman vs Keeps: Best Non-Prescription Hair Kit

Whether you have had a bad stroke of luck, or genetics determined that you should start losing your hair, compared to the olden days, there are much more solutions and treatments to be found.

A great example is Hims, Roman, and Keeps. These three, offer a treatment for any hair type, in order to prevent hair loss, and possibly encourage hair growth. But are these solutions a viable option and are they superior to traditional over-the-counter medicine?

Some say yes and some no. It depends solely on the subject. But choosing between them is a bit difficult, as one could get overwhelmed from the barrage of information available on each site. What follows is an in-depth review and comparison of the three most well-known non-prescription hair-kits!

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What’s All The Fuss About Really? – Hims vs Roman vs Keeps

Hims Non-Prescription Hair Kit

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting either of these to perform. Mostly due to the fact that I had a sneaking suspicion that only prescription hair treatment plans are viable. However, I’m delighted to say that this is not the case.

Like you can get no-prescription hair kits anywhere nowadays, but most of the time they’re a mass-produced, ‘magical’ elixir which doesn’t work. In fact, in some cases, users have reported more damage rather than results.

That’s where Hims, Roman, and Keeps come in.

Non-mass-produced no prescription hair kits, which are based on a lot of research. Quality and results are of utmost importance. Generally, speaking these three hair kits, blow any other ‘magical’ non-prescription hair kit from store shelves out of the water.

What’s Minoxidil & Finasteride?

Hair kits usually make use of two main substances. Either minoxidil or finasteride. Minoxidil is a solution that can be found primarily in non-prescription hair kits, while finasteride is a stronger solution, so admittedly, it falls under a prescription.

Today, we’re much more interested in minoxidil, as the three non-prescription solutions by Hims, Roman, and Keeps are based on it.

Back in the day, minoxidil was used to treat hypertension and was made to be consumed orally. But its main side-effects were unwanted hair growth. With that, a study was prompted, to look into minoxidil’s hair-loss treating values.

Minoxidil Before & After – 3 months (source : Reddit)

So, nowadays, it is considered one of the best solutions out there, as on top of slowing down hair-loss, it might also prompt hair-growth. According to a study, minoxidil is one of the safest treatments for androgenetic alopecia or ADA for short, which is the most common hair-loss condition in both men and women. Quote on quote: “remarkable benefits to patients with hair disorders”.

Finasteride is also very effective, if not more, but it does require a prescription. Extensive research for finasteride suggests that it slowed down the progression of hair loss and increased hair growth over two years.

Sometimes you can get both minoxidil and finasteride in a pack together as a whole treatment plan. But their roles relative to each other aren’t yet determined according to this study.

Finasteride Before & After – 6 months (source : Plushcare)

TL;DR: According to extensive research both minoxidil and finasteride are effective treatments for hair loss and androgenetic alopecia. Minoxidil can be acquired without a prescription, while the same cannot be said for finasteride. Side note, both are FDA-approved.

What’s The Difference? – In-Depth Comparison of Hims, Roman & Keeps

Now that we know that they’re legit treatment solutions for hair loss, what are the differences between the three, if any. Since we’re only looking at the non-prescription kit, we’ll only see practical differences and variables for the given category.

This is an in-depth comparison of Hims, Roman, and Keeps side-by-side:

Hims VS Roman VS Keeps
Price – Minoxidil Hair-kit with included minoxidil, dietary supplement and shampoo – $37 Minoxidil Generic Rogaine only – $15 Minoxidil Generic Rogaine – $16 Minoxidil Generic Rogaine – $10
Consultation with Medical Professional Available & Free Available & Free Available & Free
Subscription or One-Time Purchase? Both Subscription-only Subscription-only
Cancel Anytime? Anytime, with up to 48 hours before the renewal of your subscription. Cancel anytime or pause and delay shipments. Customers can also switch to an on-demand plan. Cancel anytime. A call is necessary if the next refill is within the next 24 hours.
Return Policy Returns or exchanges not accepted. Returns or exchanges not accepted. Returns or exchanges not accepted.
Refunds 90-day money back guarantee Refunds not available. Refunds not available.
Prescription solutions? Available Available Available
Subscription Frequency Every 1, 2, or 3 months Monthly Every 3 months
Special Offer Get Hims Free Online Visit Here / Get Keeps First Month Free, see Here
Get your non-prescription hair treatment now:

It is fair to mention that on top of minoxidil treatments only, Hims, Roman, and Keeps all have combination treatments with minoxidil and finasteride available. Technically, if you’re looking to get the most efficient treatment, that’s the one.

However, keep in mind that the need for prescription with finasteride applies to combination solutions as well.

What Are The Customers Saying? – Hims vs Roman vs Keeps

To be honest I was quite relieved with what the majority of the consumers were saying about these treatments. I was expecting more cynicism and criticism, but generally, people seem happy with the results:

Source: Reddit

In addition, my expectations and the expectations of many are that most consumers will treat these products as ‘magic’ and ‘easy-fix’ solutions. But honestly, consumers have relatively realistic expectations.

Furthermore, by examining most cases, we saw that there are quite a large number of people for whom these treatments are working out. Only a small fragment of cases had no results after a year, but Hims, Roman, and Keeps seem to encourage people to seek professional medical consultations if they do not see any results.

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Overall, pretty impressive results by all three brands.

Hims Review

Hims’ Minoxidil

Hims gets the most points for user and shopping experience. They’ve really put some time into making it easy for newbies to get informed and learn about the effects from the afore-mentioned treatments for their hair loss.

In addition to their straightforward user-experience, it is very easy to choose a treatment plan, which Hims has a lot to offer.

There are individual solutions albeit minoxidil or finasteride, and some additional kits and packages which include shampoos, conditioners, minoxidil foams, all-in-one minoxidil and finasteride solutions, and similar.

Compared to the other two, this is where Hims excels. Consumers have a lot more flexibility and options when it comes to different packages they can choose from.

Their finasteride solutions come in a pill, which many might not prefer, but it is just as effective as the other liquid solutions on the market. And like other hair loss treatment brands out there, there is a quiz that users can take, and Hims will provide you with the best course of action.

So, what should you keep in mind if you’re ready to make the commitment with Hims? Well, here is a list of all the pros and cons:


  • Great shopping and user-experience
  • A lot of packages to choose from
  • Conditioners, foams, and shampoos available
  • Digestible information delivered to the consumer


  • Finasteride comes in pills only

NOTE: Start with Hims with a FREE online consultation here!

Roman Review

Roman’s Minoxidil

To be honest, I’ve had similar experience like with Hims, with Roman.

Although some things were not the same, what was apparent was the emphasis on ease-of-use. Everything is laid out and simple, but some things weren’t done as right as Hims for example.

While information for new users was informational and easy to grasp, the whole shopping experience was relatively complicated. Whatever the case may be, I imagine that this doesn’t make that much of a difference to many.

But what might make a difference is the lack of options. For starters, with Hims, you can get complete kits, shampoo, conditioner, and foam, but that is not the case with Roman.

Individual solutions like the afore-mentioned, minoxidil and finasteride are available, and there is a package that includes both, but that’s pretty much it. If I had the chance to increase my hair growth or potentially stop hair loss with conditioners and shampoos, I would take it.

And that is the main reason why, in my opinion, Hims is far more superior compared to Roman.

Now, those shampoos and conditioners aren’t proven to work, but most customers say really positive things about them. And frankly, you wouldn’t want to damage your results with a low-quality over-the-counter shampoo or conditioner.

Still, if you’re considering Roman, these are all the positives and negatives we’ve found:


  • Great for beginners
  • Both minoxidil and finasteride available
  • The afore-mentioned solutions can be acquired together in a package
  • Full of information and helpful facts


  • Shampoo, conditioner and foams not available
  • Lack of sets and kits

Keeps Review

Keeps is the second most impressive brand between the three. And unlike Roman, it can be considered an all-round more complete offer.

The first thing that stands out is the fact that there are shampoos, conditioners, and foam like Hims. Furthermore, if Hims’ products received a lot of positive praise, it seems like that Keeps users adore these solutions.

Of course, you also have prescription and non-prescription solutions, and minoxidil and finasteride available. Plus, compared to the other two, Keeps has the most bang-for-the-buck offer, coming in at $10 monthly for minoxidil, and is hard to see why. Quite astonishing.

It is hard to see why, since Keeps has everything that the other two are also offering. So, why such an incremental difference in price, even though you got the same thing, or at least, the same package.

Well, we’re not sure, but hey, that works for me.

You get a free doctor visit or consultation, the same as the other two, and you get one-year unlimited messaging with a medical professional.

If you’re wondering whether you need a prescription for the shampoos or conditioners, you don’t.

NOTE: Keeps is the most appealing to you? Well, you can get your first month FREE, with Keeps here!

Lastly, if you’re ready to make the commitment and go with Keeps, then consider these pros and cons that we came across:


  • A lot of options
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and foam available
  • Both minoxidil and finasteride can be acquired together or separate
  • Great bang-for-the-buck solution


  • We would have loved to see some premade kits and packages

Does Hims Work For Hair Loss?

Short answer is yes, Hims does work with hair loss.

Now, it is imperative that the difference between the prescription and non-prescription options be mentioned. On average, the prescription option or the option based on finasteride works better for most users, but for some, going with a non-prescription kit will be just fine.

In fact, if you have a prescription then you might find yourself going with both minoxidil and finasteride options consecutively or together.

Roman & Keeps – Do They Prevent Hair Loss & Encourage Growth?

We though it be best to group them together, since they’re already solutions which work. There are no differences, since they’re made on the basis of the same ingredient, which, as we saw, is pretty effective at stimulating growth and slowing down further hair loss.

Now, in terms of which is better and has an overall better and more complete package, well, we will get into that later on.

Head-To-Head Comparisons

To truly see which option is tailored for you, we put each hair-treatment solution under the microscope, and put each brand in a mini head-to-head.

What follows is a comparative overview on the differences of each brand, and how well each brand bodes against each other practically speaking. Each matchup will be covered below.

Hims Or Roman?

Roman’s Minoxidil 5%

Sadly, between these two in my opinion, Hims is far more superior.

The way that it is better is by providing more options for your treatments, as well as having some premade kits, which I’m guessing that most will go for. Albeit, doing this, and still maintaining being the more affordable option.

Also, having the ability to modify your subscription in a way where you can set your subscription frequency to every one, two, or three months, does help quite a bit.

For those that want to start with their hair treatment, and thinking of which one to get between these two, we recommend Hims over Roman.

SPECIAL: If Hims is the most appealing to you, you can get a FREE online consultation with Hims today!

Which Is Better? – Hims VS Keeps

Keeps Finasteride + Minoxidil Deal

While Hims seems to be the most popular option from all three companies, it is hard to see why when compared to Keeps.

Keeps offers the same package, more or less. You have your shampoos, your conditioners, your foams, and so much more. Just like Hims, and albeit for a much more affordable price. But the subscription is only every three months, compared to Hims’ monthly, every two or three months.

So, depending on how frequent you want your packages to be shipped, choose either one of these. In all honesty, both are great options.

Which One Is For You? – Roman VS Keeps

In this matchup as well, Roman does fall short. Not that customers don’t get results with Roman, but the lack of products and packages is very unfortunate. If that isn’t a deal-breaker for you do, Roman will complete its task just as good.

Roman has an impressive line-up for other things as well like erectile dysfunction, testosterone support, or premature ejaculation.

PROMO: For those that prefer Keeps over the others, you can get the first month for FREE, here!

However, as an overall and complete option for hair loss treatment, it doesn’t get any better than Keeps and Hims, thanks to their roster of available products, including supplementary products.

The Verdict: Which Is The Best Non-Prescription Hair Treatment Solution – Hims vs Roman vsKeeps

Most of the solutions that Hims, Roman, and Keeps offer, are the best methods and solutions that work for hair loss prevention and the encouragement of hair growth. They offer both prescription and non-prescription treatments though.

If you’re looking for a non-prescription treatment, any of these three have offers for it. But what works for some, might not work for others, and that applies here as well.

The two best choices for non-prescription hair treatment solutions are Hims and Keeps. Their roster of additional shampoos, conditioners and foams, is impressive, and that’s why they’re preferred over Roman. Based on how frequent you want your subscription the be, Hims is the most customizable.

But if you prefer to get your treatment every three months, Keeps is a great bang-for-the-buck option.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to take it before you see hair growth?

As little as 6 months. We’ve went through what some of the people that regularly do any of these three hair treatments, and most say that it is important to keep your expectations reasonable.

Some might see results within the first one to three months, but often times, it takes upwards of six months to see any actual hair growth. In terms of stopping hair loss, that can even be experienced in the first month.

Will your hair start falling out if you stop using the hair treatment?

In most cases I’m afraid, yes.

But what is good about minoxidil and finasteride is that they’re relatively safe to use in the long-term. Still, consider consulting your doctor before resorting to that decision.

Some might not experience a drastic hair loss after stopping the treatment though.

Is there a specific time that you need to do the hair treatment?

Most of the time no, and usually the treatment has to be done twice a day on the affected area, and let it dry. However, it varies from treatment to treatment, so it is best to consult a medical professional with either Hims, Roman, or Keeps, since they all offer a free consultation.

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