Hello Bello vs Honest: Which Diaper Is Better?

If you have been on a grocery run sometime in the past, and you were looking for the best diapers, then you might have experienced the first-world problems that parents face on a daily basis. The point is, there are hundreds of options, but are they really the best ones you can get?

Some of them, yes, they’re good, however, some are not so good, it’s as simple as that. And with all of those big words like “Chemical-free”, “No rashes”, “MAX Absorbency”, and more, companies will try to lead you on to choose one brand over the other.

However, there is a much better option on the market right now. There are two brands which are trying to revolutionize diapers and diaper shopping. Meet Hello Bello and Honest.

In the following text, we’ll get into the juicy details about what’s good and bad with each brand, and which might be better for you.

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How Do They Work? – Hello Bello VS Honest

Honest Diapers Tropical Print

It’s simple. The whole point of these two companies is that, with them, you can put your diaper shopping on autopilot. In other words, both are subscription, with which, you get your diaper essentials on a previously-set timeline.

This idea has been around for quite a while now, especially with other products, which are disposable or that will get used up after some time, but a diaper subscription is still a new thing.

Even if you don’t have any issues going to your local store for your monthly diaper run, it is not only the ‘subscription’ thing that is positive with Hello Bello or Honest. The diapers are very soft, quite absorbent, and will prevent leakages or blowouts really well.

So, it is not only convenience that you get with going with these ‘unconventional’ options, but quality and the best of the best for your little one. We’ll get into just how these two fare against conventional brands like Pampers, Luvs, HUGGIES, and others.

Just How Different Are Hello Bello & Honest? – In-Depth Comparison

To understand which one might be better, or at least, the better option for you and your little one, we must see where the differences lie between both Hello Bello and Honest. Practically speaking, there aren’t quite that many differences.

Still, for clarity’s sake, we put them side-by-side and compared them on some variables. Here’s the table and the in-depth comparison of Hello Bello and Honest:

Hello Bello VS Honest
Diaper Subscription Comparison
Chemicals Free of all chemicals Fully Chemical-Free
Biggest Selling Point Less prone to cause itching or rashes Absorbency pad made with wheat and corn-based ingredients
Absorbency Adequate 4/5 Amazing 5/5
Comfort & Softness Good 4/5 Great 5/5
One-Time Purchase? Not available Available
Subscription Yes Yes
Subscription Frequency Every 5 weeks Every 3, 4, or 5 weeks
What’s Available? Diapers & Training Pants Diapers, Training Pants & Overnights
Get some diapers today:

What we like with Honest is the fact that parents can do a one-time purchase and try Honest’s diapers for a while before making the commitment to the subscription. Oh well, you can still you can subscribe with Hello Bello and cancel the subscription if the diapers don’t fit your criteria, it is just that it isn’t very convenient.

Additionally, the ability to choose how frequently you can get your diaper shipments is a nice thing to have.

Lastly, the thing that Honest has nailed, is the absorbency of the diapers, which is a touch better than Hello Bello, and it might be due to the fact of it being made from wheat and corn-based ingredients, most likely.

Hello Bello & Honest VS Conventional Diaper Brands – Are They Any Good?

It is fair to mention that, with diapers, there is always something better. Let me rephrase. With diapers, there is always some option that will be better for what you’re looking for. For example, a budget option, the best night diaper, best overall, etc.

But I must say, I was impressed with these two, especially Honest.

You’ll find that both Hello Bello and Honest are made by following the highest of standards in the diaper industry. They’re absorbent, chemical-free, unbelievably soft, and not prone to causing rashes. Basically, what every parent wants to hear. Furthermore, just a quick glance in what the customers are saying, will tell you the whole story. We’ll get into that later.

The feedback and reviews are mostly positive, with negative reviews here and there. However, the majority agrees that these two are as good, if not better than conventional diaper brands.

I’m here to tell you that, Hello Bello and Honest will be as good as they’re advertised to be. In some cases, they might be even better than Pampers, Luvs, and other local store brands. And lastly, they’re made according to the highest of standards in the industry.

Hello Bello Diapers Review

Hello Bello Science Diapers

I got to give credit where credit is due. The shopping experience and the whole subscription setup with Hello Bello is much better. The whole experience revolves on having clear information and ease-of-use.

However, what about Hello Bello’s diapers? Well, their strongest suit is the ability to be less prone to itching or rashes. That’s not to say that it won’t ever happen as every baby is different, but if your child regularly gets rashes from diapers, then it might be a good idea to try these.

The good thing with Hello Bello is that there are different bundling options. There is the regular diaper bundles, the vitamin bundle, the fundamental bundle (with all baby essentials), and training pants bundle or a diaper + pants bundle.

There are quite a few diaper patterns to choose from, most of them very colorful. Another thing which is a plus with Hello Bello is that you can choose one freebie from the likes of lip balms, surface wipes, foaming hand soap, conditioning mist, everywhere balm, conditioner, and more.

On top of the freebie you get, you’ll also get the option to add some additional care products to your bundle, anything from toys up to shampoos and bags. And from what we gathered, all of these essentials come in at affordable prices.

All in all, a great shopping experience, and the diapers might be a good idea for those struggling with frequent rashes. But there are both positives and negatives. Here are all pros and cons for Hello Bello:


  • Not prone to cause itching or rashes
  • Great shopping experience
  • Other sufficiently good baby care essentials
  • One freebie per bundle


  • Less soft and comfortable
  • No overnights available

Honest Diapers Review

Honest Diapers + Wipes Package

To continue with the current theme, apparently, we go over the shopping experience first, which is not as optimized as Hello Bello, and that’s me putting it lightly. We would love for Honest to improve that, but that’s just a minor bump in the road, and not that influential on many’ decision.

Overall, everything else is very good.

The best thing I can think of with Honest is absorbency above all, plus, comfort, but you do have the option to get overnights as well. This is a great option to have, especially for a whole experience like this, where you’re basically putting your diaper shopping on autopilot.

Honest’s products don’t stop there though. Their whole store is pretty impressive, and they do quite a lot of products. Here are some honorable mentions of products they make: baby essentials, bath and body supplies for adults, makeup, skincare, home cleaning products, and more.

Overall, as a brand, Honest is very well-renowned and it is easy to see why. Customers go back to it, and are incentivized by the overall quality of the products to go back, shop with Honest, and look into more products as well.

In terms of getting the best for your baby, it’s really good, and the diapers have received a lot of praise over the years. We already mentioned what the best things about the Honest diapers were, and it is pretty impressive.

But you get more with Honest. You get a reliable supplier for products beyond baby care products, which I love, and I’m sure most do as well.

With all that said, let’s review the pros and cons to Honest:


  • Very comfortable
  • Quite absorbent
  • Unbelievably soft
  • Overnights available
  • A lot of other care products available
  • Subscription frequency can be tweaked to your liking


  • Not a great shopping experience

Head-To-Head Comparison

For now, we know most of what makes up each of the two diaper brands. But we still want to review the options fully, and possibly find out which might be a good idea for you little one, depending on the circumstances. What follows is a mini head-to-head between Hello Bello and Honest.

Which Is Better? – Hello Bello VS Honest

Hello Bello’s Fishy Diapers

I’m going to kick this off by saying that I love both brands, and what both are trying to do. With that said, I do believe there is a better option, at the moment.

In my personal opinion, Honest is better. Additionally, I would personally choose Honest over Hello Bello.

My reasoning is, the fact that I have the option for overnights as well, which is definitely a very important aspect if you want to put your diaper supply on autopilot. Plus, in my opinion, the Honest diapers are way more comfortable, soft, and ultimately, more absorbent than Hello Bello.

I believe that Hello Bello has a bit of progress that it can make to reach Honest’s level, but it seems like they’re on the right track.  And, who knows what the future holds, and what we might see more impressive from Hello Bello.

For now, as I said, in my opinion Honest is better, and that’s an unbiased opinion.

The Verdict: What Is The Best Diaper Subscription?

Hello Bello Bundle

Despite choosing Honest over Hello Bello, we still love what both of them are doing. The whole idea of not needing to run to the store for a diaper run is very convenient, and I’m guessing quite an interesting one for many parents out there.

I’m delighted to see that both of these brands can offer sufficient quality, and not rely solely on branding alone, particularly when it comes to a product as delicate as baby diapers.

Whichever one you chose from these two, the setup of your subscription is easy once you get to the bundling screen. Simply follow the instructions given on the bundling page, and you’ll be able to choose from things like patterns, what’s included in the bundle, additional care products, subscription frequency (only with Honest), and a few other things.

No more leakages or blowouts, yay!

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