Havenly VS Modsy: Best Interior Design Service

Not everyone is gifted at designing their own living space. If you’re like me, doing that is a nightmare. It used to be that you had to hire a designer and sort of work together on designing your “perfect” living space.

But with the world getting more online, it seems to be that most people are opting-in for more convenient online solutions. Solutions like Havenly and Modsy.

But how does it work and is it even worth it? Well, on average, these solutions will cut down costs compared to the good ol’ way of hiring a designer. However, there’s no way to know which of the two is better unless you’ve already tried them.

So, we went ahead and compared them both. What follows is an extensive analysis of which service works for which customer. Jump ahead to the side-by-side comparison, if you want.

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How Much Do Havenly & Modsy Cost?

Modsy Living Room

There’s no tiptoeing around it, Havenly and Modsy come at different price points. As expected, their services are different in terms of what you’re getting.

Havenly has two packages, one – Havenly Mini $79 and the other – Havenly Full. That’s pretty cheap for an interior design package. The Full package will have some layout visualizations and some renderings of the room, whereas the Mini doesn’t.

Both packages will cover the designer’s work and a couple of revisions as well as assistance with ordering.

On the other hand, Modsy is a more premium service. The cheapest package is the Premium Single-Room package, coming in at $159, more expensive than Havenly’s expensive package. The Luxe Package is just shy of $500 per room and it’s the belle of the ball.

You get unlimited revisions with the Luxe package, unlimited video calls with a designer, 3D renderings of your rooms, furniture discounts, and more but you get the idea.

Side-By-Side Comparison

To get a picture of how much difference you should expect from both services, we compared them side-by-side.

Here’s a comparison of Havenly and Modsy:

Havenly VS Modsy : Interior Design Service
PriceCheap – $Expensive – $$$
Initial Preparation & PlanningQuizQuiz
PackagesHavenly Mini – $79/room
Havenly Full – $129/room
Premium – $159/room
Multi-room – $299
Luxe – $499/room
Financing0% APR over 3, 6 or 12 monthsN / A
Recommendation ScoreHighly Recommended 5/5Recommended 4/5
Try A Interior Design Service:

If you’re struggling deciding between the two services, keep one thing in mind: They’re at different price points for a reason. Modsy is way more expensive and it mainly makes sense to go with the no-compromise package, which is the Luxe package. This is where you will notice a difference in terms of designers’ quality, convenience, and discounts.

Other than that, Havenly is an amazing service if you’re looking to get your home interior designed on a strict budget. There are some things which Havenly does better which is why our recommendation score is higher for Havenly. We’ll go over these things in the head-to-head below.

Havenly Review


If we’re talking convenience, this is it. The reason why so many people prefer Havenly over Modsy isn’t because there are better designers working at Havenly, it’s because the whole experience is easy-going and seamless.

You start the whole ordeal off with a quiz, which for an interior design service should be thorough right? Well, it is, it even feels more thorough than rival services. Choosing your style, your ideal-looking room is fairly straightforward, and you’ll finish up the quiz satisfied that you were able to express your needs and ideas very easily. That’s what’s important in my book.

Because most services will take you through a quiz, which at the end you feel as though you haven’t given enough information and the renderings are completely different to what you’ve imagined.

Nevertheless, after the quiz, you’ll have to take some photos of the room. Ideally, you want to also take pictures of the items you’re planning on keeping. On top of that, you have to send room measurements and a floor plan.

The items you want to keep won’t be included in the final renderings, but Havenly will chose similar style alternatives, just so you get a more complete design. This is because rendering each item separately it’s costly.

They will however be included in the Concept Board and the Final Design.

To keep things short, Havenly is very cheap and affordable and very beginner-friendly. If you have no inspiration about the layout or design, you’ll leave Havenly’s site with a clear picture of what you want your home to look like.

With that said, here are Havenly’s pros and cons:


  • A good value
  • Not overwhelming for beginners or some who don’t know much about interior design
  • Quiz is very thorough
  • A lot of styles to choose from


  • Initial planning like measurement and picture process can be improved
  • No high-end, no-compromise packages

Modsy Review


There are a few key differences with Modsy, that set it apart from all other services on the market. We already went over than Modsy is definitely more expensive, but the service is also very different.

Key differences are: initial planning, consultations with a designer, renderings, and similar.

There is a Modsy app that you can use to scan each room that you need redesigned. So, there is no need for floor plans or measurements, all can be done through the app, which is nice. The items you want to keep will be replaced with others in the renders or they can be incorporated into the renders for a $25 fee per item.

With Modsy you’ll also get a higher-end service in that you’ll get unlimited video calls with a designer and unlimited revisions. Granted, that’s with the Luxe package. So, you’ll basically paying for some extra intimacy and control over the whole project.

Discounts come in handy too, and Modsy offers a lot of discounts on the furniture they choose.

The initial quiz and preparations aren’t as in-depth as Havenly and you will feel as though you’re not getting your “ideal” home, but after the project goes to the designers and you start making some changes, you’ll start to feel like everything is coming together.

Let’s go over Modsy’s pros and cons:


  • More control over the project
  • More availability and an open stream of contact with the designer
  • An easier way to take measurements and scan room (with app)


  • Initial quiz doesn’t feel as detailed

Head-To-Head Comparison

Most of you already picked out a favorite out of the two, but for those that are still thinking of about which one is better or you are still on the fence about online interior design services, we wanted to go over when or why a service might be better than the other.

Havenly VS Modsy


Before we get to it, it’s important to mention that whichever service you opt-in for, you can’t really go wrong. However, for example, Havenly might be better than Modsy in your situation or vice versa. It mostly comes down to budget and what you’re looking for.

First off, let’s talk about no compromises. We already mentioned before that the no compromises package is Modsy’s Luxe Package. The reason being, the discounts on furniture, the unlimited access to a professional designer, the control over the project, and the final render.

On top of that, if we’re being honest, even though both companies have amazing interior design talent, the Luxe package is top-of-the-line. You’re getting the best of the best in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, and so on.

So, if you’re designing your own house, a house which you own and want the best service possible, go with Modsy’s Luxe package.

On the other hand, if you’re either renting or want to upgrade your own home on a budget, Havenly just makes so much sense. It’s convenient, it’s cheap, beginner-friendly, and frankly, the best option for that price.

On average, you’re looking at $1,000-$7,750 fee per room if you go with interior designers directly. So, a $129 per room fee, is dirt cheap. And it’s not like you’re making any compromises, except maybe a more open and direct communication line.

But still, you can have as many revisions as you please with the Havenly Full package.

So, that’s my recommendation. If you have a big budget and you want the best of the best, go with Modsy’s Luxe Package. If not, the best deal overall is the Havenly Full Package by miles.

Verdict: Online Interior Design Services


I’m really surprised with how good Havenly and Modsy are. Even at the beginning of the article I mentioned how hard or inconvenient working with an interior designer was back in the day. That has its perks too, but the point is that Havenly and Modsy are very impressive.

They each have different positives and negatives about them, but they’re definitely amongst the leading brands for interior design.

To recap, we recommended Modsy’s Luxe Package to everyone that has a bigger budget and wants the absolute best of the best. On the other hand, if your budget isn’t $499 per room and it’s a lot less, go with Havenly because it’s the best deal out of all interior design services.

Still, both are worth it and we encourage you to check out both companies.

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