Havenly Review: Read This Before You Buy

Designing your dream home is fun. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by yourself, or with your family, friends, your significant other etc. When you eventually live in your own home, you would want your space to look exactly the way you want it to be, or to match the aesthetic you’re trying to meet.

Although, home design can be frustrating and difficult at times, which is why there are professionals who work to make sure your dream home is made into a reality, and that is what Havenly is all about.

If you have a PC or laptop with working internet, you can head to Havenly’s website to start your process of creating your dream home. It’s as simple as that.

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What Is Havenly?

Havenly – Living Room Arrangement

Havenly is a business that focuses on assisting customers with home design. They are a company full of interior designers whose purpose is to help you achieve your dream home through a process that will no doubt take time to complete.

You can talk to your assigned interior designer either through online, or in person, and go through the process of designing your home. But the process varies on what service you are paying for, which will be explained later.

Havenly Ratings Breakdown


According to the customer reviews found on Havenly’s website, there seems to be some mixed feelings about the service provided. While there were countless of 5 star ratings and praises for the work of Havenly, there were some that were below 5 stars, even reaching 1 star.

Some reviews explained that some comments and suggestions from customers were outright ignored, and some explained their dislike of the final product. Some were complaining about how terrible the ordering process is.

However, majority did enjoy their time and the process itself and were satisfied with the end result. It seems like most of the low rating reviews are somewhat a fluke.


Havenly has 3 services you can pick from. Havenly Mini, Havenly Full, and Havenly at Home. All 3 vary in pricing and services granted. Havenly at Home is the ultimate package available to customers, in which the designer assigned to you can freely meet together and discuss the full process on how to create your home.

Havenly Mini and Havenly Full are only slightly different from each other. Both packages offer:

  • Your own personal Havenly designer
  • Communicate with your designer via online messaging, SMS, or phone calls,
  • 3 initial design ideas to get a better understanding of your style, delivered within 2 days from your start date
  • A final design concept with your own personal shopping list
  • Multiple revisions until you are satisfied with the final product
  • Access to hundreds of brands, as well as a personal ordering team

The difference, however, is that Havenly Full offers 3D renderings of your designed space and a custom floor plan.

It’s obvious that the more you pay for the service, the better value for your money. But Havenly offers top notch service depending on what service you go with.


We looked at some of the negative reviews and even went as far as contacting some that had issues with some part of Havenly service. The case seemed to be that Havenly was pretty responsive to both, feedback, and dealing with issues if they arise.


Havenly is a pretty big name in the home design scene. Being praised by Vogue, New York Times, Bazaar, Popsugar, Apartment Therapy etc., it’s safe to assume that Havenly is doing something right, as they are making affordable home design available for everyone.

Not to mention the countless number of satisfied customers. Although there are reviews that express disappointment about their time, Havenly actively emails each and every one of those customers to make sure they assist them even after finishing the product. That is a good brand.

How Does Havenly Work?

The Little One’s Room – Havenly

The process of Havenly depends on what service you choose first. Let’s say you choose Havenly Mini first. After choosing Havenly Mini, you will be assigned a personal Havenly assistant, who will help you create a concept design of what vibe and aesthetic you want for your home. The process can take up to days, sometimes weeks, even a month, according to a customer, so you don’t have to rush.

After multiple revisions and once you are satisfied with the final product, you are then given a personalized shopping list of all the items you need to achieve your dream home. But if you have Havenly Full, then you will receive a 3D render of the designed area, as well as a customer floor plan.

Voila, you’re finished and you can now customize your home the way you envisioned it. But how about Havenly at Home? Well, the process is similar, except this time, the Havenly assistant will be with you personally.

This is the most effective way to do this with Havenly, as the representative will be able to get a better look at what your current living space looks like, instead of having to rely on pictures and measurements.

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Havenly Customer Reviews

A Master Bedroom Done Right – Havenly

Havenly has an overwhelmingly positive reviews due to their work, but of course there are those who reviewed the company lower due to dissatisfaction. However, that does not mean that Havenly is not good at what they do.

While Havenly’s website does not display how many reviews there are and what the total score is, it’s still safe to assume that Havenly has a higher score due to the large amount of 5 star ratings that are present in their website.

There are so many 5 star ratings on the website that it overshadows all the low ratings, but it should not be ignored. They are still valid criticisms that must be taken into account before conducting business.

Truth is, if I’m being honest, is that we see this trend with other home interior design services, or at least, online ones. The reason being, at least from what we can tell, is that most fresh home owners have some *perfect* vision of how the place should be designed, and when Havenly or another interior design service doesn’t deliver that perfect arrangement, customers are left frustrated.

But it’s important to have reasonable expectations, because budget too makes a difference. It’s not like Havenly can do magic on a low budget. The trend too, suggests that those who go with the biggest package, and generally pick some higher-end interior, that feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Havenly Pros & Cons


  • Affordable prices
  • Responsive and cooperative representatives
  • Great selection of items for personalized shopping
  • Project can continue until you are satisfied with the final product
  • Great customer support


  • Havenly at Home is only available in selected areas
  • Experience may vary depending on which representative assigned to you

Wrapping Up – Go With Havenly Or Go Solo?

Havenly – Light-Focused Living Room

Look, it really depends. Yes, going solo might be better in some cases, BUT the truth is, convenience, saving time, affordable prices, and a professional design service is what Havenly does. In my opinion, the packages are each amazing for each budget range.

In most cases, Havenly service will be better than your local interior design solutions, and it’s more convenient too. In my book, Havenly is a steal and I might just pull the trigger with it on the new condo.

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